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Avatrol Monthly Review - Discover the Shocking Truth About Avatrol!!!

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A product is only as good as its ingredients. So, to begin, let's talk about the ingredients found in Avatrol Monthly and how they may help. So, what ingredients does Avatrol contain?

Avatrol Ingredients

According to their label, they contain the following ingredients:

  Cayenne Pepper (12 mg) Cayenne Pepper is a spicy pepper. Those that are allergic to it should steer clear.

• Oat Straw (62 mg) Oat Straw provides fiber, which may help bowel movements and loosen stool.

Plantain (62 mg).  Plantain also provides fiber.

Zinc (4 mg). Zinc acts as a protective layer which can prevent irritation.

Bilberry (41 mg). Bilberry has been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory agent, believed to reduce tissue swelling.

Cascara Sagrada (50 mg) Cascara Sagrada is believed to improve the ability to have bowel movements.

Citrus Bioflavonoids (100 mg). Bioflavonoids are thought to decrease the amount of harmful free radicals in the blood and support cellular health.

Butchers Broom (33 mg). Used and studied a great deal for Hemorrhoid relief. Butchers broom works by increasing blood flow through improving vein wall health.

Horse Chestnut (82 mg). Horse chestnut is also heavily used and studied for its effectiveness in providing relief to hemorrhoid sufferers.

Red Root (12 mg). Red root contains tanins which may support cellular health.

L-Arginine (82 mg) L-Arginine is an amino acid which naturally occurs in the body. Its effect on hemorrhoids have not been well studied.

Oat Fiber (62 mg) Oat fiber is just that, more fiber.

Cascara Sagrada (50 mg) Cascara Sagrada is believed to improve the ability to have bowel movements.

What is Avatrol Monthly And What Does Avatrol Monthly Do For Hemorrhoids?

Avatrol or Avatrol Monthly (same thing) is an herbal supplement used to provide relief from those afflicted with hemorrhoids. It is manufactured in the USA and distributed by the brand Progressive Health.

On their website, Avatrol claims to “To ease uncomfortable (and sometimes bloody) bowel movements caused by swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum.” On its website, it discusses the use of just four of its ingredients.

There is only one mention of a study on its website and that study pertains to Bilberry. It should be noted, that study was not conducted in the USA.

It was actually a study carried out in Mexico.  After a list of the full amount of ingredients of Avatrol, Progressive Health claims that 9 out of 10 users are satisfied. However, it should also be noted that currently (10/17/17) 16% of users on Amazon report a single star of satisfaction. It should be noted that the review sample on Amazon is only 15 reviews at present.

Amazon’s Most Helpful Avatrol Review (8 people found helpful):

1.0 out of 5 stars

Do Not Trust!!!!!

By Matthew Williamson November 17, 2015

Verified Purchase

"Within two days of taking this I was nauseated and bloaty and had the worst stomach cramps. One of the ingredients I noticed, Cascara Sagrada has been DISCONTINUED! Look it up, seriously. There is a reason that the FDA does not approve this herb. Yes, it works as a laxative but this was unlike any I have ever had. Kept me up two nights in a row even after I stopped taking them. Also, be aware that the seller was giving discounts and free samples to those who posted good reviews- this is obviously why the product has been rated so highly. Complete waste of $40+. Trust me, this product is not safe, even for a healthy 26 year old female as myself."

What Does Avatrol Monthly Cost?

The cost of a single bottle of Avatrol on Amazon is $45.95.

Although it is recommended monthly, it is  NOT offered at a subscribe and save monthly price on Amazon. However Progressive Health does offer a buy 3 bottles get 1 free and a buy 4 bottles get 2 free discount.

Where Can I Buy Avatrol Monthly?

You can buy Avatrol on Progressive site, Amazon, ebay.

Our Verdict: 

Avatrol does what it says. With ingredients like horse chestnut and bilberry, it is apparent Avatrol did their homework on their formula ingredients.  But are these ingredients included in an amount that will actually have an effect? Not a single ingredient is listed on their label as being greater than 100mg.  That is in stark contrast to other products and may affect its ability to work. As far as cost, while it is expensive compared to the hemorrhoid supplements it is not the most expensive product. See how Avatrol adds up to its competitors by clicking here.

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