What Hemorrhoid Supplement Should I Use? A Comprehensive Review Of Hemorrhoid Supplements

Posted on 19 October 2017

Doctors prescribe natural supplements, vitamins and minerals all the time to help with health issues, from vitamin deficiencies to sleep problems to even depression. The following is a comprehensive review of Herbal Supplements used for Hemorrhoids to guide you in the decision of choosing the best hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoid Supplements And Their Effect On Relieving The Symptoms Associated With Hemorrhoids

We will discuss what they contain, what they are claimed to do and whether they live up to those claims. Finally, at the end of this article we will provide our opinion on the most effective hemorrhoid supplement. But first, here’s what you need to know about hemorrhoids.

What Are Hemorrhoids And Why Do They Hurt So Much?

Know that you are not alone. Two out of every three people experience hemorrhoids at some point in time during their life. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels which occur in the lower rectum. They specifically occur in the smooth muscles of the anus and rectum and there are multiple types. If the hemorrhoid is inside the anus, the hemorrhoid is considered to be an internal hemorrhoid.

On the other hand, if the hemorrhoid protrudes out of the anus, the hemorrhoid is classified as an external hemorrhoid. Hemorrhoids can also be thrombosed. A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid that has a blood clot in it due to poor circulation. As with any blood clot, these can be dangerous. If you suspect you may have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, call your doctor. Interestingly, while thrombosed hemorrhoids are typically or usually external, both internal and external hemorrhoids can be thrombosed. Now I am sure you are wondering why it is that thrombosed hemorrhoids are usually external hemorrhoids, well there is a very good reason for this. First, it is important to understand that blood clots form in hemorrhoids because there is either little or no blood flow to the area.

Thankfully our bodies have these wonderful things called sphincters. Otherwise, we would not be able to control our bowel movements and none of us would graduate from diapers. Unfortunately for those who suffer external hemorrhoids, the sphincter cuts of the blood supply to the vessel that is outside the anus and can facilitate or cause a thrombosed hemorrhoid. So how do you know that you have a Thrombosed Hemorrhoid? Get in and see your doctor.  In addition to likely being external in nature thrombosed hemorrhoids are usually very painful, causing you to cringe at the thought of having to sit.

 What helps for hemorrhoids?

There are many types of products on the market which claim to provide relief for hemorrhoids, from creams and wipes to supplements and ice packs. For this article though, we will discuss herbal supplements and their efficacy in the quest to find relief from hemorrhoids. (for a discussion regarding the best creams or wipes click here) Listed below you will find a review of the most commonly found and used herbal hemorrhoid supplements as well as our top pick of the group HemRid Plus.

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