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Did Your Hemorrhoid Burst On You? Want To Know How Long Will It Bleed?

Posted on 09 November 2017

Did your hemorrhoid burst on you? Often times when hemorrhoids burst and bleed the bleeding will last for about 10 seconds in total. Hemorrhoids are terrible to have, and if your on this page it’s likely because you want to know if your hemorrhoid burst or what to do with your burst hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoid Burst How Long Will It Bleed?

How long do hemorrhoids bleed after they burst?

Most often hemorrhoid bursts will only bleed for about 10 seconds. The length of bleeding depends on the type of hemorrhoid you have and the location of your hemorrhoid. Read below to find out how long your burst hemorrhoid will bleed.

Everyone has the same veins in their anus. Sometimes, depending on different factors and causes these veins can become enlarged, damaged, or swollen. When this happens the hemorrhoid or anus tissue is engorged and the swelling and inflammation will cause pain, burning, irritation, itching, and possible bursting.

What Should I Do if My Hemorrhoid Burst and I'm in Pain?

Most people decide to go to the doctor and get hemorrhoid wipes, ointments, pads or suppositories. We suggest you take a multi-modal approach and get a hemorrhoid wipe, hemorrhoid cream and hemorrhoid supplement for maximum relief. Proven hemorrhoid supplements, like HemRid, when used with a renowned cream and wipe, like Preparation H cream and Tucks pads can really make a difference for hemorrhoids. Here's a little secret,...those three products combined work amazing for hemorrhoids. 

What Should I Do if My Burst Hemorrhoid Won't Stop Bleeding?

If this is the case, we highly recommend you go to the doctor. A proctologist will be able to help you with this issue. If you are losing a lot of blood you will want to have a doctor check you out.

My Hemorrhoid Burst Stopped Bleeding After 10 Seconds

That is great if your hemorrhoid burst stopped bleeding in about 10 seconds! Usually, people suffering from hemorrhoids experience relief after their hemorrhoids have burst. It is generally because of pressure being released that was on the anus and veins within the anus.

The downside is that you have to deal with the blood. If you are at work, a burst hemorrhoid can be very problematic! A quick tip- run to the nearest pharmacy and use a mentrual pad to prevent embarrassment. 

External hemorrhoid Burst Can Bring Relief

Most hemorrhoid bursts are external by nature.

When you have an external hemorrhoid, the blood gets trapped in veins that are on the outside area of the anus. When they become engorged and swollen, they can result in a lump. When this lump bursts, its called an external hemorrhoid burst, or an thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

A Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid That Ruptures Usually Reduces Pain

As we previously mentioned, this will likely result in less pain due to the release in pressure. Occasionally, a ruptured external hemorrhoid can make things worse. If this is your situation than once again you should go see a doctor like a proctologist.

Internal Hemorrhoid Burst Comes Out of Nowhere

Internal hemorrhoids are generally less painful and noticeable than external hemorrhoids. When an internal hemorrhoid bursts, often times this is the actual first symptom that someone experiences. Many people discover upon going to the proctologist that the bleeding is caused by an internal hemorrhoid that popped.

With internal hemorrhoids, use a preparation h suppository and take HemRid. You can still use wipes, but they will not be as effective because the medicine, (Witch Hazel) does not come in contact with your internal hemorrhoid. Using HemRid, since it contains Witch Hazel is the way to go.

What Causes Most Cases of Bursting Hemorrhoids?

In order to understand what causes the bursting of hemorrhoids, let’s take a look at what actually causes hemorrhoids.

Underlying Cause of Hemorrhoids Bursts:

  • a poor diet of processed foods with little to no fiber
  • a sedentary lifestyle
  • not drinking enough water
  • pregnancy
  • chronic constipation caused by medication or lack of drinking water
  • chronic diarrhea caused by sickness, medication or an underlying illness
  • obesity caused by genetics and/or poor diet
  • poor toilet habits caused by constipation

hemorrhoid burst prevention

When looking at these causes you can find out how you might be able to reduce your hemorrhoids. For instance, if you are chronically constipated because you never drink water, and this leads you to strain and push really hard to pass a bowel movement, you may have a high chance of developing hemorrhoids. This hemorrhoid you develop may then in turn burst and bleed.

If this is your issue, something as simple as drinking more water before you have coffee in the morning can help you stay hydrated and make your bowel movements smoother so you do not have to strain and get bursting hemorrhoids.

Similarly, if you are on a new medication that causes chronic constipation, and you squeeze and push very hard to release a bowel movement, as in the above example this can lead to hemorrhoids. You will want to talk with your doctor to discuss how you might combat the constipation naturally to prevent the straining that leads to hemorrhoids.

Try Addressing the Underlying Cause of Your Hemorrhoid Burst

Try and address the causes of your hemorrhoids bursts and you will better luck with preventing them in the future. Hemorrhoids are the absolute worst and you do not want to suffer from them for the rest of your life.

If you are pregnant, you will want to do things that your doctor recommends to combat your hemorrhoids and prevent further bursting. You may use with hazel wipes, and also see what your doctor recommends to relieve the pressure and constipation or diarrhea if you have them.

In order to shrink and negate the burning, itching and swelling of hemorrhoids you will want to attack the hemorrhoids from a multi-pronged approach. A good regimen can help prevent future hemorrhoids bursts too.

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If you have any medical questions or experience chronic bleeding from what you think is a hemorrhoidal burst, we do suggest you contact your doctor.

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