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Red Marks On Buttocks During Pregnancy? BIG TROUBLE!

Posted on 09 November 2017 by

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Red Marks On Buttocks During Pregnancy? BIG TROUBLE! Have you noticed red marks on your buttocks during pregnancy?

Red marks on buttocks during pregnancy may very well be stretch marks. So, what do stretch marks look like when they first appear? Usually they are red and in streaks. Keep in mind that stretch marks often appear on buttocks during pregnancy because as you gain weight, things get larger, including your butt.

What are the most common places to get stretch marks during pregnancy? And Why are they RED?

Pregnancy stretch marks often appear on the stomach, breasts, butt and thighs. As you can imagine, the stomach, which experiences the greatest amount of change during pregnancy, especially if you are growing more than one baby, is the most common site on your body to develop stretch marks. Other than your stomach, it is completely normal to develop stretch marks on your butt. In fact, you will first notice red marks which over time usually get longer and change color.

Why do the stretch marks look like red marks at first and not like stretch marks as we commonly recognize them?

To answer this question you first need to understand what a stretch mark is. A stretch mark occurs when the middle layer of the skin is stretched to the pint where the force pulling on the skin causes that central layer to rip or tear.

So why do stretch marks start as red marks?

Because the tear or rip of the middle layer of the skin is still a fresh injury to your skin. The red mark is the actual distressed or injured portion of your skin. You usually don't see this, because the stretch mark is only red for a short period of time.

Over time the red marks on your butt will heal with scar tissue and will appear whiter and look similar to stretch marks as we are used to seeing them. So when someone asks you what do stretch marks look like when they first appear, you can tell them with confidence, red.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks Prevention - HELP!

Pregnancy stretch mark prevention is the key to avoiding the development of stretch marks during your pregnancy.  The best way to do that is to keep your tummy, bum and breasts well moisturized. While any lotion will do, using a cream designed for stretch marks is your best bet. There are many pregnancy stretch marks that will do the trick like Amazon’s top seller, Senvie stretch mark creamCLICK HERE.

Red Marks On Butt

You should start moisturizing as soon as you realize you are pregnant. The earlier the you start moisturizing the better your chances are. Keep in mind that if you are having twins or triplets or even more, your chances of preventing stretch marks entirely are very slim due to the drastic increase in weight gain you are likely to experience. Your age and how long your pregnancy lasts are an important part of the stretch mark equation.  Younger women are much less likely to develop stretch marks. In addition, the shorter term your pregnancy is, the less likely it will be that you experience those dreaded stretch marks.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks When Do They Appear? When Do You Start Getting Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

So, when do you start getting stretch marks during pregnancy? Usually, you start getting stretch marks during the second trimester of your pregnancy and most commonly in the third trimester. These are the two trimesters in your pregnancy that you will experience the greatest amount of weight gain. The amount of your weight gain positively correlates with the development of stretch marks during pregnancy. Whether your pregnant or not, rapid weight gain can result in stretch marks. Just like bodybuilders and athletes that too quickly gain muscle, when your body rapidly changes and weight is quickly added during pregnancy, your skin is at great risk of developing unsightly stretch marks.

So What's the Good News About Stretch Marks and Our Skin?

The good news is that our skin is stretchy like a balloon. But like a balloon if it is stretched too extremely too fast, it will rip or tear. If you want a balloon to  handle a large amount of air, the best thing we can do is slowly expose it to greater and greater amounts of pressure or force. Similarly, if your weight gain is slow and your skin has time to stretch, it is much less likely to rip or tear and become injured. However, if you gain weight rapidly, as amazing as our skin is, it will rip and tear and produce a stretch mark. This is especially the case if your skin does not stay appropriately hydrated.

So, do your belly and bum a favor and start hydrating your skin with a potent stretch mark cream as soon as possible. To purchase our top pick for pregnancy stretch marks and prevention CLICK HERE.

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