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Hemorrhoidectomy Recovery Time, Tips, Cost & Surgery Information

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Do you have hemorrhoids? According to the statistics, roughly 50% or more of Americans will suffer from hemorrhoids by the age of 50.


Hemorrhoids are caused by excessive straining in the rectal area. These typically happen because of constipation, stiff, and/or malformed stool. 

There are many things that can cause constipation including certain foods and medications.

Most cases of hemorrhoids are mild and can be treated by eating right and staying hydrated.

Some people use over-the-counter remedies, like HemRid, which works great.

We absolutely recommend using holistic and natural remedies for hemorrhoids. 

However, in some severe cases of hemorrhoids a medical procedure may be required. 

When non-operative or conservative methods have failed, or when the hemorrhoids are severe or complications occur, surgery may be your only option (1).

Severe cases of hemorrhoids requiring medical treatment include:

  • Prolapsed Hemorrhoid - A prolasped hemorrhoid is an internal hemorrhoid that falls out of your anus. Sometimes, it can get stuck outside the anus and will require medical treatment, which is called a Grade 4 hemorrhoid (2). 
  • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids - A thrombosed hemorrhoid is a hemorrhoid that has a blood clot. These are typically external hemorrhoids that form clots. Sometimes, if the swelling is bad enough a medical procedure will be required.
  • Chronic Hemorrhoids - Chronic hemorrhoids can sometimes need medical attention. If your hemorrhoids keep coming back, and you've tried natural remedies and lifestyle changes, then seeing a hemorrhoid doctor may be your best bet. 

Hemorrhoidectomy 101

This is a procedure that is typically performed under local anesthesia, spinal block or a general anesthesia depending on the severity of the condition.

With a hemorrhoidectomy, your physician will make an incision around the hemorrhoid and remove it.

There can be a lot of hemorrhoid bleeding and also lots of pain.

Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery Recovery

If you do have a hemorrhoidectomy, there are a few things that you should do after the surgery. 

      1. You will likely experience a great amount of pain, so take the prescription or OTC medicine your doctor prescribes for you.
      2. There is usually a small amount of bleeding, especially after your first bowel movement. Drink enough liquids and make sure to eat a bland diet (I.E. bananas, plain rice, crackers, dry toast or applesauce). After a few days, you can usually return back to your regular diet.
      3. Use numbing medicine or hemorrhoid creams before and even after bowel movements to help relieve the pain.
      4. Apply an ice pack to the area to reduce swelling. Many people have reported lots of hemorrhoid relief following their hemorrhoidectomy surgery with ice packs.
      5. Soaking in a warm bath can also be beneficial. It soothes and relaxes the area. Just make sure the water isn't too warm.
      6. Most physicians will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection after the surgery. Preventing infection is key so make sure to keep yourself clean and follow the doctors instructions. 
      7. Some physicians may request that you take a stool softener that has fiber in it. This can help prevent constipation which will irritate the surgical area. A meta-analysis (analysis of multiple studies) showed that when the diet is supplemented with fiber, symptoms got better and the risk of bleeding was reduced by nearly 50% (3). 
      8. Use a hemorrhoid supplement like HemRid Max, which can work great for hemorrhoid relief. For the oral treatment of hemorrhoids, flavanoids are the most common and thought to be the best

All these things should keep the pain to a minimum and make sure your recovery is as fast as possible. 

After a hemorrhoidectomy, it will normally take about one to two months for the symptoms to completely go away.

You can normally return to your everyday activities after 1 to 2 weeks.

However, after the two weeks, you will still have to avoid any heavy lifting or straining, especially with bowel movements.

At this point, the tissue is still weak and susceptible to problems. 

There are a few other kinds of treatments that are listed below:

  1. Electrical coagulation - With this treatment, the hemorrhoid tissue is cauterized with an infrared photo laser. This can be a much less painful procedure.
  2. Rubber Band Ligation - A rubber band is placed around the hemorrhoid which helps to stop the blood flow and shrinks them so they will not cause pain.

After extensive research, it's my opinion that Rubber Band Ligation (hemorrhoid banding) is a better option than a hemorrhoidectomy.

It is less invasive and painful and it does not require general anesthesia or surgical incisions.

Rubber band ligation also happens to be the favorite choice of surgeons for non-operative procedures for hemorrhoids (4).

Plus, the results are typically just as good. 

Hemorrhoidectomy Side Effects

A hemorrhoidectomy does come with a few risks, but on the average, it is very uncommon for there to be any major side effects.

The most common risks are an inability to urinate, bleeding, and pain. One of the most important things is to follow the instructions given to you by the physician.

Hemorrhoidectomy Risk Factors

The early risk factors of a hemorrhoidectomy would include the following:

  • Anal area bleeding
  • Blood collecting in the area of a surgery
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control
  • The onset of infection and the surgical area
  • Impacted stool that is trapped in the anal canal

Later risk factors of a hemorrhoidectomy would include the following:

  • Anal canal stenosis (narrowing of the canal)
  • Hemorrhoid recurrence
  • A fistula or abnormal canal that forms between another area and the rectum
  • A full rectal prolapse

Caution: If you see any of these signs it's important to let your doctor know immediately!

Hemorrhoidectomy Cost and Pricing

If you are interested in a hemorrhoidectomy, speak with your physician and determine if this surgery would be an option for you.

The average national cost is about $8,397, depending upon where are you live, this could be higher or lower.

Of course, if your insurance covers this type of surgery, it could be significantly lower.

If you're having a lot of troubles because of your hemorrhoids, you should definitely talk to your physician.

It is important to note there are other procedures that are less expensive than a hemorrhoidectomy and also less invasive.

Some holistic remedies are available which we will list for you:

Coconut oil

This is a topical aid and requires the area to be clean and dry. The oil should be applied with a clean cotton poultice and the coconut oil will typically help shrink hemorrhoids within approximately a week. 

Aloe Vera

This type of plant is known to ease itching and painful burning. If you choose to use Aloe Vera, you should look for one that contains vitamin E to help soothe the area and provide a little more hemorrhoid pain relief.

Apple cider vinegar

We do not suggest you use this remedy. Many people try it by adding it to bath water or applying it using a clean cotton swab, directly to the hemorrhoids.

This is unsafe and can cause lots of burning.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural anti-inflammatory and many people think it will help with the swelling and pain.

But, we do not recommend this remedy for hemorrhoids due to safety precautions.

See a Doctor Regarding Your Hemorrhoid Problem

Hemorrhoids are not the only thing that can cause the symptoms you have been experiencing.

There are other conditions which could be much more serious that display symptoms similar to hemorrhoids.

Have a physician examine you and make sure that it is hemorrhoids causing the problem.

Always be smart when it comes to your health, have your symptoms checked out, and do your best to take care of yourself.

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