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Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Cream With Aloe - Maximum Strength Pain Relief Reviews

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Preparation H is the most popular hemorrhoid treatment in the United States – recommended by doctors and pharmacists - but the product could have ended up being found on an entirely different aisle of the pharmacy.

Preparation H was originally developed as a treatment for sunburn and was released by the company

American Home Products after it acquired the product in 1935. AHP rebranded as Wyeth in 2002 and was bought by Pfizer in 2009.

Preparation H remains one of the company’s most important products, despite limited advertising. (The company currently uses the tagline “I should have used Preparation H,” and “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston was once featured in television advertising.)

prep h with aloe and extra relief

Use this supplement to get some serious relief from hemorrhoids.

There are a variety of Preparation H formulas available, including Preparation H Maximum Strength Pain Relief with Aloe, made different from other products in the line due to the addition of pramoxine, a topical anesthetic that temporarily relieves pain and itching by numbing the affected areas.

A Little More About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, which are essentially varicose veins of the anus, are caused when the blood vessels of the anus become weakened and swell.

The swelling occurs when blood fails to circulate properly, and pools along the vessel walls, which causes them to become thin and weak.

While age is a contributing factor to hemorrhoids, they are also commonly associated with the straining of constipation or diarrhea, both of which put extra pressure on blood vessels, as well as pregnancy, obesity, and weightlifting.

Because they are more common as we age, as many as 75 percent of all adults have experienced the pain and embarrassment – who wants to talk about their bum? – of hemorrhoids.

There are several different kinds of hemorrhoids – internal hemorrhoids, which are found inside the rectum, where there are few pain-sensing nerves, and external hemorrhoids, which are found under the skin around the anus, where pain-sensing nerves are more prominent.

While bleeding may be the only symptom of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids are often painful and can be accompanied by itching and burning as well as bleeding if blood vessels become very thin.

Hemorrhoid Prevention Tips

A healthy diet is your best defense against hemorrhoids.

Eating plenty of fiber, drinking lots of water and regular exercise are all excellent preventatives.

Taking in antioxidants through the consumption of fruits and vegetables is also a good way to not only help keep blood flowing smoothly, but also to strengthen blood vessels by protecting collagen in the vessel walls from damage caused by free radical activity.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Options

While surgery is an option for those with hemorrhoids, many people have experienced pain after rubber band ligation (the most common surgical intervention), making non-surgical options much more appealing.

While lifestyle modifications can alleviate hemorrhoids in the long term, supplements that target vein health and circulation work more quickly.

For immediate relief, ointments, creams, and wipes can help alleviate pain, itching and swelling, at least temporarily, making a combination of internal and external treatments the most effective approach.

Ingredients in Preparation H Maximum Strength

preparation h maximum strength with aloe veraPreparation H not only includes moisturizers to help encourage healing but also ingredients that offer relief from both pain and swelling, two troublesome symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The formula includes:

Glycerin. Glycerin acts as a layer of protection over damaged skin, allowing hemorrhoids to begin the healing process.

Phenylephrine HCl. Commonly used in decongestant products, phenylephrine helps constrict blood vessels, which helps reduce the swelling associated with hemorrhoids.

Aloe. Not only does aloe help moisturize parched, damaged skin, it also helps relieve the burning and itching that often accompanies hemorrhoids. There’s a reason why aloe was such a popular plant in the kitchens of cooks across the country.

Pramoxine. Pramoxine is a local anesthetic used to temporarily ease the pain and itching of hemorrhoids. It works by numbing the skin, which blocks nerves from transmitting signals. It is not recommended for use more than seven consecutive days.

White petroleum. Petroleum creates a thick texture that helps the formula’s active ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface, ensuring that they can provide the most relief.

Does Preparation H Hemorrhoidal Cream Maximum Strength Pain Relief Work?

Based on the reviews accompanying the product’s Amazon page, this pain-relieving Preparation H formula has been a welcome relief for those suffering from hemorrhoids.

This stuff is a godsend,” said one consumer.

Another said the over-the-counter formula was as effective as a prescription cream.

Others, however, experienced side effects from using the product.

Horrible,” said one reviewer, who experienced problems with the product’s formula. “It is vasoconstriction drug - which means it narrows the vessels. It gave me severe headaches and blurry vision.”

What Should I Know About Preparation H Maximum Strength?

Preparation H Maximum Strength is suitable for the treatment of the pain, mild itching, burning and discomfort of external hemorrhoids, and can be used alone or in conjunction with Preparation H Medicated Hemorrhoidal Wipes with witch hazel and aloe.

The wipes not only enhance the cream’s ability to reduce the swelling of hemorrhoids, they also help cool and cleanse skin, so the benefits last longer.

prep h aloe extra relief

If no relief is seen after seven days of use, a visit with a doctor is recommended.

Those with heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, diabetes or difficulty with urination due to enlargement of the prostate gland and those who are taking a prescription medication for the treatment of high blood pressure or depression should ask a doctor or pharmacist before using Preparation H Maximum Strength due to the use of phenylephrine in the formula.

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