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How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Permanently - 7 Quick and Easy Steps

Posted on 18 November 2017 by

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Bam! You have hemorrhoids and the pain is UNBEARABLE! Don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes and am here to help. We are going to take you through the quick 7-step plan to get rid of those hemorrhoids permanently. We are not talking about relief for a few days. We are talking about long term relief baby! So, let’s dive right in and get you some much needed help.

Step 1: Attack Your Hemorrhoids With Everything You Can!

There are a bunch of AWESOME  products on the market for hemorrhoids. What does that mean? That means that there are several things you can do to get immediate relief and get rid of those hemorrhoids fast. You will want to purchase the following:

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All told, this will run you about $50 to $60. If you do not have that much money to spend on helping your hemorrhoid situation….get a job! Jokes aside, do the best you can to get those products. Why? Because they will give you immediate relief and can also help you shrink and get rid of your hemorrhoids. If you have any questions about any of the above products, please email me at support @

Step 2: Identify The Cause of Your Hemorrhoids.

Many people get hemorrhoids for different reasons. By identifying the cause of your hemorrhoids, you will be able to understand why you have them and what you can do to get rid of them. After every cause, we list the steps you can take to get rid of your hemorrhoids permanently.

Most Common Causes of Hemorrhoids

  1. Pregnancy
  2. Constipation
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Pushing/Squeezing Excessively When Pooping
  5. Obesity
  6. Anal Intercourse
  7. Bad Diet
  8. Not Drinking Enough Water
  9. Prolonged Sitting On Toilet
  10. Drinking too much alcohol

Go through this list and decide what is the cause of your hemorrhoids. Once you have it figured out, move on to step #3 where we talk about what you can do to get rid of your hemorrhoids and prevent them from coming back.

Step 3: Address and Fix The Cause of Your Hemorrhoids

How to Stop Hemorrhoids In their Tracks

There are several things you can do to get fight back against your hemorrhoids.

  1. Do not sit or stand for too long - When you are at home, instead of sitting you can lay down on your side. Many jobs also require prolonged standing or sitting. Every 20 minutes or so, get up and walk around or sit down and relax if you can. This will get your blood flow going and prevent blood from pooling in your anus.
  2. Go to the bathroom when you’re ready - Waiting to use the bathroom can be a bad idea. Conversely, trying to go when you are not ready is a bad idea too. Do your best to go to the bathroom when you are ready to. This will prevent excess straining or sitting on the toilet, which is a big hemorrhoid contributor. In addition, make sure you cleanse yourself properly! Leaving excess stool in your anus area can make things worse, so be sure to clean yourself well, and use hemorrhoid wipes or wet wipes when wiping!
  3. Avoid constipation or diarrhea - The best way to avoid constipation is to make sure you are eating healthy and drinking 6-8 full glasses of water daily. This will prevent constipation and diarrhea. If you have chronic constipation or diarrhea, you will want to see a doctor. If your diarrhea or constipation is a result of a medication you are taking then get in and see your doctor!
  4. Try to lose weight - If you are obese, losing weight will assist you in getting rid of hemorrhoids. Talk to a doctor or nutritionist to find a healthy way to lose your weight.
  5. Not drinking enough water - This is very simple. If your hemorrhoids are caused by constipation or irregularity, start drinking more water on a daily basis. Many doctors and medical professionals recommend 6-8 glasses daily.
  6. Anal intercourse - Do your best to get a rest when your anus is inflamed. This will help you get rid of hemorrhoids.
  7. Bad diet - What diet is great for hemorrhoids? A diet rich in high-fiber foods, like fruits and veggies can help with hemorrhoids. Try avoiding processed foods. This does not work for everyone, but switching your diet can help you with hemorrhoids. Also, eat fermented foods like yogurt or kefir, these foods can help provide you with probiotics that will make your stomach and bowel movements better.
  8. Sitting on the toilet for too long - Yes, we all know that men like to get away by sitting on the toilet for long periods of time. Do not do this! This is one of the worst things you can do and will result in increased pressure in the anal region and can cause hemorrhoids. if you want to get rid of your hemorrhoids stop sitting on the toilet for so long!
  9. Pregnancy - When you are pregnant there are several things you will want to do to prevent hemorrhoids. They include virtually everything from #1-#8, except for losing weight of course (unless your doctor thinks its right for you). Read #1-#8 and do your best to follow the steps and you should get rid of your hemorrhoids.
  10. Drinking alcohol - If this is causing your hemorrhoids that is awesome! Why? Because it is easy to fix. Just ease up on the alcohol and start drinking more water. You will feel better and get rid of your pesky hemorrhoids!

Quick Recap:

First, you went out and got EVERYTHING you could to help defeat those agonizing hemorrhoids. Second, you identified the causes of hemorrhoids. Third, we took a look at what we can do to prevent what is causing our hemorrhoids. Now, let’s move on to step 4!

get rid of hemorrhoids 

Step 4: Shrink Your Hemorrhoids With the Right Ingredients

Do you want to get rid of your hemorrhoids permanently? Find a product that has the right ingredients and you can do just that. That way, when you feel like a hemorrhoid might be coming you can apply a little and it should do the trick. Here are our top ingredients for shrinking hemorrhoids.

Vasoconstrictor for Hemorrhoids

A vasoconsrictor will basically reduce the swelling of blood vessels. What this does is reduce the size and inflammation of your hemorrhoid. One great vasoconstrictor is Phenylephrine HCL. This is found in many OTC hemorrhoid creams.

Astringent for Hemorrhoids

An astringent is a compound or substance that will cause the skin to contract and shrink. Astringents are commonly used to lessen bleeding and protect skin. One great astringent is Witch Hazel. This ingredient is found in many OTC creams, ointments, and wipes. It is also found in many hemorrhoid supplements.

Using both a vasoconstrictor and an astringent for hemorrhoids can be a huge step in eliminating hemorrhoids for good.

Step 5: Use a Skin Protectant for Hemorrhoids 

Protectant for Hemorrhoids

A protectant can serve multiple purposes when it comes to hemorrhoids. First, it provides a barrier that helps prevent further damage to the skin. Second, it helps keep the active ingredients like Vasoconstrictors and Astringents on the skin. Use Coconut Oil for hemorrhoids or Glycerin for hemorrhoids when you are choosing your skin protectant.

Step 6: Use a Pain Reliever for Hemorrhoids

Pain Relief for Hemorrhoids

There are a few good topical pain relievers for hemorrhoids. Two of the most common topical pain relievers are Pramoxine HCL and Lidocaine. Both work topically to provide numbing and instant relief from hemorrhoid symptoms. These are excellent pain relievers that should be considered. You can find both in many common OTC creams, including Preparation H and Nikzon. Here is our full Preparation H Review.

Also, in addition to topical pain relievers you can also use oral pain relievers. This would include tylenol or ibuprofen. Talk with your doctor to see if either are a good option for your hemorrhoids.

Tips from the Rachel Ray Show

Step 7: Take Action Now! 

The sooner you start taking action the better! Your hemorrhoids are not going to go away on their own.If you really want to get rid of your hemorrhoids permanently then you will want to do everything you can make that happen. 

Here’s a recap of the 7 steps to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.

Step 1: Attack Your Hemorrhoids With Everything You Can!

Step 2: Identify The Cause of Your Hemorrhoids.

Step 3: Address and Fix The Cause of Your Hemorrhoids

Step 4: Shrink Your Hemorrhoids With the Right Ingredients

Step 5: Use a Skin Protectant for Hemorrhoids

Step 6: Use a Pain Reliever for Hemorrhoids

Step 7: Take Action Now!

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