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How To Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids - Discover The FASTEST Way to Get Rid of Them!!!

Posted on 12 November 2017

Are you wondering how to get rid of external hemorrhoids fast? External hemorrhoids are a real pain in the behind.

If you have ever had external hemorrhoids like I’ve had, then you know how bad and painful they can be.

In this post I’ll share with you my secrets for getting rid of external hemorrhoids quickly.

We’ll discuss why external hemorrhoids pop up and also how you can defeat them.

Common Causes of External Hemorrhoids & The Real Secret To Getting Rid of External Hemorrhoids Fast

Most external hemorrhoids are caused by pregnancy, obesity, constipation, diarrhea, medications, sitting for too long, a bad diet low in fiber and high in processed foods, lack of exercise or movement, and poor toilet habits.

If you have external hemorrhoids as a result of any of the above, then you will want to get to the root of the problems (causes) asap!

Most of the solutions to external hemorrhoids are common sense.

For instance, if you squeeze incredibly hard every time you make a bowel movement, then you will likely develop a hemorrhoid.

Simply drink more water or take small amounts of a stool softener to make it easier for you to go #2.

That way you will not push like crazy when you use the bathroom.

Or, you may have children and really enjoy the few minutes of your alone time on the toilet.

Guess what, those extra minutes sitting on the toilet are very bad for your anal region and can result in hemorrhoids.

The extra sitting puts pressure on your anal area and leads to external hemorrhoids, so stop sitting for so long!

But What is the Best Way To Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids?

The best way to get rid of external hemorrhoids is to address the root cause of them AND use the best supplement, cream and wipe.

A multi-modal approach to hemorrhoids is an awesome way to get rid of them. A supplement like HemRid will attack the hemorrhoids from the inside, while a hemorrhoid cream or ointment like Prep H will provide immediate relief. Then, if you use a hemorrhoid wipe from Prep H you can also limit and prevent further irritation and flare-ups.


Here are our Top 3 Picks for Getting Rid of Your Hemorrhoids

  1. Preparation H Maximum Strength Cream
  2. Preparation H Hemorrhoid Wipes
  3. HemRid Plus Hemorrhoid Supplement

You will get the best results when you use all 3 products together.

How long does it take for a external hemorrhoid to go away?

External hemorrhoids can go away in as little as a day or two, or they can stick around for a long period of time.

Make sure you address the cause of your hemorrhoid and also take a hemorrhoid supplement and use a hemorrhoid wipe and cream.

How do I get rid of hemorrhoids fast?

As I already said, the best way to quickly get rid of hemorrhoids is to use the best wipe, cream, and supplement in combination.

This multi-pronged attack will work to quickly provide you external hemorrhoid relief.

Also, you MUST address the underlying problem or cause of your external hemorrhoid.

If you are chronically constipated, make sure you are drinking more water and eating a diet that is high in fiber.

We do suggest you consult a doctor prior to making dietary changes, to be sure that what you are doing is the right thing.

Don’t go on some crazy diet because you read doctor phil likes it.

Do external hemorrhoids go away on their own?

In some cases hemorrhoids can go away on their own. Sometimes external hemorrhoids will require surgery.

If your external hemorrhoids swell up badly you will want to see a doctor. If they are not that swollen or just appeared, a doctor may tell you to use a hemorrhoid supplement and wipe for relief.

We also recommend the supplement by HemRid because it is amazing for hemorrhoids.

Why are external hemorrhoids painful?

External hemorrhoids are painful because the tissue in the anal region has a lot of nerves.

An external hemorrhoid occurs when veins gets damaged on the outside of the anus.

This area is very sensitive and you also pass bowels through this region. his often happens because people push or strain to hard when trying to poop.

Do not do this!

So, when its damaged you often damage it further by pushing too hard or using rough toilet paper when wiping.

Why do external hemorrhoids bleed?

The external hemorrhoid tissue bleeds when it gets damaged and inflamed. The veins and tissue rupture leaking blood.

Sometimes, an external hemorrhoid can pool blood into a lump and form a thrombosis.

This type of hemorrhoid can be very painful and look like a large lump on the outside of the anus.

Why do external hemorrhoids itch?

External hemorrhoids itch because the damaged hemorrhoid tissue is very sensitive. As it gets inflamed, the wetness and moisture in the area makes things itch badly.

When you wipe with rough toilet paper or strain when using the bathroom it only makes matters worse.

Also, sitting on the toilet for too long exacerbates the problem.

To prevent itching, use a hemorrhoid wipe when wiping your bottom instead of using rough toilet paper.

Also, try not to strain to hard.

Why do external hemorrhoids smell?

Great question! External hemorrhoids smell because the tissue is wet, damaged and bloody and can also get mixed with feces.

Do your best to wipe well without wiping excessively. You will want to make sure your anus is clean, and the best way to do this is with a good hemorrhoid wipe and also using a shower or bath.

Keep the area clean so it does not get infected. Be gently with it though so you do not increase the itching.

Also, is the hemorrhoid gets infected it could start to smell bad. If this is a cancer of yours then it may be wise to see a physician.

How do you treat external hemorrhoids?

The best way to treat external hemorrhoids is by using a hemorrhoid wipe, hemorrhoid cream, and a hemorrhoid supplement.

This three-pronged approach works great for external hemorrhoids. This can definitely help you get rid of external hemorrhoid fast.

Here are our top 3 recommendations for external hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid Supplement For External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid Wipe to Get Rid of External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid Cream to get Rid of External hemorrhoids


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