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Preparation H vs Desitin for Hemorrhoids Reviews - Which One is Better For Your hemorrhoids?

Posted on 19 November 2017 by

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In this Preparation h vs Desitin review, we will take a look at these popular treatments and see which one is better for hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you’ve likely heard of both preparation h and Desitin. But which one do you choose?

Note: This post reviews the maximum strength formulas of Desitin and Preparation H.

What is Preparation H and Desitin?

Preparation h is a very popular brand that has an assortment of products for hemorrhoids. Desitin, on the other hand, is one of the most popular brands for diaper rash. Many people who have used Desitin for diaper rash have used it also for hemorrhoids.

want fast hemorrhoid relief

Which is better for hemorrhoids? Desitin or preparation h?

Our top pick for hemorrhoids is Preparation H since it specifically designed for hemorrhoids and contains 4 active ingredients that work to shrink hemorrhoidal tissue and numb hemorrhoid pain. While Desitin works very well and is a trusted product it only contains 1 active ingredient (zinc oxide).

Desitin vs Preparation H Active Ingredient Comparison

Desitin’s main active ingredient is Zinc Oxide 40%. Zinc Oxide forms a protective sheet or barrier over the skin that helps to heal and protect against rashes, wounds, redness, and irritation. Zinc Oxide has shown to be a very effective ingredient for rashes, skin irritations, and itching.

Preparation H has 4 active ingredients to Desitin’s 1 active ingredients. These 4 active ingredients are Glycerin 14.4%, Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%, Pramoxine HCl 1%, and White petrolatum 15%.

Glycerin and White Petrolatum are skin protectants. Like Zinc Oxide, they provide a barrier that protects the skin from outside contaminants and from further irritation. While Zinc Oxide is a better skin protectant, the other two active ingredients in the Preparation H cream push it over the edge in comparison to Desitin.

The Pramoxine HCL found in Prep H is a topical pain-numbing anesthetic. So, you will get immediate pain relief. The Zinc Oxide does provide pain relief but in more of a soothing way. It does not have a numbing effect like the Pramoxine HCL.

The Pramoxine HCL will actually block the nerves from telling your body that you are in pain.

Preparation H or Desitin For a Child with Hemorrhoids?

If you have a child that has hemorrhoids or rashes we would absolutely recommend Destine over the Prep H Maximum Strength Cream. The last thing you want is for the child to have the region numbed and then make matters much worse by being too active or rubbing the spot too hard. As an adult, the Preparation H is likely better for hemorrhoids than Desitin.

Also, Preparation H has Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%. This active ingredient is a vasoconstrictor that shrinks hemorrhoid tissue. So, Preparation H’s active ingredients include 1 numbing, 1 shrinking, and 2 skin protectants.

While Zinc Oxide at 40% is an excellent active ingredient, it just doesn’t add up to what Preparation H has in its formula for hemorrhoids.

Inactive Ingredients: Preparation H vs Desitin

The inactive ingredients is where we believe that Destine has the edge.

The good inactive ingredient found in Preparation H is aloe vera. Then, Preparation H has a whole bunch of other inactive ingredients that probably aren’t the best for your body. Desitin’s inactive ingredients that are awesome include petrolatum, cod liver oil, lanolin, glycerin, beeswax, and vitamin E.

So, as you can see the Desitin cream has a much better inactive ingredient list. Lanolin is often used for soothing and preventing chapped lips and skin during breastfeeding. Beeswax also works to coat and protect the skin from irritation and further damage.

Desitin Inactive Ingredients

Petrolatum, Cod liver oil, Lanolin, Talc, Glycerin, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Beeswax, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance

Preparation H Inactive Ingredients

aloe barbadensis leaf extract, anhydrous citric acid, butylated hydroxyanisole, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, cetyl alcohol, citric acid monohydrate, dexpanthenol, edetate disodium, glyceryl monostearate, methylparaben, mineral oil, polyoxyl lauryl ether, polyoxyl stearyl ether, propyl gallate, propylene glycol, propylparaben, purified water, sodium benzoate, stearyl alcohol, tocopherols excipient, vitamin E acetate, xanthan gum

Is Zinc Oxide Good For Hemorrhoids? 

Yes, many people have found great relief using Zinc Oxide for their hemorrhoids. Despite this, we would recommend using a product specifically designed for hemorrhoids, like Preparation H Max Strength. Preparation H has multiple active ingredients that work better overall for hemorrhoids.

Still, many people swear by Zinc Oxide for their hemorrhoids. If you’ve tried it and it works for you then there is no reason to switch to something else unless your doctor recommends it.

Desitin for Hemorrhoids Reviews

Many users claim that Destin is the best for their hemorrhoids. One great thing about Desitin is that is reduces and eliminates itching and irritation. If you have used Preparation H over the years and haven’t found it quite to your liking, you may want to try Desitin and see if to works better for you.

Overall though, we think Preparation H Max Strength Cream is the best option for hemorrhoids.

Does Zinc Oxide Shrink Hemorrhoids

Zinc Oxide is an active ingredient that works to protect your skin and stop itching and irritation. However, it is not an astringent or vasoconstrictor so it does not shrink hemorrhoids.

A vasoconstrictor narrows arteries and blood vessels. When applied to the affected hemorrhoid this will result in shrinking them. As they shrink your symptoms will reduce and you will feel better.

Vasoconstrictors are found in the preparation H Max Strength Cream, but not in Zinc Oxide or the Desitin formula. 

An astringent is a compound that decreases or shrinks the size of the skin tissue. So, when applied to hemorrhoids, an astringent will shrink it and also result in the reduction of your hemorrhoid symptoms.

There is a very good astringent for hemorrhoids called Witch Hazel. This helps reduce and eliminate hemorrhoids by reducing hemorrhoidal swelling.

Witch Hazel is found in Hemorrhoid Wipes and Hemorrhoid Supplements, like HemRid Plus.

pair desitin and preparation h for relief

Desitin or Preparation H for Hemorrhoids?

So, if you are looking to shrink the size of your hemorrhoids, your best bet is to use PreparationH over Desitin as Zinc Oxide is not an astringent like witch hazel or vasoconstrictor like Phenylephrine HCl 0.25%, both commonly found in Preparation H formulas.

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