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Tea Tree Oil For Hemorrhoids Reviews - Does Tea Tree Oil Really Work For Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 25 November 2017

This is the one Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoids guide you need to hear! Recently, Tea Tree Oil has become a popular ingredient for many different types of products. Fortunately, it seems we as a society are trending more towards natural therapies for hemorrhoids and ailments in general. There are so many different natural treatments for hemorrhoids popping up. And while many of these other “natural” treatments for hemorrhoids offer something to think about, in my opinion Tea Tree Oil is definitely one of the best essential oils for hemorrhoids.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerhouse ingredient that has been used in Australia for hundreds of years for it’s therapeutic properties. It has has been documented to work as an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory ingredient. Many people have reported getting relief using Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoids.

If you have heard about Coconut Oil for hemorrhoids, Tea Tree Oil is likely the better option but don’t rule out coconut oil just yet.

What Causes Hemorrhoids? 

causes of hemorrhoidsThere are many different causes of hemorrhoids. Some causes of hemorrhoids, like pregnancy, are completely natural and can be hard to avoid. Other causes of hemorrhoids, like medications, are not natural and may be preventable by talking with a trusted healthcare professional. 

  • Pregnancy
  • Weight Gain
  • Genetics
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Straining on the toilet
  • Sitting on the toilet (for too long)
  • Not drinking sufficient amounts of water
  • Liver issues
  • Medication issues

We have a whole post that discusses the causes of hemorrhoids and how to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently. So, if you want to learn more about that be sure to check it out!

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids

  • Natural, essential oil
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-septic (kills bacteria)
  • Anti-fungal (kills fungus)
  • Anti-viral (kills viruses)
  • Analgesic (soothes and numbs pain)
  • Shrinks hemorrhoids
  • Works for external hemorrhoids

Why Use Tea Tree Oil For Hemorrhoids? Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids Reviews

Since Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil, it’s natural and safe to use for hemorrhoids. Compare that to many popular treatments for hemorrhoids like Preparation H or Tucks Medicated Pads, and you will see that those products contain ingredients like propylparaben and methylparaben. Tea Tree Oil is awesome because it is a completely natural essential oil you can use for hemorrhoids. Still, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should talk to your doctor about taking Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoids before you start using it.

Tea Tree Oil Hemorrhoid ReviewsTucks Pads and Preparation H Wipes are very popular and widely used treatments for hemorrhoids. But, if you want avoid OTC treatments with parabens in them, you can opt to use Tea Tree Oil instead.

Tea Tree Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that make it great for hemorrhoids.

Many reviews of Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoids claim that is works fast and safely. Since it has all these awesome properties (anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-septic) and is all natural, we are not surprised to see such glowing Tea Tree Oil Reviews for hemorrhoids.

Many Products Are Using Tea Tree Oil Because of It’s Benefits! 

Since Tea Tree Oil is such a powerful natural ingredient, it is used in many different products worldwide. It has recently been put into many skincare and cosmetic formulas. Some of the most popular anti-wrinkle and anti-aging creams are using Tea Tree Oil. In addition, some of the best creams for rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis are using Tea Tree Oil in their formulations. You will also find Tea Tree Oil being used to treat skin tags and genital warts.

Many people are using using Tea Tree Oil in household products like cleaners and laundry detergents. It has a very strong smell though so you will want to diffuse it in other essential oils before using.

Many face washes and shampoos are using Tea Tree Oil as well. If you have psoriasis or itching of the scalp, using a little Tea Tree Oil may help reduce the inflammation and reduce flare-ups.

tea tree oil for hemorrhoids

How To Use Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids

If you are going to use Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoids, there are a few different ways you might use it.

A Tea Tree Oil Compress for Hemorrhoids

When using a compress, you will want to make sure you soak a clean cloth or panty-liner in luke warm water with a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. You should be able to easily smell the Tea Tree Oil but it should not be so overpowering that you get dizzy. Then, simply take the compress and apply to the affected hemorrhoid area for about 15 to 30 minutes. See how your hemorrhoid feels and if the pain and swelling has gone away at all. One tip for this is to make sure you use clean water and a clean cloth or towel.

Use a Dropper To Apply Tea Tree Oil Directly to Hemorrhoids

You can also apply Tea Tree Oil directly to damaged skin. We recommend you use a Tea Tree Oil that comes with a dropper for convenience. You can apply 2-3 drops at a time, just make sure it is enough to cover the hemorrhoid. Always apply a little at first so that you don’t over do it. 

Use Your Finger or a Cotton Ball to Apply Tea Tree Oil

You can also use a cotton ball or your finger to apply the Tea Tree Oil to your hemorrhoids. Once again, just make sure you finger and the cotton ball are clean when you apply the oil. Rub enough onto the hemorrhoid to make sure you are using enough. If you have a bad reaction stop using. Some people have reported feeling a difference in as little as 24 hours. That will be a good amount of time to gauge if it is working for you.

A Sitz Bath With Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids is a Great Idea!

Tea tree Oil Sitz bathThere are tons of known benefits of sits baths for hemorrhoids. When you add natural ingredients to the sitz bath, it can make it even more powerful and relieving. I remember one time I had hemorrhoids so badly that the only thing that provided relief after using hemorrhoid cream and hemorrhoid wipes was a lukewarm sitz bath.

The Better Body Better Bath Hemorrhoid Soak Bath Salt is an excellent option to use when you have hemorrhoids.

With Tea Tree Oil, you will want to add 10-20 drops to a lukewarm bath. This will depend on the strength of your Tea Tree Oil formula. Like I mentioned previously, start with the smaller amount of 10 drops first and then work your way up if you don’t feel like its strong enough. You will want to sit in the bath for at least 20-25 minutes.

Do not take Tea tree Oil orally as it can be poisonous!!! Apply it topically and the results should be great. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tea Tree Oil and Hemorrhoids

Should I Use Tea Tree Oil for Internal Hemorrhoids? 

Tea Tree Oil when taken orally is a poison to the body. We absolutely recommend you discuss with a doctor prior to using Tea Tree Oil on an internal hemorrhoid.

How Long Does it Take to Heal Hemorrhoids with Tea Tree Oil?

After reading many different Tea Tree Oil hemorrhoid reviews, it really depends on the person and how bad their hemorrhoids are. For minor cases of hemorrhoids, Tea Tree Oil may be able to get rid of them fast, naturally, and safe in as little as 24-48 hours. More stubborn cases of severe hemorrhoids can take longer than that.

Does Tea Tree Oil Shrink Hemorrhoids?

Yes, Tea Tree Oil can shrink hemorrhoids. The reason why is because it’s anti-inflammatory compounds reduce the swelling and inflammation of many skin conditions, including hemorrhoids. Tea Trea Oil is used to shrink hemorrhoids, acne, psoriasis, eczema, chicken pox, cold sores, warts, skin tags, and more!

 Should I Put the Tea Tree Oil Directly on Hemorrhoid?

Yes, you can apply Tea Tree Oil directly to the hemorrhoid. You can use a q-tip, cotton swab, or use your finger. Just make sure all three of them are clean before using. If you do use your finger, make sure you clean your hands afterwards. Applying directly to the hemorrhoid is the best way to use Tea Tree Oil for your hemorrhoids.

Can I Use Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoid Skin Tags?

Yes, we absolutely recommend you use Tea Tree Oil for hemorrhoid skin tags. Tea Tree Oil has been used quite a bit for skin tags, warts, genital warts and cold sores. You can use it for thrombosed external hemorrhoids or prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. 

Should I Use Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids?

You can add Olive Oil to Trea Tree Oil if you would like. Olive can help act as a protectant sealing in the Tea Tree Oil for maximum effect. However, you do not need to use Olive Oil as the Tea Tree Oil on its own will be enough for hemorrhoids. 

Can I Use Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very important time in any woman’s life. Before using Tea Tree Oil during pregnancy we suggest you discuss with a doctor to ensure you are doing the right thing for you and your future baby. 

Should I Use a DIY Hemorrhoid Cream with Tea Tree Oil?

There are a few different formulations out there that suggest doing your own DIY hemorrhoid cream and adding Tea Tree Oil. Honestly, if you have done something like this before then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it. With that being said, it is probably better to just buy pure Tea Tree Oil or choose on of the best hemorrhoid products of 2017-2018.

Making a cream isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and it will probably be much more expensive than just buying the pure oil and using that. Plus, if something gets contaminated when you make the formula you could make your hemorrhoids much worse.

Let Us Know What You Think About Tea Tree Oil for Hemorrhoids! 

Have you used Tea tree oil for your hemorrhoids? If you have, please contact our team at support @ senvie . com and let us know how Tea Tree Oil worked for your hemorrhoids. Did you get hemorrhoid relief? Did your hemorrhoids go away? Did Tea Tree Oil cure your hemorrhoids? Take a few minutes and let us know about your experience! 

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