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Recticare Reviews and Feedback - Read This Review Before Buying Recticare!

Posted on 12 November 2017 by

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Recticare Reviews - Read This Before Buying Recticare! Thinking about buying Recticare? Read this in-depth review first and learn the truth about Recticare and what it does to your Hemorrhoids. We will look at the similarities and differences of each hemorrhoid cream and give you our Best Hemorrhoid Cream. Be sure to pair that cream with our Best Hemorrhoid Wipe and Best Hemorrhoid Supplement.

Recticare Ingredients - Are You Kidding Me?!?!

Are your hemorrhoids causing you extreme pain? If so, Recticare may be perfect for you. However, if your main issue with your hemorrhoids is bleeding and not pain, then you may want to look elsewhere. There are two active Recticare ingredients:

  1. Lidocane 4.4% (5%)
  2. Glycerin 20%

What Is Lidocaine And Will The Lidocaine in Recticare Help My Hemorrhoids?

Lidocaine is a powerful local anesthetic which is used to relieve pain. It is a very effective numbing agent that is used for many medical conditions. Lidocaine works by interfering with the bodies ability to send nerve transmissions to your brain telling your brain that you have pain in an area. So if you have a great deal of pain from your hemorrhoids, then Recticare is a good choice. Lidocaine does not heal or change the hemorrhoid though.  In fact, the vasodilation may even make the hemorrhoid temporarily larger. For severe pain however, lidocaine is a fantastic ingredient.

Will Recticare's Glycerin Help My Hemorrhoid?

The short answer is Yes. Glycerin is a substance which is considered to be a protectant. Glycerin provides a protective layer over the hemorrhoid that reduces and prevents irritation in the area.

Will Recticare Shrink Hemorrhoids?

NO. In fact, Lidocaine actually has vasodilator properties, which dilates the vessels or makes them larger. So while your pain may be gone, Recticare does nothing to shrink your hemorrhoids. The two main types of ingredients that shrink hemorrhoids are from vasoconstrictors and astringents. Vasoconstrictors do the exact opposite of Lidocaine; they shrink the vessels and thereby shrink your hemorrhoids. Same thing with astringents; they constrict or shrink tissue. In this case your hemorrhoid.

What Is The Cost Of Recticare?

Recticare is currently cheapest online at Amazon, although you can buy recticare at CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart as well.

Recticare Amazon - currently in stock - $23.45

Recticare CVS -  currently in stock -  $28.99

Recticare Walgreens - currently in stock - $28.99

Recticare Walmart - currently in stock - $25.66

What Is The Cost Of Preparation H?

Preparation H is cheapest at CVS, but you can purchase Preparation H at Amazon, Walgreens and Walmart too. You can find Preparation H at CVS online and in CVS stores.

Preparation H Amazon - currently in stock - $9.95

Preparation H Walgreens - currently in stock - $8.49

Preparation H CVS - currently in stock - $5.99

Preparation H Walmart - currently in stock - $7.44

Preparation H vs Recticare Who Is The Winner?

We believe Preparation H is a better value and likely to give you longer relief and improve your hemorrhoids. However, if your main issue is pain, then Recticare will likely be worth the $25-$30 price tag. Keep in mind that lidocaine is a temporary anesthetic, meaning that it only temporarily relieves pain. So, from an ingredient standpoint, Preparation H is our winner. Phenylephrine HCL a proven vasoconstrictor and since hemorrhoids are swollen vessels, this ingredient can actually improve your condition while also providing relief and relieving your pain.

What Should I Purchase For My Hemorrhoids?

If you are looking for products with astringents and vasodilators(ingredients that shrink hemorrhoids), you can use Preparation H (astringent ingredient) as your wipe, Preparation H (Vasoconstrictor) as your cream, and HemRid (astringent ingredient) as your Hemorrhoid Supplement.

This combination of hemorrhoid products is better known as the Triple Threat.

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