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Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution: A Review

Posted on 20 December 2018 by

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When a product promises to rid your body of hemorrhoids in 48 hours, it’s understandable that you may feel a little wary.  With so many products out there advertising the same thing, sufferers can feel taken advantage of when it comes to finding a hemorrhoid solution. 

Hemorrhoids produce a handful of common symptoms, experienced by sufferers in varying degrees.  Some are hit with an anal itch, while others struggle with the bulbous masses that form near the anus, and there are those with just a symptom of rectal bleeding. 

The drug isle is overwhelming, and products that tend to overstate their effects often have little to show for themselves with their results.  Some drugs don’t treat all of the symptoms of hemorrhoids, too.

Homeopathic solutions are a dime a dozen.  Age-old recipes passed down from generation to generation that swears to resolve hemorrhoids for good are really just a blend of old wives tales and pseudoscience.

Which brings us to Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution, a product that boldly says it can resolve your hemorrhoids in just 48 hours.  Hemorrhoid sufferers may scoff at the notion, especially if their hemorrhoids have proven to be a reoccurring, lifelong problem.

Melissa Thanderski's Hemorrhoid Solution isn't the brainchild of Melissa Thanderski herself.  The website for this hemorrhoid program provides links that directly take the reader to a different website: Hemorrhoids No More, a hemorrhoid solution developed by the self-acclaimed nutritionist, Jessica Wright.

Melissa Thanderski's Hemorrhoid Solution has little information posted on its pages, mind for the introduction, which pushes the reader towards clicking on the outbound link to Hemorrhoids No More, the program Thanderski is representing in her third-party page.

Does It Work?

Hemorrhoids No More, a rather unheard of hemorrhoid solution, promises a cure for hemorrhoids.  Already, you should be wary.  If you've been to the doctor before about hemorrhoids or have conducted even the most basic research, you should already be aware that there is no cure.

Understanding hemorrhoids are important to deciphering what Melissa Thanderski and "independent medical researcher" Jessica Wright are attempting to peddle you on Hemorrhoids No More.  Hemorrhoids are your body's inflammatory reaction to a something constricting your rectal veins and its blood flow—either sitting for too long, being pregnant, or simply being an age where hemorrhoids develop more easily.

Here, Wright is promising that even severe and aggressive hemorrhoids can be treated with her approach, like thrombosed or prolapsed hemorrhoids.  Anyone who informs you that you do not need surgery for a severe medical condition that is not your doctor is probably not accredited.

You don't have to purchase $37 to know what Hemorrhoids No More will likely tell you.  There is nothing new that you cannot find online on medical databases that this eBook will provide.

Wright states that creams, ointments, and other topical treatments only temporarily relieve hemorrhoid symptoms.  Well, yes, that’s true, and there’s nothing wrong with using these solutions in the meantime while you modify your diet and lifestyle.

Wright goes on to say that hemorrhoids can only be resolved when the issues causing them are addressed.  To say she is stating the obvious would be an understatement. 

You don’t need to buy her treatment plan to know this.  You need to make an appointment with your doctor who knows your medical history to plan a tailored approach to your hemorrhoids.

The approach that Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution and Hemorrhoids No More claims will resolve your hemorrhoids for good is left for those willing to shell out the cash for the official eBook. 

Wright, the author, hints that it will work, 100% guaranteed, has already helped thousands of men and women in hundreds of countries worldwide.

The only thing she alludes to as far as to what this treatment entails is that it is a step-by-step solution that involves no drugs, topical treatments, and will effectively treat the root cause of your hemorrhoids, solving this problem for good.

The root cause of hemorrhoids is different for everyone—an impossible task done by an eBook.  Some causes of hemorrhoids cannot be helped, like age, or other gastrointestinal disorders that are at play.  To state the ability to resolve everyone's root cause of hemorrhoids is to display a disregard for hemorrhoidal medical knowledge.

 Where Can I Buy It?

The treatment plan itself is available for purchase on Jessica Wright’s official website.  It does appear as if she has several domain names where the eBook can be bought.

Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution directly links to Wright’s website on her homepage several times.  From there, you can visit the Hemorrhoids No More site and purchase the eBook.

Hemorrhoids No More is relatively limited as to where it can be purchased.  It appears as if only Wright's official website will sell the treatment plan.  Sites like Amazon and other online retailers do not carry Hemorrhoids No More.


The information surrounding Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution and subsequently Jessica Wright’s Hemorrhoids No More is limited.  Thanderski’s website merely links to Wright’s, offering little to no information about it. 

Hemorrhoids No More is littered with reviews.  However, this treatment plan is not available anywhere else, so it seems, and these reviews can only be found on the official site.

Reviews are posted in blocked text on the homepage of the site.  “Success Story #1: Susan B.” boldly claims, “In less than 72 Hours my hemorrhoids have completely gone.  I now live a normal life without the horrible bleeding, itching and pain!”

Another review below states, "My Hemorrhoids had vanished. Gone in a matter of days.  My bowel movements are almost back to normal!"  The same review goes onto say, "I had nothing to lose, so I bought your terrific book.  I can honestly say that it has been so helpful to me that I feel like crying just talking about it."

If you were not already apprehensive before, reading the reviews will likely solidify your feelings.  Wright stuffs as many reviews as she can on her site—all reiterating the same things.  

Is It a Scam?

If this program hasn’t initially aroused suspicion, then it should. We are no longer in the virgin days of the Internet, where wanderers and searchers easily become fools at the hands of anonymous trolls in certain spaces and corridors in the web-space.

Wright, who claims she is a certified nutritionist and "independent medical researcher," spent 12 years to develop a "sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, clinically researched system" that will permanently eradicate the body of all types hemorrhoids, no matter the severity.

With 12 years of dedicated research, Wright has concluded the obvious.  The site’s introductory video explains that topical treatments and drug store products are merely “Band-Aid” solutions to hemorrhoid symptoms and hemorrhoids are caused by several underlying factors.

Simple research and a ten-minute discussion with your doctor can also tell you these things.  Wright isn’t breaking any new ground, but what she is doing, is turning whatever frustration you may feel with your hemorrhoids out towards the drug companies who sell you things like Preparation H, suppositories, and hemorrhoid supplements.

She claims that this holistic system is designed to eliminate thrombosed hemorrhoids, fissures, enlarged hemorrhoids, Grades I-IV hemorrhoids, chronic hemorrhoids, and both internal and external hemorrhoids.

This particular statement in itself is problematic.  Hemorrhoids that have reached the aggressive stages of Grade IV are prolapsed, and according to the medical studies conducted on patients with Grade IV hemorrhoids, surgical intervention is not only necessary, but it is also obligatory.

Prolapsed hemorrhoids that have progressed to Grade IV are a serious condition.  At this point, patients with Grade IV hemorrhoids are experiencing the majority of the internal hemorrhoidal column prolapsing through the rectum and anal opening.  This condition cannot successfully be treated holistically.

The promise of a cure for hemorrhoids should be enough to set off alarm bells.  If you are a veteran sufferer of hemorrhoids, then you should be aware already that there is no cure for hemorrhoids.  Hemorrhoids are your body's response when factors are hindering the blood supply to your rectal veins.

That doesn't mean that all hope is lost if you find that your hemorrhoids are persistent and reoccurring.  Having a conversation with your doctor, a licensed medical professional with extensive training and education is the best and first place to start.

Only you and your primary care physician can create a treatment approach tailored to your unique individual needs, and this is where Hemorrhoids No More/Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution fails.  There is no sure-fire way to eradicate hemorrhoids. 

Each person has a unique composition of factors that could be contributing to their hemorrhoid development and to tout a generic cure as a one-size-fits-all is nothing past absurd.  If you want to eliminate hemorrhoids, the only advice you should see out is from your doctor, not someone online masquerading as one.


If Hemorrhoids No More isn’t worth your time or money than what is?  Although Wright quickly brushed off the idea of dietary adjustments to resolve and prevent hemorrhoid symptoms and development, it is the best treatment approach you can take.

Research has shown that a conservative approach in slightly modifying your diet and lifestyle can significantly impact your digestive health, working to prevent hemorrhoids from developing.  This is why doctors often recommend adding fiber to the diet right off the bat.

You’ll come to find that the medical community, though without a cure for hemorrhoids, is not without solutions.  Exercise, hydration, and maintaining a healthy diet and weight are all crucial elements in preventing hemorrhoids.

There is nothing wrong with using topical ointments to relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids, either temporarily.  A doctor's visit will likely tell you the same thing.  You shouldn't have to suffer while your new, healthier diet kicks in.

The issue with Wright’s long lamenting story about her struggle with hemorrhoids is the lack of discussion of non-operative procedures.  Anyone who has suffered from hemorrhoids has at least educated themselves on these options.

Banding, sclerotherapy, and coagulation therapy are all non-operative, non-invasive treatments that have dramatically advanced in the last few years.  Your doctor will be the first to tell you that these options can immensely help your hemorrhoids if a conservative approach isn’t as effective as needed.

If you have come across Melissa Thanderski’s Hemorrhoid Solution/Hemorrhoids No More in a desperate search to resolve painful hemorrhoids, you might want to hold onto your wallet a little longer. 

Perhaps you haven't used your most significant resource in your struggle with your hemorrhoids—your doctor.  Many sufferers do not report to their doctors until their hemorrhoids have become aggressively worse.

Yes, it is an embarrassing condition, but it is also a common one—one that your doctor has seen time and time again, and if anyone can resolve your hemorrhoids quickly, it is your primary care physician

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