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Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids - Discover What Is The Best Home Remedy For Internal, External and Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

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Looking for the Best Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are a common problem that face many people.

In some cases, hemorrhoids can become extremely uncomfortable and irritating.

Although medical treatment is often the best option for hemorrhoids, there are many home remedies that can provide relief from the worst symptoms of hemorrhoids

Quick Remedy for Hemorrhoids

One of the quickest remedies for hemorrhoids involves cleaning the area thoroughly and applying an ice pack.

Once you have determined that it is a hemorrhoid that you are suffering from, your main goal will probably be to alleviate the symptoms that come with this uncomfortable condition.

Although it may be painful to wipe the anal area with external hemorrhoids, keeping the area as clean as possible is one of the most important ways to heal your hemorrhoids. 

Use a soft washcloth with warm water and mild soap to gently wash the anal area. Rinse well and pat dry to avoid additional irritation. Moist towelettes may also be helpful.

If you are looking for a great home remedy for hemorrhoids that is inexpensive, try our hemorrhoid supplement called HemRid.

HemRid is made in the USA and provides fast and long term hemorrhoid relief or your money back.

hemrid home remedy

An external hemorrhoid is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid when it clots up into a hard ball. This condition of hemorrhoids can be extremely painful.

Applying an ice pack can help reduce inflammation that causes further discomfort. In addition to keeping the area clean and reducing inflammation, topical treatments such as aloe vera and vinegar can help to relieve the swelling that causes the discomfort from hemorrhoid symptoms.

Stay hydrated and eat fiber-rich foods to help your body pass stool more easily and reduce the risk of irritating your hemorrhoids.

What Home Remedy Can You Use for Hemorrhoids?

There are many home remedies you can use for hemorrhoids. Sitting in a sitz bath or a few inches of warm water can be helpful for reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Using witch hazel for hemorrhoids can help reduce the symptoms of hemorrhoid itching and burning.

This is an awesome guide that shows how to stop hemorrhoid itching and burning. The natural anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. Witch hazel is available in anti-itch hemorrhoid wipes and soaps. It can be applied directly to the hemorrhoids. For the best hemorrhoid wipes reviews check out this post.

Aloe vera gel works the same way. In pure form, aloe vera can also reduce swelling.

It’s important to check for an allergic reaction before use. Over-the-counter ointments and hemorrhoid creams can be very helpful with reducing swelling and helping speed up the healing process.

Cold compresses are one of the quickest ways to reduce swelling. They are particularly effective in treating large and painful hemorrhoids. Stool softeners help with painless bowel movements and reduce the occurrence of constipation which is one of the leading causes of hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies for External Hemorrhoids

The most effective home remedies for external hemorrhoids work to alleviate the symptoms that cause pain and discomfort.

Witch hazel to reduce inflammation and ease itching has been proven to be effective.

Because external hemorrhoids can be felt, applying a cold compress directly to the hemorrhoid can help to reduce the swelling and alleviate pain.

Wearing loose, cotton clothing helps keep the anus clean and dry. Proper hygiene is one of the most important preventative measures and treatment options to heal hemorrhoids.

Home Remedies for Internal Hemorrhoids

Most internal hemorrhoids do not have symptoms. One way to tell if you have internal hemorrhoids is the presence of blood during or after a bowel movement.

hemorrhoid bowel movement

To care for internal hemorrhoids at home, start by improving your diet. When you increase your fiber intake and your fluid consumption, you reduce the risk of constipation that often leads to hemorrhoids.

Eating plenty of high-fiber foods, or taking a fiber supplement, can help keep the stool soft and reduce the effects of difficult bowel movements.

Water intake is important because this helps the fiber move through the bowels. For temporary relief, stool softeners may be used.

Internal hemorrhoids are not associated with pain because they are in an area that doesn’t have the nerve-endings that allow us to feel pain.

Because they do not have the symptoms of discomfort and pain, like external hemorrhoids, the best treatment is prevention and reducing the effects of bowel movements on the rectum. 

Homes Remedies for Hemorrhoid Relief

Hemorrhoids can be extremely uncomfortable and bothersome. There are many home remedies that provide relief from the symptoms of itching, burning, bleeding, and pain.

Proper hygiene can help reduce irritation and heal hemorrhoids faster. A warm sitz bath three times a day will help reduce swelling of hemorrhoids.

There are many over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams, like Preparation H Maximum Strength Cream, that can temporarily treat the symptoms of pain, itching, and burning. 

Products like witch hazel for can reduce itch and provide anti-inflammatory treatment to reduce swelling.

witch hazel

Cold compresses help alleviate the pain and swelling for fast hemorrhoid relief. Over-the-counter pain medications can also help control pain and reduce swelling.

Best Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

The best home remedy for hemorrhoids is treating the symptoms of discomfort and pain. The best home remedies for hemorrhoids are over-the-counter hemorrhoid wipes or creams or cold compresses.

These will temporarily relief the symptoms that cause discomfort. They also aid in healing by reducing swelling and irritation.

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Can Hemorrhoids Be Cured?

Once you develop hemorrhoids, they don’t generally go away completely. Your symptoms should clear up after a couple of days, but hemorrhoids can easily re-appear.

Many people believe the only way to cure hemorrhoids is to undergo a hemorrhoidectomy or laser hemorrhoid surgery. Surgical procedures are just one way to help resolve hemorrhoids. 

If you take a look at what causes hemorrhoids, you can then understand why you are getting them and what you can to get rid of them for good. We have two guides on getting rid of hemorrhoids, one for internal and one for external. 

Check out one of the links below to learn more.

How To Get Rid Of Internal Hemorrhoids

How To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids

How to Cure Hemorrhoids

There are several ways to help cure hemorrhoids. For temporary relief, at-home treatments are available. They work to reduce the symptoms that cause pain and swelling. Practice proper hygiene and keep the anal area clean.

To avoid irritation, wash the anus after bowel movements when possible. Wear loose fitting, cotton clothes to help keep your anal area clean and dry. Over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams and wipes are available as well.

HemRid Hemorrhoid Wipe

Try using behavioral modifications to help your hemorrhoids. This can include standing up every few minutes to decrease prolonged sitting.

For a permanent cure, there are surgical procedures that can help cure hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoidectomy is a medical procedure that places a small incision to drain the hemorrhoid.

While you will experience some pain after the procedure, it should resolve in 24-48 hours and your hemorrhoids will be gone.

However, on occasion your hemorrhoids come back. We have heard many reports of people opting for hemorrhoid surgery only to have the hemorrhoids come back at a later date. This is very disheartening. 

If you are dealing with hemorrhoids after pregnancy, then be sure to check out our hemorrhoids pregnancy guide.

Natural Cure for Hemorrhoids

As mentioned earlier, once you have hemorrhoids, they may not go away completely unless treated with a surgical procedure, or if you address the root causes. There are natural ways that you can get rid of hemorrhoids.

Once your hemorrhoid has healed, lifestyle changes can help ensure that they don’t come back.

Warm baths, ice compresses, witch hazel, aloe vera, and coconut oil have all been effective in curing hemorrhoids.

Once your hemorrhoid has healed, lifestyle changes such as a shift in your diet, better hygiene, and exercise can help to ensure they will not come back.

Fastest Cure for Hemorrhoids

The fastest cure for hemorrhoids is likely medical treatment. There are several different medical treatment options available. A rubber band ligation works by cutting off the blood supply to your hemorrhoid, so it falls off.

Sclerotherapy is when a doctor injects a chemical into the swollen hemorrhoid. Infrared Coagulation uses infrared heat to shrink hemorrhoids. For more serious cases, surgery may be required.  

Laser hemorrhoid surgery has performed better in clinical trials than your typical hemorrhoidectomy

Cure for Internal Hemorrhoids

There are home remedies, medications, and surgical procedures available to cure internal hemorrhoids. For natural treatment, avoid anything that may cause your hemorrhoids to become worse. Diarrhea can cause hemorrhoids to become worse.

diarrhea hemorrhoids

Do not strain during bowel movements. Use a stool softener if necessary. Increase your intake of fiber and water. Over-the-counter suppositories, like Preparation H, are available.

If an internal hemorrhoid becomes prolapsed, surgical treatment is generally required.

External Hemorrhoid Cure

An external hemorrhoid cure involves treatment and follow-up to avoid recurrence. There are many at-home remedies, including warm baths, cold compresses, and natural hemorrhoid supplements and herbs.

Over-the-counter creams, wipes, ointments, and suppositories are available to treat external hemorrhoids.

If these treatments do not work, a medical procedure, such as a rubber band ligation or sclerotherapy may be necessary. For more serious cases, surgery may be performed.

Once external hemorrhoids have been healed, it is important to follow-up with lifestyle changes. This includes increasing fiber and water intake.

You can also take extra methods to avoid sitting for a long period of time. Proper hygiene after bowel movements, and avoiding straining during bowel movements will also help.

What is the Fastest Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids? 

Hemorrhoids have been an antagonistic anorectal condition for as long as humans have existed, but home remedies have been passed down to offer fast relief for the most annoying of symptoms. 

A sitz bath is considered to be a fast, quick, and easy solution to hemorrhoids with an interchangeable recipe attuned to personal preference.  Add salts, essential oils, or just enjoy the warm water.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoid Cure

While many prolapsed hemorrhoids reduce on their own or through self-care, non-invasive medical treatments are generally necessary.

Rubber band ligation is the most common procedure and is a very effective way to heal prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Depending on the severity of your situation, there are different surgical options available if non-invasive treatments do not work.

If you are looking for an alternative home remedy for hemorrhoids, then take a look at our very own hemorrhoid supplement called HemRid. 

This supplement can get you the pain relief from hemorrhoids you so desperately need. It is made in the USA and is guaranteed to work or your money back.

It contains natural ingredients that have been shown to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Try HemRid today and see what all the buzz is about. You'll be glad you did!

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