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Turn the page of almost any magazine targeting women and you will see advertisements for products promising beautiful skin that’s free from wrinkles, dark marks, scars, stretch marks or cellulite.

senvie skin careThe ads are enticing, so the product – often with an ingredient list of items you can’t pronounce – finds its way into your skin care collection, where after a few uses and unsatisfying results, there it sits, a cute little container that serves as little more than powder room sculpture. While it is may not be as well-known as some over-priced and poor quality brands, Senvie is a company that is completely different. Our product line – featuring botanically-infused ingredients for scars, aging skin, stretch marks, under-eye circles, rosacea and cellulite - is born from nature and manufactured using the principles of science, making it a contemporary take on time-tested ingredients that go to work and help aid your body's natural healing ability.

Our labels feature items such as aloe and cucumber extracts to naturally cool and soothe skin while gently promoting cell turnover; cocoa and shea butters, which serve as rich emollients; vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects skin from the damage of free radicals; and arnica oil, which has long been used to lighten and brighten skin, among many other soothing yet effective botanical ingredients.

Why Do We Choose Products From Nature?

There’s a reason why our ancestors scavenged their yards for ingredients to help solve skin problems. Nature heals, and natural botanicals are more like our own skin that lab-crafted chemicals that can do more harm than good.

Think about the commercials you see for natural cleaning products. If you choose to shun chemicals to clean your kitchen, why wouldn’t you do the same to help your body?

Each of our products bring a unique blend of natural ingredients – some of our product ingredient lists are 80 percent organic from nature – that work in synergy to strengthen skin cells, promote healing beneath the skin’s surface and boost the production of the skin proteins collagen and elastin, all of which result in skin that looks and feels better.

But that’s not all.

Other big benefits of Senvie

Beyond our all-natural ingredient list, there are numerous other reasons why Senvie has become one of the most top-rated online skin care lines.

  • mark Products are manufactured in the United States, in an FDA-registered facility. That means that not only are the ingredients specially sourced to be the most effective, but our products are manufactured under the strict guidelines of the FDA.
  • mark Customer service department can be reached by phone 24/7. If you have a question, you can call our U.S.-based department, where you will speak to native English speakers. (By not following the leads of many other business models and setting up overseas, we keep jobs here in the United States, which helps strengthen our country’s economic base.)
  • mark If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on every order, no questions asked.
  • mark Senvie offers free shipping throughout the United States, and we ship quick, within three to five days.
  • mark Current customers love our products. We have been given thousands of five-star reviews from satisfied users.
  • mark Still not sure? We offer plenty of before and after photos showing you real results to prove the effectiveness of natural botanicals.
  • mark Our products are luxurious, high-end creams and lotions, but they don’t come at a high-end price. Full-sized containers are priced at less than $55 – prices are reduced when buying two or more containers – but smaller sizes of select products including Senvie’s Selevax Intensive Scar Treatment Cream – are available for less than $25 through, making it a product that falls within even the tightest of budgets.
  • mark We’re committed to making sure our customer base is 100 percent satisfied with every Senvie products they purchase. We stake our reputation on the feedback we get from our customers, and understand that word of mouth can make – or break – a company. Because of that, we go a step beyond the other companies to give every customer an excellent buying experience.
  • mark We use the latest research to continuously improve our formulas, making sure that every product in the Senvie family provides our customers better, more satisfying results.
  • mark A portion of all our proceeds go to the international Save the Children Foundation, a group that is just as committed to making the world a better place as we are committed to making sure our customers feel their best and most beautiful.

We know you'll enjoy our products. Take advantage of our 100%, risk-free 90 day money back guarantee and shop Senvie today! 

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