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Hemorrhoid Wipes Reviews - Which One Should I Use?

Posted on 10 November 2017 by

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Are you going to buy hemorrhoid wipes and you are not sure which one to use? You can walk into any CVS, Walgreens or Walmart and find multiple types of hemorrhoid wipes - Tucks pads, Preparation H wipes, and generic brand wipes.

Hemorrhoid wipes are a great way to prevent further hemorrhoidal irritation (1).

So how do you know which hemorrhoid wipe is right for you? What do they even do to your hemorrhoids anyway? We will answer all these questions and more.

At the end we will give you our Top Pick Hemorrhoid Wipe, taking into consideration, ingredients, quality, reviews and cost.

This hemorrhoid treatment guide will help you learn more about hemorrhoids and find a good treatment option.

However, once you find out the right wipe for you, don’t stop there.

ATTACK THAT HEMORRHOID MULTIPLE WAYS. Pair your wipe with a cream like Preparation H and an oral astringent like HemRid.

Just like there are different types of wipes, there also also different types of hemorrhoids, internal, external, thromboses, prolapsed and more.

With any medical condition the more ways you can attack it the better.

For a list of hemorrhoid supplements reviews CLICK HERE, for our Top Pick hemorrhoid supplement CLICK HERE and for a list of hemorrhoid cream reviews CLICK HERE or go straight to our Top Pick hemorrhoid cream/ointment CLICK HERE.

What Do Hemorrhoid Wipes Do?

The short answer is they provide hemorrhoid relief and help your condition. Hemorrhoid wipes are used just like baby wipes.

They can be used to clean the anus area after a bowel movement. They are also used periodically throughout the day to provide temporary relief.

Hemorrhoid wipes contain the same active ingredient, 50% Witch Hazel solution. 

Witch Hazel or Hamamelis Virginiana is a shrub found in North America. It is one of the most powerful natural astringents on the planet! Witch hazel is great for hemorrhoids.

What is an astringent? An astringent is chemical compound or substance which shrinks or contracts tissue (1).

That is great news for hemorrhoids sufferers. Think about it. Your hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in the smooth wall of the anus.

In serious cases of hemorrhoids, like a grade 4 prolapsed hemorrhoid, hemorrhoid surgery may be your only option.

Here is a guide that discusses how to stop hemorrhoid itching and burning.

What better for those swollen painful hemorrhoid vessels than something that shrinks them.

Frankly, Witch Hazel and other amazing natural ingredients like Horse Chestnut Seed Extract contain powerful proven compounds which have made the use of hemorrhoid supplements such a popular choice for hemorrhoids.(See HemRid Review). 

witch hazel hemorrhoid wipes

When you wipe your anus, the witch hazel makes contact with the skin causing contraction of the skin and tissue it touches.

Witch Hazel is so effective that they have become a mainstream treatment for use after vaginal delivery that require episiotomy.

Which makes sense, because in addition to feeling relief from the swollen inflamed and painful tissue, the astringent effect also prevents bleeding.

When hemorrhoid wipes are regularly used most users experience immediate but temporary relief of hemorrhoid pain and of their hemorrhoid symptoms.

Plus, they are wet and provide a cooling relief to the affected area.

Why do hemorrhoids Itch?

Last, but not least, witch hazel reduce the itching. Itching hemorrhoids can be the worse. You scratch and experience more pain and inflammation and it just spirals to the point of sheer agony.

Hemorrhoid wipes prevent itching which in turn results in less inflammation and burning from scratching.

Remember though, if you do not address the causes of your hemorrhoids they will keep coming back.

Should I Also Use A Hemorrhoid Cream or Ointment And Supplement?

While wipes on their own may be enough to get relief from your hemorrhoids, the multi-modal approach includes pairing your wipe with both a hemorrhoid cream/ointment and a hemorrhoid supplement

There are many great OTC hemorrhoid medicines, like Preparation H.

The hemorrhoid wipe is used externally on the anus, then the cream or ointment is applied, especially at night.

Hemorrhoid creams and ointments, like Preparation H and Anusol contain both astringents (tissue shrinkers) and act as protective barriers to reduce and fight further inflammation.

Then, in addition to the wipes a and cream/ointment a powerful oral hemorrhoid supplement is taken, preferably one packed full of astringents like Witch Hazel.

The hemorrhoid supplement is swallowed and then gets absorbed through your digestive system into your blood and attacks the hemorrhoid from the  inside.

By the use of all three, hemorrhoid wipe, hemorrhoid cream, and hemorrhoid supplement the hemorrhoid is under constant attack and treatment. 

Furthermore, if your hemorrhoids are internal than you really want a cream and supplement.

Unlike the wipe which is only used on the outside of the anus, the hemorrhoid supplement attacks the hemorrhoid from the inside and the cream/ointment can actually be used internally causing the medicine to make direct contact with the hemorrhoid.  

Below is a list of hemorrhoid wipe reviews and our Top Pick.

Preparation H Wipes

Tucks Pads vs Prep H Wipes

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