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Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids - Does Witch Hazel Help Hemorrhoids?

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Do you want to use witch hazel for hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids can be quite painful especially during pregnancy where women are predisposed to the condition and have significantly higher pressure placed on their rectal and anal muscles.

The condition is usually rampant in the third trimester of most pregnancies and can be prevented and treated in several ways that revolve around reducing the pressure in the anal area, maintaining hygienic toilet practices and preventing constipation through better diets.

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy go hand in hand with each other. Using with hazel for hemorrhoids can help greatly, as witch hazel is one of the most popular treatments for hemorrhoids. Thanks to its anti inflammatory properties and numerous other active ingredients in the plant.

There are two different types of hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Witch hazel works best for external hemorrhoids, but can be use on internal hemorrhoids through cream, ointment, or suppositories. 

How does witch hazel work for Hemorrhoids?

One of the few effective methods that can be employed to treat Hemorrhoids involves the use of Witch hazel (1). The Witch hazel plant has many species, but the exact specie known to treat hemorrhoids is the Hamamelis virginiana.

The Hamamelis virginania grows naturally as small trees or big shrubs in Nova Scotia, the Eastern coast of North America and the southern part of the united states, while its distant cousins and family members of the specie is also popular in America for use mostly as ornamental plants.

The Witch Hazel plant contains hundreds of active ingredients, but of these lot, ten types of ingredients have been shown to pose positive benefits in controlling and treating the symptoms of Hemorrhoids.

The main active ingredients of the Witch hazel fluid extract include:

  • Saponins (2)
  • Calcium Oxalate
  • Gallotannins
  • Tannins
  • Safrole
  • Catechins
  • Eugenol
  • Phenolic acids
  • Flavonoids
  • Carvacrol

Witch hazel has astringent, antibacterial and antiseptic features which makes it perfect for treating Hemorrhoids as these properties helps to minimize the swelling of tissues and cause inflamed veins and blood vessels to shrink.

Also, Witch hazel contains Tannins, which are great compounds for lessening the swelling of tissues and provide swift relief from burning sensations, itching and bleeding.

Witch hazel reduces hemorrhoid pain relatively quickly. Witch hazel also reduces hemorrhoid bleeding as it tightens and shrinks damaged tissue. 

Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids Reviews - 3 Great Products with Witch Hazel

Does Witch hazel shrink external hemorrhoids?

Witch hazel performs remarkably well against external hemorrhoids.

When applied as hemorrhoid treatment, Witch hazel is used as a topical astringent to the external hemorrhoids, thereby causing the concerned blood vessels to shrink and subsequently causing inflamed tissues to also cool and shrink.

The antibacterial properties also help to keep the hemorrhoids from getting infected, a much-needed characteristic as hemorrhoids are prone to bacterial infection due to the high rate of itching and bleeding associated with the condition and nature of the area. It also reduces hemorrhoid itching and burning.

How long can I use Witch hazel for hemorrhoids?

Witch hazel can be used in a variety of ways for hemorrhoids. The continued application is dependent on the symptoms and extent to which the condition has progressed.

Hemorrhoids can be internal, external or thrombosed and in mild conditions, Witch hazel can be used for a couple of days to study improvements.

Since there are no exclaimed side effects, the treatment can be applied for weeks if reasonable improvements to the condition is felt.

In more severe cases, over-the-counter medications may be combined with Witch hazel applications and gynecologists or hemorrhoid doctors must be consulted if symptoms do not improve or begin to worsen after application. 

Most Witch hazel applications are done topically (applied to the outer skin), while pure witch hazel can be applied by soaking cotton balls or pads with the Witch hazel extracts to wipe the affected area. The basic routine is to dry the affected area with a towel dipped in warm water before proceeding to apply the cream or ointment.

The use of Witch hazel on baby wipes or toilet tissues may also bring results for some people while application of Witch hazel creams and ointments are other proven ways that bring results.

Before using Witch hazel on any material, pads or tissues, be sure to confirm that these materials do not have potentially irritating substances, perfumes or dyes that can worsen the symptoms of the hemorrhoids. Check out this blog post for a peek at the best hemorrhoid wipes

Are Witch hazels safe for use?

Witch hazel is generally classified as safe and will not cause side effects for most people. In some rare cases where the extract is applied on the skin, there may be little complaints of irritation and itching, but the Witch hazel is often very safe that even with applied in moderate dosages, it is safe for use.

Witch hazel helps to reduce hemorrhoid pain and itching by working as an astringent. In small cases, a small number of people might also experience side effects like stomach upset.

Before applying Witch hazel in any way other than topical means, a physician and doctor should be consulted as some Witch hazel treatments that are not homemade may contain other substances that can be toxic to the body system on consumption.

Large doses of Witch hazel can cause serious problems like liver and other organ damages which is why it is imperative to adhere to the dosage recommendations as in indicated on the labels (3).

Tucks Medicated Pads are a witch hazel product specifically for hemorrhoids. Take a look at our Tucks Reviews to see if it's the medicated pad you should choose.

For Pregnant women, any treatment to be used for caring for the hemorrhoid condition should be discussed with Doctors before use.

Witch hazel can also be used as suppository treatment but it is also equally important to consult with your hemorrhoid doctor to avoid the risk of complications or damage to the fetus.

In advanced cases of hemorrhoids that do not relieve or disappear after common treatment methods, a hemorrhoidectomy or laser hemorrhoid surgery may be required to treat the condition.   

Let's point out that you must stick to the doctor's prescription when using Witch Hazel. If the doctor says three times a day, stick to the routine. That way, the med will reduce swelling and aid bowel movements within a week or two at most.

Thinking about using witch hazel for your hemorrhoids? Here are a list of the best hemorrhoid products, many using witch hazel.

However, remember it's necessary to seek medical advice before mixing these medicines to avoid harmful drug interactions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for what's right for you.


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