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Best Hemorrhoid Pills Reviews of 2018: Which Hemorrhoid Pills Really Work?

Posted on 28 March 2018

In this post we discuss some of the most popular hemorrhoid pills and why you should or should not purchase them. We discuss product reviews, customer feedback, overall effectiveness and more.

What are Hemorrhoid Pills?

Hemorrhoid pills can be taken orally to minimize and ease the common symptoms of hemorrhoids

There are many pills available on the market, both as prescription pills that are provided by a hemorrhoid doctor or over the counter medication that can be purchased in drug stores.

Many treatments for hemorrhoids come in the form of creams or gels. 

Some hemorrhoid sufferers tend to avoid these forms because of the mess during application, hence the rising popularity of hemorrhoid pills.

Do Hemorrhoid Pills Work?

For stubborn hemorrhoids that do not seem to go away within a few days, a hemorrhoid pill may a good option for you along with other hemorrhoid treatment methods. 

There are many different choices when it comes to a hemorrhoid pill. 

Oral tablets help reduce inflammation of the veins in the lower rectum, but which brand of pill is the best at achieving relief?

Yes, hemorrhoid pills can work, but it all depends on which pill is the best for your body. 

For starters, it is important to take a look at what fellow consumers say about the popular options.

Should I Buy Hemorrhoid Pills from Amazon or Walmart?

Many times, Amazon will have a wider variety of options than Walmart, as well as a variation of prices due to pills being sold by different sellers. 

You may have better luck with buying hemorrhoid pills on Amazon because of this, but it doesn’t hurt to always check to see if the same pill is priced more cost effectively at Walmart. 

With Amazon, you also get the benefit of a discrete purchase with the delivery right to your own home.

Nikzon Hemorrhoid Pills: Review

Nikzon, as far as its pill form is concerned, does not have enough accumulated responses from consumers. 

It is also difficult to review Nikzon because of the lack of an official website.

Some other reviews out there indicate that the cream version of Nikzon did nothing to produce lasting effects and relief for hemorrhoids. 

Nikzon reportedly only brought temporary relief to users.

Due to the lack of information combined with negative feedback the company received on their hemorrhoid cream, it is not recommended to use Nikzon as a treatment for hemorrhoids.

Hemovir Hemorrhoid Pills: Review

Hemovir received 29 customer reviews on Amazon with an overall rank of about 3.5 starts out of 5.

While this may not seem impressive for a treatment method, Hemovir appears to be a much better product than Nikzon. 

There are glowing reviews that Hemovir did wonders for the user’s hemorrhoids, but there are just as many stating the negatives of using this product. 

However, the side effects of taking Hemovir can be inhibiting for some consumers. 

Reviews posed the question: “does this product make anyone else nauseous?”

Other reviews state that the product did nothing at all.

Hemovir may work for you but is it worth the risk of possible side effects like an upset stomach or nausea? 

There is also something to be said about how expensive the product is, costing about $50 for 45 capsules.

Naticura Hem Control Hemorrhoid Pills: Review 

Thus far, Naticura Hem Control received the most customer feedback on Amazon, ranking a 3.7 overall, the best score yet.  But does the product pan out?

Reviews state that symptoms are relieved after just a day or so after taking the pill. Many consumers indicated that after taking Naticura, they have not experienced any bouts of hemorrhoids or particularly bad flare-ups. 

Naticura is also much cheaper than Hemovir, coming in at $25 for 180 capsules.

As far as the negative reviews are concerned, some users reported no results or relief. 

One review stated that although the pill was not a miracle, it can be very effective with diet and lifestyle change.

Hem B Gone Hemorrhoid Pills: Review

Hem B Gone appears to be the middle of the road product.  While it seems that this product has been available on the market for quite some time, there are no solid reviews to support its claims of promised relief in 1-2 days. 

Hem B Gone is not available on Amazon but instead through its own manufacturing website. 

This is problematic when it comes to honest reviews from users.  However, on consumer review site Consumer Advisors, Hem B Gone scored a 3 out of 5 stars, receiving average feed back on categories such as effectiveness and speed of results.

Overall, there is not enough feedback available to determine the effectiveness of Hem B Gone. 

Much like Nikzon, this products true effectiveness remains a mystery.

Best Over the Counter Hemorrhoid Pill

The best selling over the counter hemorrhoid pill is HemRid.  It is the most reasonably priced, effective, and review supported option when it comes to pills for hemorrhoids. 

When you prefer an alternative treatment option that consists of pills, make sure there is plenty of reported feedback, both pros and cons, available to determine if the medication is safe and effective.

Can Antibiotic Pills Help a Hemorrhoid?

The short answer to this question is: yes. 

Hemorrhoids can be treated with antibiotic medication, but doctors will only use this option as a last resort. 

Hemorrhoids will usually go away in a few days to weeks, but sometimes for persistent or chronic hemorrhoids, there can be a chance for an infection to arise. 

Doctors know that our bodies build up immunity to antibiotics, which is why it is not the outright treatment method for hemorrhoids. 

Only for serious cases would this be appropriate.

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