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Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt Review and Comparison

Posted on 03 October 2017 by

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Are you interested in purchasing the Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt from Better Bath Better Body? Hemorrhoids, which are essentially varicose veins of the anus, are caused when blood vessels are too weak to withstand pressure, and they swell under stress.

better bath better body hemorrhoid reviews

Also known as piles, hemorrhoids can occur due to straining during a bowel movement or from pressure caused by pregnancy, obesity or heavy lifting, and can cause pain, itching, burning and bleeding.

There are a wide range of treatment options on the market ranging from ointments to ice packs, but experts say that strengthening blood vessels will not only help ease the symptoms of existing hemorrhoids but also prevent future ones from occurring.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage stronger blood vessels is by pairing heat and ice.

The combination works because hemorrhoids are more likely to occur when blood vessels are weak. By alternating the two temperatures – using ice followed by a warm sitz bath – causes blood vessels to first constrict, then expand. The movement causes blood vessels become stronger over time.

Not only does the combination help encourage healing, both ice and warmth also help temporarily ease the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

For those looking to boost the healing power of a sitz bath and speed hemorrhoid healing, the there’s Better Bath Better Body’s Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt. The formula merges the healing power of Epsom salts with key essential oils including juniper and frankincense as well as mega-hydrating coconut oil to soothe irritated skin while providing nutrients to help strengthen blood vessels, so hemorrhoids are quickly erased.

A sitz bath following each bowel movement can help ease the itching and irritation associated with hemorrhoids. Adding Better Bath Better Body’s Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt offers added benefits.

Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt Ingredients

In addition to a base of Epson salt, Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak includes a blend of essential oils that not only hydrate irritated skin, but are also selected for their ability to help hemorrhoids heal.

Ingredients include:

Epsom salts. Epsom salts not only help soothe irritated skin, easing inflammation, they also help boost blood circulation, which strengthens weakened blood vessels.

Juniper Essential Oil. Juniper oil helps improve blood circulation, which is an essential step to help strengthen blood vessels and prevent the return of pesky hemorrhoids. When blood flow is smooth, blood is less likely to pool along the walls of blood vessels, which weakens them and makes them susceptible to hemorrhoids. Juniper also helps encourage blood vessels to constrict, which eases the swelling associated with hemorrhoids, reducing pain and irritation.

Frankincense Essential Oil. Frankincense also helps blood flow more smoothly through blood vessels, which helps keep vessels strong. In addition to strengthening damaged blood vessels, frankincense oil also eases the swelling that often accompanies hemorrhoids and helps speed the regeneration of damaged tissues, accelerating the healing process.

Geranium Essential Oil. Geranium oil has tannins that not only help shrink blood vessels, which reduces the swelling associated with hemorrhoids, but also help stop the bleeding that often accompanies damaged tissue. Geranium oil also helps alleviate pain and discomfort by temporarily numbing the nerves of tender tissue. The oil also eases inflammation that impacts blood vessels and surrounding tissue, so effective healing can occur.

Niaouli Essential Oil. Niaouli oil, native to Australia, helps ease the pain of hemorrhoids while helping to strengthen blood vessels, preventing future hemorrhoids. It also helps improve blood circulation and offers anti-bacterial properties that help cleanse skin of toxins that can exacerbate hemorrhoid symptoms.

Coconut oil. The moisturizing benefits of this rich oil not only helps hydrate skin, but also soothes irritated tissue and encourages healing.

Ingredients from nature are more compatible with human skin, so they are better able to penetrate the barrier layer and help promote healing.

Does Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt Work?

better bath better body soak reviewsFor 88 percent of users who gave these bath salts four stars or more, Better Bath Better Body’s Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salts are a hit.

Quality is obviously a top priority with Better Bath Better Body. Their research when combining soothing ingredients is top notch,” said one reviewer.

Of the 12 percent who gave the product three stars or less, burning was a problem for some, while others said they were unable to notice any real benefits from the product.

It does smell good but I am not sure it did anything for me,” said one critical reviewer, while another said warm water was just as effective.

The makers of Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak suggest using ½ cup per bath to start, working up to 1 cup maximum to help prevent potential irritation.

Is Better Bath Better Body a Scam?

Better Bath Better Body, a San Diego-based company that was founded in 2015, offers numerous bath products on its product website, ranging from salts that promote stress and anxiety relief and sleep to those that help clear sinuses or ease the pain associated with arthritis.

The products are free from fragrances and chemicals that may cause irritation and are all made using a well-researched blend of essential oils.

Although most of the reviews are positive, a company representative does respond to almost all negative reviews on Amazon with offers to refund the product’s purchase price.

Where Can I Buy Better Bath Better Body Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt?

Better Bath Better Body products are available on the company’s website, various other online sites and through

The product is cheaper through the company’s website, but when calculating shipping costs, it may be less pricy through Amazon Prime, which offers free two-day shipping. Amazon also offers discounts up to 30 percent off for multiple purchases.

An Alternative Option For Hemorrhoids - HemRid Plus

better health better body hemorrhoids hemrid plus

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