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Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids Reviews!!! Is Coconut Oil Good For Your Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 18 November 2017

Coconut Oil is being used for just about everything these days, weight loss, Alzheimers, hair and nail strengthening, psoriasis and more, but can it also help with hemorrhoids? We will take an in-depth look into the benefits of Coconut Oil and wether Coconut Oil actually helps hemorrhoids or does it actually make them worse.  We we will explain what the recent scientific studies found and whether Coconut Oil has any business being in your hemorrhoid treatment plan. For an accurate researched based answer on how to treat your hemorrhoids, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Coconut Oil And How Is It Made?

Coconut Oil is saturated fat composed of MCT’s or medium chain triglycerides. It is extracted from Copra, the dried kernel white meat of the Coconut.  To be safe for consumption, the oil extracted from the Copra must be cleaned or refined. The modern or mainstream way that the oil is extracted is though the use of chemical solvents. These chemical solvents cause the highest yield (extract the most).  I know we all shudder when hear the word chemical, but it is important to understand that the finished Coconut Oil is completely devoid of these chemicals leaving an end product of pure, clean Coconut Oil.

What Does The Research Say About Coconut Oil’s Effect On The Skin

While there have been studies carried out to determine the benefits of Coconut Oil on the skin, there are currently no studies regarding Coconut Oil’s effect on hemorrhoids. There have been two studies that show that Coconut Oil is beneficial when used topically on the skin.

First Study: The Effect Of Coconut Oil On Dry Skin

The first study tested Coconut Oil’s effect on people with mild to moderate Xerosis (dry skin which looks like dry cracked ground). The study found that “Coconut oil…showed effectivity through significant improvement in skin hydration and increase in skin surface lipid levels.” (1). Basically, the Coconut Oil improved the dry skin and measurably increased the surface lipid (fat) levels, resulting in better hydrated and softer skin.

Second Study: The Ability Of Coconut Oil To Block UV Rays

The second study found that Coconut Oil can be used as a mild sunscreen and can block 20% of UV rays (2). These studies certainly indicate it has protective properties which benefit the skin, but how does that translate over to Hemorrhoids? Let’s see…

How Can Coconut Oil Help For Hemorrhoids?

The two above studies tell us something; Coconut Oil acts as a protective barrier when applied to the skin, blocking the sun and keeping water in. This benefit, providing a protective layer over the skin and acting as a barrier is great news.

Coconut Oil is traditionally combined with an herb or medicine when used for hemorrhoids.  When it is combined with herbs or medicine, the Coconut Oil keeps that herb or medicine where it belongs, locked in on your hemorrhoids. In turn, this increases the absorption and ultimately the effectiveness of the herb or medicine on the hemorrhoid tissue. This may give you better and more lasting relief than using the herb or medicine alone.

5 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Hemorrhoids

Using the results of the scientific research studies, we have listed the 5 best ways to incorporate Coconut Oil into your hemorrhoid plan and why:

#1. Combine Coconut Oil with Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is an amazing astringent. An astringent constricts or shrinks tissue. If look at the ingredient label of every hemorrhoid wipe you will see that the active ingredient is Witch Hazel. You can also find Witch Hazel in proven hemorrhoid supplements, like HemRid. Infusing some Witch Hazel with Coconut Oil would likely bring outstanding relief to your hemorrhoids.

#2. Combine Coconut and Horse Chestnut Seed Extract

Horse Chestnut Seed is widely used in the treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins. It’s  believed to strengthen veins wall and improve circulation.  There are plenty of plain horse chestnut creams that could be combined with Coconut Oil to try and improve your hemorrhoids.

#3. Add Coconut Oil To Your Hemorrhoid Wipes

Putting some Coconut Oil on your hemorrhoid wipes is a great way to keep that Witch Hazel on your skin. Plus, when wiping all day with a wet wipe, things can dry out. With a little Coconut Oil however, you don’t have to worry about your skin drying out, cracking and bleeding.

#4. Use Coconut Oil Topically On Its Own

If you run out of your hemorrhoid cream, wipes and supplement, you can use it alone topically to provide a smooth protective layer over the hemorrhoid and reduce painful friction.  Avoiding harsh rubbing on the hemorrhoid can certainly improve symptoms and keep inflammation and swelling to a minimum. It can also be used after a sitz bath to lock in the moisture and avoid getting too dry.

#5. Consume It In Your Diet

Taking two teaspoons a day can help you have more regular bowels movements and prevent constipation.  Coconut Oil is great at preventing constipation and can make those bowel movements much easier and with less strain. Plus, we know it can keep you healthier with its many other health benefits. Careful not too much though. Overconsumption of Coconut Oil can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea.

What Can I Use With Coconut Oil For My Hemorrhoids?

With proven, name brand hemorrhoid wipes,  hemorrhoid cream and a hemorrhoid supplement. For example, Tucks medicated Pads for wipes, Preparation H for cream and HemRid Hemorrhoid supplement. These name brand products can be purchased just about anywhere, although are usually cheapest at Amazon. These specific products are referenced because their ingredients are backed by scientific research to help with hemorrhoids as discussed below.

Why Preparation H Cream?

Preparation H Cream has two important active ingredients: Pramoxine HCL and Phenylephrine HCL. Pramoxine HCL is a topical anesthetic which provides fast and lasting pain relief. Phenylephrine HCL has a different purpose altogether. This medicine is considered to be a vasoconstrictor. A vasoconstrictor constrict the veins and makes them smaller. Basically, its a hemorrhoid shrinker. As you can see, Preparation H have become the most popular hemorrhoid brand for a reason. These are proven ingredients that work great on hemorrhoids.

Why HemRid Supplement?

HemRid has helped thousand with hemorrhoids. The supplement includes proven and clinically researched ingredients like Witch Hazel and others. This is a great addition to your hemorrhoid plan because it attacks the hemorrhoids from the inside. For those with internal hemorrhoids where it is difficult to get relief with wipes and creams, this is great choice and can be a game changer.

Why Tucks Pads?

Like HemRid, Tucks includes witch hazel too. Witch Hazel is a proven winner for hemorrhoids and can actually shrink your hemorrhoids with its astringent properties. The wipes are great and serve two purposes at the same time; They clean you and provide relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Is Coconut Oil Safe For Hemorrhoids?

coconut oilCoconut Oil appears to be completely safe to use topically for hemorrhoids. The key word there is topically. We do not know what the effect of Coconut Oil would be if used internally and because of that it is not recommended to be used in that manner. Orally and topically are just fine.

What Brand Of Coconut Oil Should I Use?

Any brand will do so long as it is pure coconut oil and not some blend of multiple oils. Some brands claim to be Coconut Oil but are not pure Coconut Oil and instead are stuffed with a mixture of other cheap oils. If you can’t see the word Pure on the front, then check the ingredient list to make sure your getting the real thing.

When Can I expect Results?

You may get relief right away by using Coconut Oil topically. Taken orally, however it may be days or weeks to notice any effect, if at all. The key is to use it regularly for maximum effectiveness and add it to proven hemorrhoid treatments.

Can I Use Coconut Oil During Pregnancy?

There are no studies to support it being unsafe for topical use or consumption, it is always a good idea to check with your doctor before introducing anything new to your diet, especially during pregnancy. Of course, when you do start the topical use of something new, it is always better to try a small amount in case of an allergy.

Our Final Conclusion

Although we do not have any direct studies that correlate an improvement in hemorrhoids with the oral or topical use of Coconut Oil, there is proof that it does benefit the skin through hydration and acts as a protective barrier. With this information it is easy to understand why so many have praised it for use on their hemorrhoids. At the very least Coconut Oil is reducing harmful friction and keeping the area moisturized. For all those reasons, we give Coconut Oil a big thumbs up for use in the treatment of hemorrhoids, and for maximum relief pairing the use of Coconut Oil with a hemorrhoid cream, supplement and wipe. 










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