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RosaRid - Intensive Rosacea Cream

“I could see results within 2 days” 3.11.2014

Fantastic product where I could see results within 2 days. Service was excellent, a definite 5 stars.

-Pete D.

“I am just ecstatic”3.13.2014

I am sooo excited about RosaRid. This is definitely a 5 Star product. I was diagnosed with Rosacea about 20 years ago and have been fighting the battle since. At one time I was put on a steroid med and then prescribed the "creme" that is most often the stand-by. It did control the breakouts but at the same time it left my skin feeling almost burned which in turn caused it to be flaky. I then found a creme product recommended by a beauty consultant and was able to keep this problem pretty much at bay until they discontinued making it. So hurray, hurray.....for RosaRid!!!!. I can honestly say that in just 3 days of using this product I see an improvement in the redness and have had NO additional breakouts. In addition, my skin is so much softer and smoother to the touch. I am just ecstatic at the result, I can't tell you how much. I have searched for an answer to deal with my rosacea for a long time and I'm convinced this is the product. Please don't stop making it!! I am an active 74 year old and take pride in how I look both in what I wear and how my makeup looks. I can put makeup on again but its not going on over breakouts and flaky skin. I hope anyone that might be reading these words and are not quite sure about this product will take a "leap of faith" and give it a try....they will not be disappointed!!

-Val V.

“I would give it 5 stars” 1.22.2014

My experience so far has been very good. I would give 5 stars. Smooth, non greasy, smells good. All good so far. I've only been using for a short time but I'm very happy. Thanks !

-Tait M.

“My face has a healthy glow” 3.13.2014

I have been using a Rosacea Care product for several years and just assumed that I was using one of the best products available. Although I never noticed any improvements in the redness of my face, the moisturizing cream at least kept my face from feeling so dry. I have only been using RosaRid for a week and already see an improvement in my skin. I find if I use Dove to cleanse my face, then apply the cream, my face has a healthy glow without as much redness. I purchased two and gave a jar to my 82 year old mother who also suffers from rosacea. She loves it as much as I do. Thanks so much for a great product - I give it a 5 stars!

-Sheila H.

“My skin feels less sensitive and healthier” 3.31.2014

Started using the cream about 2 weeks back and I must say I am really happy with the results. My skin feels less sensitive and healthier. It feels smooth and soft and the redness has also subsided significantly. I would highly recommend this product for anyone with rosacea and sensitive skin. And I would rate the service at 5.

-Nitty Y.

“Your Product is awesome!” 1.15.2014

Your product is awesome! I am a forty year old golf professional in Memphis. So my skin is in the sun a lot which causes my rosacea to flare up. I have had this condition since my early twenties. "Thanks Grandma! ". Anyway I have seen more improvement in 3 weeks than I have with any prescribed medication!!!! I will buy more!!!!

-Bruno S.

Selevax – Intensive Scar Cream


I read about Selevax online and thought I would give it a go considering all the great reviews! Just a couple months later, here I am writing my own review because I like this product so much! I found that in just this short time, my scars are reduced and blemishes are already fading! I love how deeply this product moisturizes and nourishes the skin! A+ product! Thank you Selevax!

-Alexia A.


I absolutely love Selevax. I've been using it for 2 months now and notice a big difference on my scars. I would definitely recommend it.

-Ruby F.


I think the product has worked great so far! Service was excellent-5 stars!

-Debbie C.


Your product is excellent! I noticed results after only 2 weeks! I loved the product and the quality is excellent, but the only problem and I faced is that I can't find it any department store next to me. You have the best services, the product reached me in no time and I can't wait for my next order.

-Maryam J.


I've used this product and it works great! On a 1 to 5, I'd rate it as a 5! As it truly does help diminish the scars!

-Asif S.


I love the product. I had an abdominalplasty 4 months ago and my scarring is greatly pinkish/white stage. It smells great as well and absorbs quickly as well. Highly recommend!

-Sandy G.


I give your service a 5 star rating! I have been greatly pleased with your product, and in fact I just finished the recent jar I purchased. I had been searching for a scar cream that would effectively reduce the discoloration of old acne scars. After daily use, I am happy to report a lessening of pigmentation!

-Maryanne M.


I honestly loved this product. I have had Acne scars for years and could never get rid of them! I used your product for 1 month and they have almost completely cleared!! I love it!!

-Natasha S.


I will definitely recommend Selevax scar cream to anyone who had nasty surgery scars.I had an unfortunate car accident about a year ago and had to get a few surgeries and unfortunately I was left with really bad surgery scars. After trying everything on the market for scars I did some research and came across Selevax scar cream and decided it's definitely worth a try after reading all the great reviews. I ordered it and I must say I am really impressed with the results so far I can definitely see a difference and I am looking forward to see the results after 3months of using it. Being an air hostess your appearance is of out most importance and I am so glad that I finally find something that does work. I will give this Selevax cream 4.5 stars out of 5.

-Arne H.


After surgery on my arm, I researched the best cream on the market to apply to my new scar. The result of my research was Selevax. I ordered my first jar online and received my delivery within 2 days - excellent service. I have been very happy with Selevax and most importantly the results with watching it fade away quickly. The cream is very rich, but not oily so is easy to apply and wear throughout the day without causing any greasy stains to my clothing.

-Michael Q.


I absolutely loved the Selevax cream! I saw major improvement on my acne scars after a month of using. I rate a 5 out of 5 stars! Thank you for coming up with such a great product, best regards from a satisfied customer :)

-Luis C.


My experience with Selevax by Senvie has been exquisite. Placing my order was really easy and user-friendly. The emails I received confirming my purchase and thanking me for my order made me feel like I chose the right company to invest my money in toward my scar cream. The processing and shipping was relatively quick, and the product design is really classy. Overall, I would highly recommend this company to a friend!

-Eric C.

Setavan – Intensive Stretch Mark Cream


I give it 5 stars. I have been using it for about a week now and already see a difference. I have recommended it to my pregnant friends who have stretch marks.

-Jenna C.


I am really enjoying the results I am already seeing from using Setavan for such a short amount of time. I will definitely be ordering more!

-Elizabeth T.


I love it. I just started using it and already seeing results.

-Sarah M.


So far I love the product I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I feel the difference on my skin . I rate Setavan a 5 star product. I love it.

-Cheylin P.


I recently bought a three months supply of Setavan for my fiancee, she uses Setavan every day since we received it in the mail, which was quick. Her opinion of Setavan, "It's amazing", 5 stars easily.

-Gregory C.


I love your costumer service. They were able to fix my problem with my order right away. The product is good, I like how it makes my skin feel. And I like how fast the shipping is.

-Abigail A.


This is a great product! Very impressed and happy:) 5 Stars.

-Alyssa D.


This is a great product! Very impressed and happy:) 5 Stars.

-Alyssa D.


I love Setavan, I've been using it for I'd say 17 days & you can already see the stretch marks fading. It says 12-16 weeks all the way up to 24 weeks for optimal results. So I'm just just going to keep using in till I'm happy with the way my stretch marks look lol. And yes your service is great too.

-Joshua C.


I love Setavan! My skin has never looked better – 5 stars!

-Maki H.


I ordered the product in December and I have since amazing results! Great product. I recommend this to everyone!

-Meghan S.


I just started using Setavan on my stomach. I was overweight as a kid and lost a significant amount of weight in college. It left me with deep stretch marks. Since using Setavan I have noticed a plumpness and fading in my stretch marks after only a week of using product. I would recommend this product and plan on continue using it in the future. I would rate it a 5. I have tried many creams but Setavan has showed a change in a week.

-Lauren S.


I started using Setavan when I got pregnant with baby #4 and I could not be happier! It makes my belly very soft and smooth and I noticed that my previous stretch marks are not getting darker, they are staying white and faded. This is definitely my new stretch mark creme! I rate this 5 out of 5 stars! very pleased with this product!

-Aimee C.


Amazing product. Have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I love it! Thank you!

-Marilena L.

Celluvin – Intensive Cellulite Cream


Being 37 I noticed that My skin was dimpling up and I had tried everything all kinds of expensive creams promising smoother skin and for my cellulite to go away. Nothing was working and even though I am very active my skin was not showing it. Frustrated I came across the website for Celluvin. I have to admit I was a skeptic at first so I ordered a month's supply I thought based on other products the cost was reasonable. My cream came quickly and I started applying it the next morning and I am telling you I started seeing an improvement in less than a week my legs look smoother the dimples are almost nonexistent and my legs are firmer it is like I went in for an expensive treatment but It was all the cream. It smells great and is non sticky and absorbs quickly I am so happy that I finally found an affordable way to get rid of my cellulite that Works!! If you are like me and were trying to find the best cream Look no further Celluvin is all you need Trust me!!!! And the customer service is just amazing as well!!

-Helen P.


I love your products. I use the cream. 5 Star.

-Fallon E.


I was hesitant to give my credit card information to a company I had never heard of before, but the ordering process, with email confirmation, was very quick, easy, and professional. The item was shipped quickly, and wrapped like Neiman Marcus Online. The thing I like the most about Celluvin, and the reason I wanted to buy it, is the ingredients. I am currently using the product daily and am looking forward to beautiful improvements and results.

-Marisa B.


Very useful products! Definitely will buy again.

-Du C.

Lux Intensive – Intensive Brightening Cream


I honestly must say that this product was the best I have tried so far. I had a really bad acne break out about 2 years ago and although I have been able to het the acne under control I was still left with the really bad marks. For someone who had perfect skin for so long this was a major hit to my self esteem and for the past two years I have tried product after product hoping to get my skin back the way it was before my breakout. Nothing has really worked for me until I tried this product. After just two weeks my face was clearer and my complexion was smoother than it had been In years. I'd definitely have to rate this product a 5.

-Safiatou D.


The product worked really well, was gentle on my skin and enriching, and I could see results in the first 2 weeks. I also started to use it instead of the face and body lotion or cremes I would normally use to keep my skin lively, moisturized, and smooth. I really like it an I am pleased. ~Thank you.

-David E.


For me, Lux Intensive has really helped improve the dark color of my skin. I am from India and have a dark complexion, and after using Lux Intensive for about two months by skin has become roughly 2-3 shades lighter! I suffer from acne scaring and after using this product I have noticed a great difference in how prominent the scars are, some have even completely gone away! It also smells really good so that's a nice bonus. really like Lux Intensive and will definitely continue using it in the future.

-Kareena V.


My skin tone has become uneven after so many years of being in the sun. I used the lightening cream to try and even it out and after a few weeks I definitely saw an improvement!!! I love this product!

-Michelle P.


I had been looking for a safe product that would remove my melasma I got from my pregnancy for a long time!! I started it because I read about the quality ingredients and how it helps lighten up dark spots. I'm so pleased for what it has done for my complexion. If you're looking for a product to brighten up your skin again this is it.

-Nicole D.

Firm & Smooth - Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Cream


Firm and smooth eye cream has been a godsend! After adding it to my beauty regimen, I've noticed a big difference in the way the skin around my eyes have looked. It has helped diminish the crows feet and have dramatically reduced the puffiness and droopiness from under my eyes making me look and feel younger and vibrant. Thank you, Senvie!

-Jo Anne S.

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