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5 Quick Tips That Every Internal Or External Hemorrhoid Sufferer Needs To Know

Posted on 14 January 2018 by

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What Is The Best Internal And External Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids, there is medicine out there can help. Should Internal Hemorrhoids be treated the same way as External Hemorrhoids? Absolutely not. We will discuss the best treatment for internal and external hemorrhoids and why these two distinct types of hemorrhoids should not be treated the same.

What Type of Hemorrhoid Medicine Should I Use?

There are so many hemorrhoid medicines out there making it difficult to figure out which one is right for you. There are hemorrhoid creams, supplements, sprays, wipes, and suppositories. The number of options are dizzying. On top of that there are hemorrhoid pillows, sitz baths, and ice packs. So how in the world do you know what is right for your internal or external hemorrhoids? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Listed below are four simple steps to finding the best treatment plan for your hemorrhoid condition, internal or external.

Tip One: Determine Whether You Have Internal Or External Hemorrhoids

First, it is imperative that you know what type of hemorrhoid it is that you are dealing with. For instance, if you have an internal hemorrhoid, then a number of the medicines listed above will not work. Since the hemorrhoid is inside, lathering cream on the outside of the anus may not do a thing because the cream will not come in contact with the hemorrhoid. On the other hand, if you use a suppository for an internal hemorrhoid, you have a much better chance of the medicine coming in contact with the hemorrhoid.

Internal Hemorrhoid- Use of a suppository, wipe and supplement.

External hemorrhoids, Thrombosed Hemorrhoids and Prolapsed Hemorrhoids- The use of a cream, wipe and supplement.

Tip Two: Use Trusted Hemorrhoid Brands

There are hundreds of different types of creams, wipes, suppositories and supplements out there so go with a Trusted Brand: Preparation H, Tucks, HemRid and Anusol. Preparation H and Anusol lead the market in terms of having the top hemorrhoid creams and suppositories, Tucks leads the market with wipes, and HemRid leads the market with supplements.

Tip Three: Use Multiple Medicines and Products

The leading way to get relief from hemorrhoids is to combine the use of different types of hemorrhoid products. It is not wise to use just a cream or just a supplement. What if that one product does not work well for you? A multi-pronged approach will ensure relief and the combination of the products may actually give you more relief than one alone. So, make sure to combine the use of your cream or suppository with a wipe and supplement.

Tip Four: Take A Sitz Baths As Often As Possible

A sitz bath is a warm bath with bath salts. The great thing about a sitz bath is you do not need to soak for hours. For those of you that are time pressed soaking for just 10-20 minutes in a sitz bath can provide you with relief and help heal your hemorrhoids. You have to bath anyways right? If possible, you should try to take a sitz bath 2-3 times daily.

Tip Five: Change Your Diet

Diet cannot be stressed enough. You can use all medicine you want, but if you are eating unhealthy and are not staying hydrated, constipation will occur and most likely lead to more hemorrhoids. So in addition to following these four steps, keep that diet healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables and drink at least 6-8 cups of water a day.

Take Care Of Your Hemorrhoids

It is important to take care of your hemorrhoids. If ignored, they can become chronic and lead to surgery. Simply follow these five simple steps to help you win the battle against your hemorrhoids. If you are unsure if you have hemorrhoids, visiting a hemorrhoid doctor, or proctologist, is a great idea.

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