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Preparation H Suppositories Or Cream Or Ointment? Discover Which One Works Best for Hemorrhoids!!!

Posted on 07 November 2017 by

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Preparation H Suppositories Or Cream Or Ointment? Hemorrhoid suppositories or cream? Which is better for your hemorrhoids? You are about to find out.

First, we are like snowflakes, all of us are different and get relief in different ways.

So whether you choose a Preparation H hemorrhoid suppository, hemorrhoid cream or ointment, try pairing it with both a hemorrhoid wipe and a hemorrhoid supplement.

Increase your chances of relief! It’s really that simple. Attack your hemorrhoids from all directions and increase your chances of defeating them. 

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want fast hemorrhoid relief

What Type Of Hemorrhoid Do I Have? IT MATTERS!

First, you must be reading this because you have a hemorrhoid. Do you know what kind of hemorrhoid you have? The reason I ask is because IT MATTERS.

There are multiple types of hemorrhoids, such as internal, external, and thrombosed. Not to confuse you, but both internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids can also be thrombosed.

What Are Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are thought to be the most painful hemorrhoids and are caused when a blood clot forms in the hemorrhoid as a result of a lack of blood flow.

These are generally extremely painful and will cause you to seek medical advice.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are most often associated with external hemorrhoids, but can occur internally as well. 

What Are Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are internal hemorrhoids that "prolapse" or fall out of the anus. There are 4 different grades of internal prolapsed hemorrhoids.

The 4th grade is the worst and often requires hemorrhoid surgery.

Internal or External Hemorrhoids?

Preparation H Suppositories Or Cream Or Ointment PINTERESTYou should know whether you have internal or external hemorrhoids. It’s simple. Just take a mirror and look at your anus.

If you see tissue or blood vessel protruding or poking out of your anus, you have external hemorrhoids.

Now, if your anus looks normal, then you have internal hemorrhoids. 

External or Prolapsed Hemorrhoids?

Another term for external hemorrhoids is prolapsed hemorrhoids. In other words, the hemorrhoid protrudes from the anus.

External or prolapsed hemorrhoids are much more susceptible to becoming thrombosed.

The reason for this is that the part of the hemorrhoid that is protruding from your anus has a hard time getting adequate blood flow because of the sphincter muscle of your anus cutting off the blood supply.

The end result can be the formation of a blood clot, which usually is discovered by a sudden onset of piercing pain.

The hemorrhoid pain is usually so bad that you will have difficulty sitting.

So what type of hemorrhoids do you have?

Preparation H Suppositories Or Ointment For External Hemorrhoids?

First things first, as with any medical condition, there is no miracle cure that works for everybody.

Choosing the best OTC hemorrhoid medicine and other hemorrhoid products can help you greatly.

This is why we recommend using multiple products in addition, like witch hazel wipes and hemorrhoid supplements like HemRid Max.

That being said, if you have external hemorrhoids, it may be more beneficial for you to use hemorrhoid cream or hemorrhoid ointment.

If your hemorrhoids are outside your anus and you use a suppository, the medicine may stay internal or inside the anus and not come in contact with the hemorrhoid tissue which is external, decreasing your chances of getting relief.

However, it is also possible that some of the medicine leaks out onto your external hemorrhoids and provides relief.

The great thing about hemorrhoid cream is that you use it both internally and externally.

For those of you with external hemorrhoids, this may be the best way to get relief because it ensures all of the hemorrhoid tissue is exposed to the medicine.

For that reason, we believe that those suffering from external hemorrhoids are best using hemorrhoid cream rather than a hemorrhoid suppository.

If you had a hemorrhoid burst it will probably bleed for about 10 seconds. If it bleeds longer than that make sure you see a doctor.

Also, because external hemorrhoids are often more severe, such as when they are thrombosed, using the Preparation H cream with a strong hemorrhoid supplement like HemRid Max is the way to go.

Preparation H Suppositories Or Cream For Internal Hemorrhoids?

For those of you suffering from internal hemorrhoids, are preparation h suppositories or cream right for you?

Since your hemorrhoids are internal you can use either a suppository or a cream on your hemorrhoids. Since creams are used internally as well, you really can not go wrong with either.

However, is one better than the other? We think so. Sometimes the relief you get from the use of your hemorrhoid cream may not last as long as you would like.

And remember, according to hemorrhoid doctors or proctologists, addressing the causes of your hemorrhoids can help you prevent them from occurring in the future (1).

If that is the case with you, then try a hemorrhoid suppository. It will take some time for the heat of your body to melt the medicine and may provide you with a longer lasting relief of your hemorrhoid symptoms.

For that reason, Preparation H suppositories are our choice for internal hemorrhoid sufferers.

No matter what you choose, give your body the best chances of success and pair it with a hemorrhoid wipe containing witch hazel and a proven hemorrhoid supplement brand like HemRid.

Clinical evidence is lacking regarding OTC hemorrhoid medicines and oral supplements (2).

However, reading online reviews shows that many people have received lots of hemorrhoid relief from them over the years.

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