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Can Hemorrhoids Make You Feel Sick?

Posted on 10 December 2018 by

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When our hemorrhoidal tissue becomes inflamed because of a restriction to the blood flow within the delicate venous channels that run through these columns, we begin to see the symptoms quickly arise.

With hemorrhoids, the symptoms are as painful as they are annoyingly hindering.  When things don't feel right "down there," the abnormality always seems to be sitting on the forefront of your mind.

You begin to think about all of the activities that you don’t want to engage in because of the pain and discomfort from your hemorrhoids.   You might not feel sick, like you would with a head cold, sinus infection, or the flu, but you certainly feel off.

Common hemorrhoid symptoms you might feel paint a picture of an uncomfortable few days until they subside:


  • Pain and discomfort, especially when sitting down
  • Hard anal masses that cluster near the anal opening
  • Anal discharge of fecal leakage or mucous
  • Intense anal itching
  • Bright red blood following a problematic bowel movement
  • Throbbing and burning
  • A feeling of fullness in the bowels

Imagine having all of these symptoms at the same time, which is typical for the average hemorrhoid sufferer with external hemorrhoids, the more painful of the two types. 

You wouldn’t feel nauseous in terms of feeling sick, but you would feel like your anorectal area is under siege from a burning and throbbing sensation with a powerful anal itch. 

You might also feel the need to constantly tend to the anal area until the hard anal protrusions shrink away, or take care of the relentless anal itch that both types of hemorrhoids cause.

Hemorrhoids can make the few days to a week that they are present in the anorectal area terribly uncomfortable, but fortunately, there are numerous over the counter medications to make hemorrhoids more tolerable.

Best Solutions for Hemorrhoids

A few products you can try to help you not feel sick while having hemorrhoids:

Many products are available at drugstores or grocery stores, and these days, online retailers discreetly sell and ship hemorrhoid products for your convenience.

Alternatively, there are remedies you can try at home to make the days with a hemorrhoid flare-up more manageable.

Doctors frequently recommend sitz baths to their patients suffering from hemorrhoids.  If hemorrhoid symptoms are making you feel sick, then soaking and submerging the anorectal area can dissipate the symptoms and help with the inflammation of hemorrhoids.

Meanwhile, working on preventing hemorrhoids the second you feel the symptoms can be extraordinarily helpful.

Fiber, whether you find it in whole foods or supplements, is a great way to speed through flare-ups, manage symptoms, and prevent hemorrhoids from occurring altogether.  Don't begin with a high amount of fiber you aren't used to or you could put yourself at risk for feeling even sicker with hemorrhoids.

Can hemorrhoids Cause Fatigue?

Yes, hemorrhoids can cause fatigue. This affects us both mentally and physically.

Do Hemorrhoids Really Make You Sick?

Yes, hemorrhoids can make you sick, but not in the sense of nausea or stuffiness, but more in the way of a few days of constant discomfort, aching or throbbing, anal itchiness, and pain.

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