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Tucks Medicated Pads Reviews - Is This Product Good for Hemorrhoids or Is It Bad?

Posted on 17 November 2017 by

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In this post we will give you the most complete review of Tucks ever!!! If you have hemorrhoids, then you know how painful they can be.

The hemorrhoid itching, burning and irritation can be devastating. I have had hemorrhoids before, and I remember being in so much pain that I could hardly even lay down on my side without being in pain.

At the height of my hemorrhoids, I was in so much hemorrhoid pain I couldn’t even move.

What Types of Treatments for Hemorrhoids Are There?

There are many different treatments or options you can take when battling hemorrhoids.

From my experience, creams, wipes, pads, donuts, and supplements can all make a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE when you have hemorrhoids. No treatment or remedy is better than the other.

I recommend using all of them or as many as you can. If you’re hemorrhoids are bad, and I’m sure yours are if your looking up information on Tucks Medicated Pads, then do everything you can to get relief.

Tucks Medicated Pads, The Low-Down on These Hemorrhoid Busters

Tucks Medicated Pads are an excellent product for hemorrhoid pain. Like many of the hemorrhoid products out there, Tucks main ingredient is witch hazel.

Witch hazel is an EPIC INGREDIENT FOR HEMORRHOIDS. It has properties in it that cause hemorrhoids to shrink and also alleviate pain.

I’ve noticed when using Tucks that sometimes it will sting when I apply them. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t freak out about it.

While it absolutely sucks to feel the stinging when you apply them, the Witch Hazel found in the pad is going to reduce inflammation and swelling over time.

This will help eliminate the agony you are experiencing. So, you are essentially getting some instant pain but will be relieving some future pain.

How To Use Tucks Medicated Pads

There are actually a couple different ways you can use Tucks. Many pregnant women use Tucks after having a baby.

The excess pressure having a baby puts on the anal region frequently causes hemorrhoids. If you are pregnant or just had your baby and have hemorrhoids this is par for the course.

But, you do not need to suffer.

Remove the Tucks Medicated pad from the container. Put it in your underwear on the affected area.

You can leave it there to provide relief and affect the area. Many people leave these in between their underwear and hemorrhoid.

If you have already left one of the Tucks Medicated pads “tucked in” for a few days and you are experiencing more pain then you were before, you will want to try a different hemorrhoid wipe or cream.

If you tucked one in your underwear for a few days and the hemorrhoid has not gotten worse, try adding a cream or ointment with vasoconstrictor properties, like Preparation H.

Just make sure you check with your doctor that the creams/ointments are right for you to use.

You can also use Tucks Medicated Pads to wipe when you use the bathroom. Either way, you should experience relief from your hemorrhoids.

Is Tucks Medicated Pads Safe?

Tucks Medicated Pads are considered safe to use. Still, whenever you are using a new product it is a good idea to contact a doctor to make sure you can use it safely.

Tucks main active ingredient is Witch Hazel, which is commonly found in many household OTC hemorrhoid products. This gives us confidence that Tucks is safe to use for your hemorrhoids.

Also, Tucks is a worldwide brand that has helped thousands of women and men suffering from hemorrhoids.

A very, very few amount of people may develop a skin rash or irritation when using Tucks. This is very rare but still a possibility.

Here is the Tucks full list of ingredients:

water, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium citrate, citric acid, diazolidinyl, methylparaben, propylparaben

Tucks in not a paraben free product. However, methylparaben and propylparaben are commonly found in hemorrhoidal products, especially OTC ones.

Where Can I Buy Tucks Medicated Pads?

One super cool thing about Tucks is that you can buy it virtually anywhere. Tucks is available at Amazon, Walgreens, Target, CVS, Rite-Aid, and many other stores.

Tucks Medicated Pads currently cost about $7.50 per box. Each box contains 100 pads for you to use. This is a very good value and price, as it comes out to about $.08 per pad.

Tucks Medicated Pads Benefits and Features

  • Gets rid of hemorrhoid pain
  • Has Witch Hazel (Astringent)
  • Has Glycerin (Protectant)
  • Is 100% Dye Free
  • Is Bio Degradable
  • Flushable Safe

Tucks Medicated Pads Youtube Video Review

Tucks Medicated Pads Reviews

Tucks has a very good online reputation for helping people suffering from hemorrhoids. We are going to take a look at Amazon, Jet, Walmart, and Target for customer reviews and feedback. - On Amazon, the product currently has an average rating of 4.6 stars on 422 total customer reviews. It also costs $14.54 for 2 boxes of 100 pads each. - On Target, the product has much poorer reviews, and people are complaining that a new and thinner pad is not working as well. The average rating is 2 stars on 13 total customer reviews. - On Walmart, Tucks has a much better average rating of 4.8 stars on 49 reviews. The product costs $7.68 per box of 100. - On Jet, Tucks only has 1 product review of 5 stars. The price to buy Tucks on Jet is $6.74 per box of 100.

Overall, it seems as though the vast majority of Tucks customers are happy. We do see that Tucks has a very bad rating on Target, due to a newer pad that came out that is thinner.

You will want to double check to make sure that whichever Tucks you buy is the original formula.

Despite this, we would recommend Tucks as a good choice for hemorrhoids.

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