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Hemorrhoid Rescue Reviews - Does hemorrhoid Rescue Work or Is It a Scam?

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Hemorrhoid Rescue is an herbal, hemorrhoid supplement marketed to provide hemorrhoid relief.

This is a full and complete review of Hemorrhoid Rescue that will let you know if this hemorrhoid supplement is an excellent product for hemorrhoids, or just another fly-by-night hemorrhoid supplement with little or no effect.

Hemorrhoid Rescue Ingredients

First, let’s take a look at the ingredients found in Hemorrhoid Rescue.

According to the official company website, the ingredients are Cayenne, Witch hazel, Butcher’s Broom, Ginger, Stone Root, and White Oat Bark.

Now, while some of these ingredients are very good for hemorrhoids, there was no product label that actually shows the amount of ingredients per serving.

We were unable to find the ingredients despite searching for them online.

1. Witch Hazel - This is an astringent that is used in many hemorrhoid supplements and etc hemorrhoid products including hemorrhoid creams and hemorrhoid wipes.

Witch Hazel is widely used for hemorrhoids and and is an excellent choice for a hemorrhoid formula. It would have been nice to know how much Witch Hazel was found in the Hemorrhoids Rescue formula.

Our hemorrhoid pain guide discusses some options with witch hazel that can help bring relief.

Witch Hazel helps shrink and reduce the size of hemorrhoids. While it’s not a topical pain reliever, many people report that it cools and soothes the hemorrhoid area. If you are looking for a great product with Witch Hazel in it, try Preparation H Hemorrhoid Cream or Tucks Medicated wipes or both.

If you decide to buy a product, we would recommend you purchase one with Witch Hazel in it.

Of course, before trying any new hemorrhoidal product you should consult your doctor to make sure it is right for you.

2. Cayenne - Cayenne has long been known as a anti-inflammatory herb or spice (1). Cayenne helps you if you has constipation as it speeds up the circulatory system and promotes healthy blood flow. Some even claim that it can help remove blood clotting.

We believe that Cayenne is a good choice for an herbal hemorrhoid supplement. It has properties that would promote the areas that may need improvement when suffering from hemorrhoids, specially it’s increase of blood flow, reduction of constipation, and decrease in swelling.

Cayenne is also thought to reduce blood pressure. So, if you plan on using Hemorrhoid Rescue, make sure you speak with you trusted healthcare professional to ensure the ingredients are right for you take.

3. Butcher’s Broom - This is another great choice from Hemorrhoid Rescue for it’s formula. This herb has been used for centuries for its health benefits.

This herb is used in many creams and oral formulas for veins and hemorrhoids. In fact, it is an approved herb in Germany for the treatment of vein insufficiencies and hemorrhoidal problems.

It’s anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce the irritation and inflammation of hemorrhoids.

There are two compounds that can be extracted from Butcher’s Broom for maximum effect.

These compounds are neoruscogenin and ruscogenin. When taking a Butcher’s Broom supplement it is wise to find out exactly how much of these 2 compounds are in the formula.

Once again, this is a good ingredient for hemorrhoids and a good choice by the Hemorrhoids Rescue company.

4. Ginger - Another ingredient highly noted for its quality, Ginger has several properties in it that make it a great choice for a hemorrhoidal formula. This ingredient has been used by Asian cultures repeatedly throughout history for many reasons.

Ginger in small amounts has the ability to reduce nausea and aid in digestion. Moreover, Ginger helps with pain and inflammation (2).

This is the main reason why you might add Ginger to your diet or a a hemorrhoid supplement when you have hemorrhoids.

5. Stone Root - Stone Root is a very interesting choice for hemorrhoids.

We have reviewed many different hemorrhoid products, including creams, wipes, and countless other supplements.

Rarely have we seen Stone Root in any of these formulas. So, what is Stone Root used for?

Traditionally, Stone Root has been used for bladder irritation, including swelling and pain. If you had urinary tract infections or problems, then Stone Root might be right for you.

It is also used for stomach issues like indigestion and for headaches. I am not 100% sure why this was included in the Hemorrhoid Rescue supplement as it isn’t normally taken for hemorrhoids.

It does have anti-inflammatory aspects to it.

Be careful in how much Stone Root you take, as it can lead to stomach irritation and pain, nausea, urinary issues, and other problems. (2)

6. White Oat Bark - The last ingredient found in Hemorrhoid Rescue is White Oat Bark. Why did Hemorrhoid Rescue choose White Oat Bark?

It looks like the theme here for the Hemorrhoid Rescue is that ingredients are chosen for their ability to improve digestion.

If your hemorrhoids are caused by chronic constipation, then adding something like White Oak Bark may be a good idea.

However, this ingredient has not been typically used for hemorrhoids. Some people apply directly to the skin or add it to a warm bath to reduce swelling or pain on the body.

However, we are not sure about the addition of this product to the formula. Still, we like the overall formula.

Official Company Video

Overall Hemorrhoid Rescue Ingredient Review

While we like the addition of Witch Hazel, Butcher’s Broom, Cayenne and Ginger, but are unsure of the Stone Root and White Oak Bark used in the formula.

In addition, we have not been able to find an ingredient label with the exact amount of each in the formula.

Taking too much Stone Root or White Oak Bark orally can cause problems, so make sure you contact the company before you buy to see what the ingredient panel is per serving.

However, it does look like a good supplement to use for hemorrhoids.

Does Hemorrhoid Rescue Work?

Hemorrhoid Recuse might work for hemorrhoids, since it has Witch Hazel, Butcher's Broom, Ginger, and Stone Root.

Here is a full list of Hemorrhoid Supplement Reviews. Also, it is a great idea to check out the best hemorrhoid products if you are looking for relief from your hemorrhoids.

Is Hemorrhoid Rescue a Scam?

No, Hemorrhoid Rescue is definitely not a scam.

We do wish there was an Amazon presence of the product.

They do have a money back guarantee on the official website you can check out, which is a relief.

Where Can I Buy Hemorrhoid Rescue?

The only place we could find where you can purchase Hemorrhoid Rescue is the official website.

To be honest we were a bit disappointed to see it was not available on Amazon or in stores. Being on Amazon adds a bit of credibility and convenience.

Hemorrhoid Rescue Side Effects

There are side effects you can get when taking too much of the herbs found in hemorrhoid Rescue.

We recommend you check with your doctor and contact the company about the amounts of each ingredient per serving.

Once you have that information you can make an informed buying decision.

Is Hemorrhoid Rescue Safe to Use For Hemorrhoids?

We are unsure if this product is safe to use. Without knowing the exact ingredient amounts, its impossible to tell. Despite this, it looks like to should be okay.

Plus, there are ingredients that may give you problems when taken in excess.

The product probably works for both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids, but we suggest you talk to your doctor prior to trying.

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