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Hot Water & hemorrhoids - Is Hot Water Good for Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 12 December 2018 by

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It can be challenging to find a remedy that works for your hemorrhoids and manages your frustrating and irritating hemorrhoid symptoms.  There are many remedies, and studies and current research have expounded on the effectiveness of several of them: from a sitz bath to cold compresses. 

Every sufferer is different, so when a fellow hemorrhoid sufferer recommends a solution to you, it might not be as effective for your hemorrhoid situation.  Here, we will address the prevailing thought of hot water and whether or not it is good for your hemorrhoids.

First, let's discuss how hot water is being used.  It's important to know that anything beyond lukewarm or tepid water probably isn't going to do your hemorrhoids any favors.

Stay Away from Burning Hot Water When You Have Hemorrhoids

Scalding hot water is not good for your hemorrhoids.  Your symptoms are already inflamed rectal veins that give way to hard anal lumps that throb, ache, and burn, sometimes even becoming thrombosed

Hot water can churn the circulation of blood, and while that’s what your hemorrhoids ultimately need, they exist because of a restriction to the blood flow.  The hot water can make the throbbing worse, and heighten the already burning sensation you feel.

Your anal area is more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your body, and you are probably aware of this fact if you are suffering from hemorrhoids.  Hot water is going to feel much hotter on your anal area than you might intend it to, and this could worsen irritation and swelling.

Lukewarm Water is Okay for Hemorrhoids

Lukewarm water, however, can be helpful in reducing external hemorrhoid inflammation.  The lumps that form near the anus are because of the swollen network of intricate rectal veins, and they are tender and achy.

Doctors usually recommend a sitz bath, a bath with lukewarm water that submerges the external hemorrhoids, temporarily relieving anal itch, pain, and swelling.  Sitz baths have even been said to shrink hemorrhoids more quickly.

There are better ways to help circulate the blood to your lower rectum to prevent and shrink hemorrhoids, and hot water is not usually recommended. 

Instead, try addressing the cause of hemorrhoids, which is something that is pressurizing your rectal veins.  Being overweight, constipation, straining, and chronic diarrhea are just a few common causes that could be at work.

To immediately relieve hemorrhoid symptoms, you can take a sitz bath or use one of the many products that are available online or in drugstores that target hemorrhoid symptoms:

  • Preparation H ointment for hemorrhoids
  • Tucks Wipes with witch hazel
  • Preparation H suppositories
  • HemRid hemorrhoid supplement
  • Fiber supplements like Metamucil or Benefiber
  • A cold compress

When drawing a bath for yourself to relieve hemorrhoid symptoms, be sure to test the water's temperature continually, so you don't accidentally end up worsening your hemorrhoid irritation.

You can even include essential oils or Epsom salts in your warm bath if you so choose.  The beauty of a sitz bath is that they can be taken as needed with no adverse effects on your hemorrhoids.

To conclude: hot water is not recommended for hemorrhoids, but using warm water can most definitely provide benefits in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

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