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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids 101: A Guide to Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Relief

Posted on 07 December 2017 by

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Although most people refrain from talking about hemorrhoids, they are very common in adults.

There are four different types of hemorrhoids:

  1. internal hemorrhoids
  2. external hemorrhoids
  3. thrombosed hemorrhoids
  4. prolapsed hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids that can be extremely painful, especially in acute cases (1).

When you know the signs and symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoids, you will find it easier to treat them before the pain gets severe.

What Is a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is caused by a clot in one or more of the small veins of the anal skin. It results in a painful swelling of the anal tissues.

They can be caused by common habits that bring on hemorrhoids or they can come on spontaneously.

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thrombosed hemorrhoid remedy treatment

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How to Tell if a Hemorrhoid Is Thrombosed

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be characterized by the symptoms of acute pain and swelling in the anal area.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can also affect your daily activities, such as walking, sitting, and having a bowel movement.

Other indications include hemorrhoid itching and burning around the anus, bleeding during a bowel movement, and a swollen lump around the anus.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids don’t usually get relief from topical medications. 

How Are Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Diagnosed?

If you cannot diagnose a thrombosed hemorrhoid on your own by the symptoms, how it feels, and how it looks, you may want to see a physician.

Your medical provider will talk to you about your symptoms and previous medical history.

They will then do a visual assessment of your anal area.

This can involve doing an internal exam by inserting a gloved finger into your rectum to feel the lump.

If you are unsure if you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid it is wise to see a doctor. 

What Causes Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are caused by an increase in pressure to the veins in your anus.

The causes of this pressure and swelling can be childbirth, constipation, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, physical exertion, straining during a bowel movement, or prolonged sitting (2).

It is not clear why some people develop a thrombosis in their hemorrhoid. Be sure to take a look at this post for a full guide on the causes of hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Most internal hemorrhoids are painless. Patients often don’t realize they have an internal hemorrhoid unless there is the presence of blood. 

External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, often present with many different symptoms.

The symtpoms of external hemorrhoids include:

  • Itching
  • Rectal pain
  • Rectal fullness
  • Presence of a lump
  • Bleeding
  • Discomfort in the anal area

Thrombosed hemorrhoids present differently. They are characterized by acute pain and swelling in the anal area. Other symptoms are:

  • Pain while sitting, walking, or having a bowel movement
  • Itching around the anus
  • Bleeding when having a bowel movement
  • Swelling or lumps in the anus

While they might also come with bleeding, severe pain is the most common indication that you are dealing with a thrombosed hemorrhoid. The pain cannot be relieved with topical hemorrhoid medication treatment. The pain is a result of the pressure and swelling within the tissue from the blood clot blocking blood flow in the vein. Pain with thrombosed hemorrhoids is worst in the first 24 to 48 hours. The clot generally reabsorbs into the body after that time, reducing pain.

In some cases, thrombosed hemorrhoids can become infected. Infection can lead to an abscess. This is the most dangerous indication of a thrombosed hemorrhoid. An abscess is usually accompanied by a fever. If you think you have signs of an abscess, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Is a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Dangerous?

thrombosed hemorrhoids photoAlthough they can be extremely painful, thrombosed hemorrhoids are not dangerous.

Without surgical treatment, the blood clot often absorbs into the body and the symptoms resolve.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can bleed, but don’t usually cause complications.

Surgery is recommended within 48-72 hours of onset (3).

Will a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Heal Itself?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can resolve on their own.

If you are experiencing slight relief from symptoms and are noticing improvement, then surgery is not recommended (4)

Without treatment, pain from thrombosed hemorrhoids can last for seven to ten days.

Because of the discomfort and pain associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids, most people seek medical treatment to speed up the process of recovery.

Leaving a thrombosed hemorrhoid to heal itself can require two to three weeks until the hemorrhoid is completely gone.

Be sure to use a hemorrhoid cream, hemorrhoid wipe, or both, and pair it with a hemorrhoid supplement.

Clinical studies suggest that a thrombosed hemorrhoid typically goes away in a week or so. However, thrombosed hemorrhoids that are handled with a medical procedure have less of a chance of returning then if they are left to heal on their own.

A large thrombosed hemorrhoid surgical study showed that 6.5% of people who were operated on had their thrombosed hemorrhoids come back.

Indications for surgery included:

  • The onset of the thrombosed hemorrhoid in 24-48 hours.
  • severe pain
  • dead tissue
  • perforation of the skin (underneath)

Acute cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids can be caused by sitting for long periods of time and acute constipation. 

If you stay constipated or continue sitting for long periods of the day, your recovery time may be longer.

How Long for Thrombosed Hemorrhoid to Heal?

Healing time depends on the individual and the course of treatment.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids that are treated with an external hemorrhoidectomy are best treated within three days.

The surgery removes the blood clot completely.

Your hemorrhoid pain may last for a day or two and recovery depends on the person and the measures you take to allow yourself to heal.

When left untreated, thrombosed hemorrhoids can last for two to three weeks or longer.

With at-home treatment, most thrombosed hemorrhoids are resolved in one to two weeks. Laser hemorrhoid surgery is an option for thrombosed hemrrhoids. Speak with your hemorrhoid doctor to see if laser hemorrhoid surgery is right for you.

How to Shrink a Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid

The quickest, most common way to treat a thrombosed external hemorrhoid is through a surgical procedure known as an external hemorrhoidectomy.

This procedure surgically removes the blood clot and resolves your painful hemorrhoid. The surgery can be excruciatingly painful (5)

However, many doctors and researcher believe that Rubber Band Ligation is a better option (6). 

Surgical removal of your thrombosed hemorrhoid can effectively treat hemorrhoids that are extremely painful or cause excessive bleeding.

If you do decide to have a procedure, choosing Rubber Band Ligation (banding) will likely be a better option.

thromboses hemorrhoids

People that have acute thrombosed external hemorrhoids or strangulated internal hemorrhoids often have pain and a lump at the anus (8).

Will Preparation H Help Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Because the pain and bleeding associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids comes from the pressure of the blood clot, topical medications that successfully treat external hemorrhoids are often not effective.

Since the symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoids are caused by a blood clot, Preparation H isn’t generally successful in treating this type of hemorrhoid.

If you want to see a list of our top hemorrhoid products by category, see below:

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Can a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Burst?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids only burst in the most severe cases when they need to secrete blood.

As the pressure builds in a thrombosed hemorrhoid, it may need to bleed if it becomes too full of blood and/or puss.

Because most patients seek medical attention to resolve the pain from thrombosed hemorrhoids that are this severe, there are not many reported cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids popping.

This is most likely because they are resolved with medical or at-home treatment before they get to that point. It is important to know that you should never consider popping a hemorrhoid.

If your hemorrhoid becomes that severe that you are considering popping it, seek medical attention instead.

Trying to pop a hemorrhoid will only cause more significant problems that could lead to a serious condition.

What to Do If a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Bursts

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can burst naturally, but it is important to be sure you are not deliberately forcing your hemorrhoid to bleed.

If you have signs of a thrombosed hemorrhoid that has burst, be sure to avoid being on your feet.

Try to limit movement until the bleeding stops because you may continue to bleed without rest.

thrombosed hemorrhoid relief

Another important way to handle a thrombosed hemorrhoid that has burst is to be sure you have effectively cleaned your anal area after every bowel movement.

Call your doctor to seek medical treatment for a burst thrombosed hemorrhoid. Soak the area frequently.

You can also alternate with cold compresses to promote clotting of the burst and relieve pain.

If you have signs of infection after your hemorrhoid has burst, contact a medical professional immediately. Hemorrhoid pain can be excruciating with a burst hemorrhoid.

We have a great hemorrhoid burst guide you should take a look at if you're hemorrhoid busts on you.

How to Treat Thrombosed Hemorrhoids at Home

There are many options for home treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

Changing your diet can help improve your wellbeing, reduce your risk of thrombosed hemorrhoids, and alleviate some of the symptoms of these hemorrhoids.

Alcohol consumption, diets low in fiber and the over inclusion of spicy food in the diet are all risk factors for the development of hemorrhoids (7).

Because eating unhealthy foods often leads to constipation, changing your diet can help thrombosed hemorrhoids.

You can also change your daily habits by avoiding behaviors that can increase your risk level of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Try not to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time. Exercising regularly can improve blood circulation and help your digestive system.

Other at-home treatments for thrombosed hemorrhoids include witch hazel, like Tucks Medicated Pads or Preparation H Wipes.

This popular astringent can help shrink the lump. A paste of Epsom salt and baking soda can reduce inflammation.

Applying a hemorrhoid ice pack can also help shrink thrombosed hemorrhoids. For information on the best hemorrhoid products check out the post.

We also have a great guide on coconut oil for hemorrhoids.

While thrombosed hemorrhoids can be painful, they are not generally dangerous.

Talk to your hemorrhoid doctor as soon as you see any signs of a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

The most effective treatment is a procedure to remove the clot. For cases of severe bleeding or pain, contact your doctor immediately to find the best treatment option.

How Should I Change My Diet After a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

If constipation was the cause of your hemorrhoids and thrombosis, be sure you are eating a regular diet that emphasizes high fiber. Incorporate a lot of vegetables, bran, and fruits.

Aim for at least 30 grams of fiber a day. Additionally, increase your fluid intake. Non-caffeinated fluids should be consumed as six to eight glasses daily.

How to Pop a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Although some thrombosed hemorrhoids pop on their own, you should never pop a thrombosed hemorrhoid.

You should never burst a hemorrhoid yourself because it can cause complications and leads to longer, more painful recovery.

Most thrombosed hemorrhoids will shrink on their own over time.

Can You Pop a Hemorrhoid like a Pimple?

No, hemorrhoids are quite unlike pimples and cannot be popped.  A hemorrhoid is a swollen blood vessel, and although it is a similar shape to a pimple, it is not a clogged pore filled with pus. 

Do not try to press on a hemorrhoid; you could cause the hemorrhoid to inflame even more and attempting to pop it can result in sharp, sudden pain.  Instead, try soothing topical creams to shrink the hemorrhoid. 

Ingredients in over the counter ointments and creams for hemorrhoids have anti-inflammatory properties that can promote faster healing. 

Even without treatment, however, external hemorrhoids will go away in a few days.

How to Treat an External Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids come with a great deal of pain and discomfort. To make matters worse, some external hemorrhoids can become thrombosed. A thrombosed external hemorrhoid is an external hemorrhoid that has developed a blood clot.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are characterized by their symptoms and their look. They appear as a hard lump that is blue or purple in color. The color is a result of the blood clot.

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids can form as a single pile or a circle of piles. They are classified as grade IV hemorrhoids (8).

The cause of thrombosed hemorrhoids is not well known.

Some doctors feel that events trigger the development of thrombosed external hemorrhoids:

  • Physical exertion
  • Childbirth
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Straining during bowel movements

The main course of treatment for a thrombosed hemorrhoid is an external thrombectomy.

The surgical procedure involves placing a small cut in the clot and draining it.

This is most effective when performed within three days.

Turmeric for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Although most thrombosed hemorrhoids are treated by a medical provider, some people choose to take a natural approach.

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice that has antibacterial properties and can help heal hemorrhoids when used topically.

Since most thrombosed hemorrhoids are treated with surgical procedures, this option has been known to be effective after your procedure. 

Turmeric can reduce pain after hemorrhoid treatment when you add it to your diet.

If you are pregnant with hemorrhoids, talk to a health or medical professional before taking turmeric or any other hemorrhoid supplement or medication.

Heating Pad for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Thrombosed hemorrhoids can be very painful.

Applying heating pads to a thrombosed hemorrhoid is an effective option for hemorrhoid pain.

The warmth of the heating pad will keep the blood flowing.

This helps to resolve the clot. Heating pads also help shrink the hemorrhoid and relieve pain.

If your heating pad is too hot you can cause further damage to the hemorrhoid.

Aspirin for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Aspirin can be used to reduce the pain associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids. In addition, the blood-thinning properties of aspirin can help with thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Since there are many medications that interact with aspiring, talk to your doctor before you use aspirin as a treatment.

Aspirin is effective in blood clot dissipation. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of using aspirin to treat your thrombosed hemorrhoids.

If you have undergone an external hemorrhoidectomy, avoid aspirin because it may cause additional bleeding or complications.

Laser hemorrhoid surgery is an alternative option to a standard hemorrhoidectomy.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Bleeding

Bleeding with external hemorrhoids is normal. In the case of thrombosed hemorrhoids, a thrombosis may erode through the skin and begin to drain. This produces bleeding.

In severe cases, a thrombosed hemorrhoid may burst. When a thrombosed hemorrhoid bursts, it will secrete blood. Bleeding may also be noticeable during a bowel movement.

It can be seen in the toilet, in your stool, or on the toilet paper when you wipe yourself.

Although the presence of blood is concerning to most patients, thrombosed hemorrhoid bleeding is not generally a cause of great concern.

Bleeding Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Many thrombosed external hemorrhoids can experience bleeding.

A resolving thrombosed hemorrhoid can erode through the skin and cause bleeding.

Be sure to keep the area clean and dry.

For patients who undergo a surgical procedure, watch bleeding to be sure it doesn’t begin to show signs of a bigger problem.

One of the best ways to treat bleeding thrombosed hemorrhoids is to eat foods high in fiber. The fiber creates softer stool which can pass easier during bowel movements.

Over-the-counter creams and ointments can also help with bleeding, we have a post that details the best hemorrhoid creams and ointments, so take a look if you're going to purchase one.

How Long Does Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Pain Last?

Pain associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids generally last two to three days, being the most severe during the 48-72-hour time frame. 

Your hemorrhoid pain will gradually decrease as the thrombosed hemorrhoid dissolves.

The thrombosed hemorrhoid can take as long as two to three weeks to resolve.

For those who have undergone a surgical procedure, the pain will generally last for one to three days then will resolve.

If you experience continued pain or pain that becomes worse, contact your doctor immediately.

Is a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Dangerous?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are not generally dangerous, but they can be very painful.

Typically, hemorrhoid pain is dealt with through managing the symptoms.

Using the best hemorrhoid products will help you manage hemorrhoid pain.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Surgery

The most common and effective surgical option for thrombosed hemorrhoids is the external hemorrhoidectomy. This is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia.

During the surgery, an incision is made around the hemorrhoid. The swollen vein inside the hemorrhoid is tied off to prevent further bleeding. The hemorrhoid is then removed, and the patient is stitched up.

Patients usually go home on the same day to begin the recovery period. Recovery from a hemorrhoidectomy will vary from patient to patient.

Most patients notice a significant difference in how they feel within two weeks. For some patients, it may take as long as six weeks.

Thrombosed Internal Hemorrhoid Surgery

There are three surgical options for thrombosed internal hemorrhoids. The first is an enucleation.

This minor surgery is performed right at your doctor’s office.

A small incision is made after a dose of Lidocaine has been injected into the hemorrhoid.

The clot is removed, and the main cause of the pain is eliminated.

A stapled hemorrhoidectomy is a stapled approach.

The approach tightens the stretched supporting tissue to prevent prolapse.

Finally, rubber band ligation is performed at a medical office.

The doctor places special rubber bands around the base of the vein to cut circulation to the hemorrhoid. 

Of all the in-office procedures that a proctologist can offer, Rubber Band Ligation or (RBL) yields the best results, with the lowest rate of needing additional treatment (9). 

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Treatment Overview

As with all hemorrhoids, treatment depends on the individual patient. Some patients respond better to certain treatments than others. And size and severity of the hemorrhoid have a lot to do with the best treatment method.

Topical hemorrhoid medications that are available over-the-counter are generally used for external hemorrhoids and effective in treating their symptoms. With thrombosed hemorrhoids, these treatment options may not be effective.

This is because thrombosed hemorrhoids are a result of pressure and swelling within the tissue from the lack of blood flow.

For most thrombosed hemorrhoids, pain is at its worst in the first 24-48 hours. Because of this, many patients undergo a hemorrhoidectomy for immediate relief from the thrombosed hemorrhoid.

After the first 48 hours, thrombosed hemorrhoids tend to slowly reabsorb into the body. This results in a significant reduction of pain. Over-the-counter pain medications are often used to treat these hemorrhoids.

Self-care treatment methods include sitz baths, stool softeners, and avoiding straining during bowel movements.

There are some topical medications prescribed by a doctor that have been proven effective in the treatment of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Surgery for thrombosed hemorrhoids is generally a hemorrhoidectomy.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Natural Treatment

Natural treatment for thrombosed hemorrhoids consists mostly of prevention.

By being proactive with hemorrhoid treatment, you can avoid the development of thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Some natural treatments include sitz baths (Better Bath Better Body is a good bath soak product for hemorrhoids), witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and even coconut oil for hemorrhoids.

These have been known to reduce inflammation, pain, itching, and bleeding.

The anti-inflammatory benefits of aloe vera have also been known to reduce the severity of hemorrhoids.

Epsom salt soaks have also been noted to help reduce the effects of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid supplements can also be a great way to reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Our hemorrhoid supplement reviews guide will help you decide if a hemorrhoid supplement is right for you.

At-Home Treatment for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Conservative management for hemorrhoids consists of:

  • Avoiding constipation
  • Increasing fluids
  • Adding dietary fibers to your diet
  • Taking anti-inflammatory pain medications such as Tylenol, ibuprofen, or naproxen
  • Reducing activity

Sitz baths can also be helpful for comfort. The local pain and swelling of thrombosed hemorrhoids should resolve within a few days, but it will likely take two to three weeks for the lump to go away completely. If you have undergone a hemorrhoidectomy, you should follow these aftercare steps:

  • Reduce activity for 12-24 hours
  • Expect minor bleeding or bloody drainage for one to two days after surgery
  • Remove the initial dressing after 12-24 hours
  • If you must have a bowel movement before the 12-24 hours, remove the dressing. Clean the area thoroughly after your bowel movement and replace it with a plain cotton gauze dressing to absorb drainage
  • Sit in a tub of warm water for 15-20 minutes two to three times a day for comfort and cleanliness
  • Shower daily and follow proper hygiene

Coconut Oil for a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid?

Coconut oil can be used to treat the swelling, discomfort, and inflammation associated with external hemorrhoids. Because it has analgesic properties, coconut oil can help kill the pain associated with thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Its strong anti-inflammatory properties can also help reduce swelling and inflammation. Coconut oil also has antibacterial properties that help speed up the healing process.

The best coconut oil for hemorrhoids is organic, virgin coconut oil. This is the least processed variety you can find, so it is the best quality to use for medicinal purposes.

To treat hemorrhoids, there are many options of how you can use coconut oil.

  1. It can be incorporated into your diet to prevent hemorrhoids.
  2. When mixed with witch hazel, it can be applied to the hemorrhoid several times a day.
  3. It can be shaped into a small cylinder and used as a suppository.
  4. Mixing coconut oil with turmeric is a powerful combination that can be applied directly to your hemorrhoids.
  5. It can be added to a warm bath to help soothe and shrink your hemorrhoids.

While coconut oil is a natural treatment that is effective, there are some side effects.

Because coconut oil can upset the digestive tract and cause diarrhea, it should not be used if your hemorrhoids are caused by diarrhea.

This may further aggravate your hemorrhoids, making them worse.

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery Time

After a hemorrhoidectomy for a thrombosed external hemorrhoid, you can expect to avoid activity for one to two weeks.

You may experience hemorrhoid pain for two to four weeks.

In some cases, pain during bowel movements may last as long as one to two months.

Although recovery may seem to last for a long period of time, each day will get better.

Most symptoms of severe pain and hemorrhoid bleeding only last for 24-48 hours.

Is There a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Cure?

There are many treatments that work for hemorrhoids. However, since hemorrhoids do come back on occasion, there is no known thrombosed hemorrhoid cure.

While there are many treatment options for external hemorrhoids, these treatments do not always work for thrombosed hemorrhoids.

The most common and effective treatment for a thrombosed hemorrhoid is called an external thrombectomy.

During this procedure, your doctor will make a small cut in the clot. The incision will cause the clot to drain. Because this can be very painful, external thrombectomies are done in a hospital setting under local anesthesia.

The procedure is most effective when it is performed within three days of the onset of your thrombosed hemorrhoid.

You can expect to experience pain following the surgery, but it will gradually subside with each passing day.

What Do Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Look Like?

While normal hemorrhoids may or may not be seen, thrombosed hemorrhoids are visible. A non-thrombosed hemorrhoid will appear as a rubbery lump.

Sometimes more than one can appear at the same time. Thrombosed hemorrhoids present as a single pile or a circle of piles. They are classified as grade IV hemorrhoids.  

thrombosed hemorrhoid

They appear as a lump at the anal opening that is protruding from the anus.

The lump will be dark blue in color because of the clot inside the swollen blood vessel.

What Medications Can I Take at Home for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

While your doctor may prescribe prescription pain medication, narcotics are often a major cause of constipation.

Since constipation can make hemorrhoids worse, only take narcotics as needed and prescribed by your physician.

Non-narcotic medications are often equally, if not more, effective.

These include Extra Strength Tylenol or acetaminophen, Motrin or ibuprofen, and Aleve or naproxen.

Should I Avoid Activity with Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

You may want to lay low while the pain of thrombosed hemorrhoids subsides. If you undergo a hemorrhoidectomy, your doctor will inform you of your limitations.

Once your thrombosed hemorrhoids begin to resolve, you can resume normal activities as tolerated.

Although you do want to avoid doing anything strenuous or any activity that is likely to cause you discomfort.

What Are Other Names for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids may be referred to by your medical provider as any of the following names:

  • Acute hemorrhoidal disease
  • Anal hematoma
  • Hemorrhoidal thrombosis
  • Perianal hematoma
  • Perianal thrombosis

Will Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Go Away For Good or Do Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Come Back?

This is a great question. Clinical studies suggest that thrombosed hemorrhoids can be treated conservatively.

Typically, your doctor is going to look to see if your hemorrhoid is improving and if symptoms are getting better.

If your symptoms are improving, your doctor may recommend fiber supplementation and pain relievers. If your symptoms are not improving, your doctor will likely recommend a medical procedure, like Rubber Band Ligation, Infrared Coagulation, or Sclerotherapy.

If you hemorrhoids are very severe your doctor may even recommend a hemorrhoidectomy or stapled hemorrhoidectomy.

A study did suggest that patients treated with surgery did have a "lower frequency of recurrence".

This means that a medical procedure or surgery could potentially prevent hemorrhoids from coming back more often than conservative treatment in the form of fiber supplementation, creams, wipes, pain relievers and the like. 

It is also important to note that most people who did treat conservatively experienced symptom relief.

However, it often takes much longer than the relief through a medical procedure, which can be very painful at the time.

You may develop a skin tag once your thrombosed hemorrhoid goes away.

The most common reports of reoccurrence for thrombosed hemorrhoids are from patients who did not seek surgical treatment for their previous thrombosed hemorrhoids.

Additionally, patients who have not made any lifestyle changes to prevent hemorrhoids are likely to have a reoccurrence of thrombosis.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Summary

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids that form a blood clot and result in a reduction of blood flow in the vein.

They are not considered to be dangerous but can be very painful.

Because of the severity of their pain, some patients get very concerned with thrombosed hemorrhoids. 

Be sure to get HemRid by clicking the link here so you can get the thrombosed hemorrhoid relief you deserve. You can purchase HemRid on the official website or on Amazon here. HemRid is great for all types of hemorrhoids, especially Thrombosed Hemorrhoids. HemRid also comes with a full money back guarantee so you can try it risk-free.

thrombosis hemorrhoid supplement

HemRid is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility. The ingredients have shown to be effective for hemorrhoids in clinical studies, so you know what you are getting is a great product for hemorrhoids.

More Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Go Away on Their Own?

There is a quick and easy way to tell if your thombosed hemorrhoid will go away on its own.

If your symptoms are getting better, and the swelling is going down, then you have a good chance that your thrombosed hemorrhoid will go away.

There are conservative hemorrhoid treatments like fiber supplementation, water, ice packs, and pain relievers that can help this process. 

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are usually caused by prolonged straining or acute constipation. 

Treating your constipation and avoiding prolonged sitting can help reduce the amount of time you have your thrombosed hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids that are not thrombosed will not require surgical intervention.

If you are unsure if you have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, consult your doctor.

How Long Do Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids Last?

According to clinical studies, "spontaneous resolution" of the thrombosed hemorrhoid will occur in 7-10 days.

Many people cannot wait this long as a thrombosed hemorrhoid can be excruciatingly painful.

While 7-10 days is considered the norm, please be aware that your thrombosed hemorrhoid may go away before or after that, depending on the location and severity.


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