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Kieba Cushion For Hemorrhoids, Pregnancy and Tailbone Injury Review: Warning! Read Review Before Buying Kieba!

Posted on 15 November 2017 by

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Kieba Hemorrhoid Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion Review

Hemorrhoids can be absolutely awful to deal with. They bleed, itch, burn and can be extremely painful. Hemorrhoids are veins in the anus which when irritated or inflamed become a problem Fortunately, there are treatment options, like the Kieba cushion to help.

What Do Hemorrhoid Cushions Do?

Hemorrhoid Cushions, like the Kieba donut cushion, improve or alleviate symptoms while improving your hemorrhoids. They are also used for pelvic pain during pregnancy, low back pain and for broken tailbones. They are meant to make sitting bearable.

How Do Hemorrhoid Cushions Work?

They are usually in a donut shape so that when a person sits on them, they are not sitting on or putting any pressure on the anus or their hemorrhoids. With less pressure and contact on your hemorrhoids, your hemorrhoids are less likely to become irritated and inflamed and have better chance of getting better.

How Are Hemorrhoid Cushions Used?

You sit on a hemorrhoid cushion. They can be used just about anywhere. Kieba’s seat cushion can be used in the car, at work or at home.

What Is The Kieba Donut Cushion Designed To Do?

Kieba hemorrhoid treatment donut tailbone cushion is designed to deliver relief to those that have pain from hemorrhoids. It has a seven and a half inch opening in the center. This state of the art patented pillow design aims to have you sitting comfortably. The Kieba seat cushion is one of the top selling pillows for hemorrhoids and you are about to learn why.

Keiba Cushion Reviews: Good or Bad?

Kieba’s hemorrhoid cushion is one of the highest rated hemorrhoid treatments on Amazon. With 693 customer reviews and 4.3 star rating out of 5, more than 9 out of 10 customers give it a 5 out of 5 rating. That is a pretty impressive customer satisfaction rate and one of the reasons it made our list of the Best Hemorrhoid Pillows of 2018. 

Kieba Video Reviews

So what makes Kieba Hemorrhoid Pillow An Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Keiba’s state of the art patented pillow reduces pressure on the pelvic, coccyx, lower back and most importantly the anal region. In addition to relieving pain from hemorrhoids, it can also relieve pain from pregnancy, child birth and low back pain.

What Is Keiba Hemorrhoid Cushion Made Of?

It is made of dense premium memory foam, which will not loose shape over time. It is not chemically treated and does not come smelling like chemicals or gases. The Kieba pillow is not inflatable so you do not have to worry about it losing air overtime as most inflatables do. The exterior cover is a super soft and plush velour, so soft you will want to use it as a head pillow.

Is Kieba Hemorrhoid Cushion Ergonomic?

Yes. The cushion is ergonomic and can also help with low back pain. The Kieba cushion is fantastic for pregnant women that have pelvic pressure and low back pain. It is a perfect pregnancy donut. It promotes good posture and provides for a healthy weight distribution, so that no single area, pelvic, anal region or low back are overstressed and injured. Plus, the cushion is not heavy or difficult to move around.

Is Keiba The Best Hemorrhoid Cushion For The Car?

It is. It is one of the few hemorrhoid cushions that has a non-slip finish on the bottom of the cushion to prevent it from sliding out from under neath you as you are making a turn in your vehicle. Also, the non-slip finish is a priceless safety feature offered by the Kieba pillow, allowing you to use it on slick surfaces, like a plastic chair or hardwood or tile floor.

Can I Clean The Kieba Pillow?

You most certainly can. In fact, the plush velvet cover is removable and washable. It’s so easy; the velvet cover can be unzipped and removed in less than 10 seconds. Then simply wash and put it back on. The high quality velvet is strong enough to be washed over and over again.

What Do Actual Customers Have To Say About The Kieba Donut Cushion?

Top Reviews From Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars

The product really takes pressure off your anal area and helps hemorrhoids and fissure heal fast. I do have back problems in general, and this product made that a bit worse. But the relief I got from the fissure was worth it!”

4.0 out of 5 stars

It's an absolutely great product. When I first bought this for my brother, he thought it couldn't help him ease the pain from hemorrhoids. But then after a few day, he completely agrees with me that it's help him a lot. Thanks a lot for an amazing product!”


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    Kieba is a great donut for hemorrhoids!!!!

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