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HemoTreat Hemorrhoid Treatment Cream Review - Does HemoTreat Work for Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 13 November 2017 by

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Join us for this full and complete HemoTreat Review. Hemotreat is another hemorrhoid cream which claims to provide relief from hemorrhoids. With dozens of hemorrhoid creams out there which one will you buy? We will analyze Hemotreat’s ingredients, customer satisfaction rate and cost. Will it match up to the big dogs like Preparation H, Recticare and Tucks.

Hemotreat makes sweeping claims on their website with a chart they provide for consumers, but are these claims true?!?


1)They claim that Hemotreat is FDA Listed and Preparation H, Recticare and Tucks are Not

This appears misleading. Hmmm…would you rather your product be an FDA Approved OTC like Preparation H or merely listed? That is a no brainer. However, they market this as a benefit, giving themselves a checkmark and stating that they are “Better Than The Competition” When did being listed become better than being approved.

2) They claim they have a 97% scientifically proven success rate and Preparation H, Recticare and Tucks do not.

They say this is based on some clinical trial. Really?!? Hemotreat’s rating on Amazon is currently only a 3.9 with 264 Reviews. I’m going to guess that the study or clinical trial cited, which is not published anywhere on Hemotreat’s site, was self funded, because they currently have less than a four star rating on Amazon, which is lower than their competition.

So What Are The Hemotreat’s Ingredients?

There are four active Hemotreat ingredients which include White Petrolatum (21.3%), Lanolin (21.25%), Adeps Suillus (42.6%), and Camphor (2.5%).

Petroleum Jelly Makes Up 21.3% Of Hemotreat

First we have white petrolatum, which is simply petroleum jelly. Many hemorrhoid creams and ointments contain this ingredient, including Preparation H. Petroleum jelly is a protectant which can prevent irritation.

Lanolin (21.5%) Is Also Know As Sheep Oil Or Wool Wax

The next ingredient Lanolin, is a wax which is secreated from the sebaceous glands (glands in the skin) of wool bearing animals. It is used for a variety of things, machine lube, sore nipples from breastfeeding and lip balm in Carmex. There is currently little research regarding its efficacy or effectiveness at treating hemorrhoids.

Adeps Suillus (Lard) or Hog Fat

Like Lanolin which is harvested from the skin of wool bearing animals, Adeps Suillus is also an animal product, although this one is harvested from hogs. Adeps Suillus is Lard or purified internal fat of the hog.

Camphor, What Does It Do?

Campohor is a waxy substance found in the bark of the Camphor Laurel tree. It absorbs well in the skin and has a slight anesthetic effect. It is also known to be a vasodilator. It is this last effect that we do not like. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels. Most hemorrhoid creams and ointments have or contain vasoconstrictors, substances that will constrict or shrink the vessel. For instance Preparation H has Phenylephrine HCL, a well known and researched vasoconstrictor.

Hemotreat vs Preparation H; Is Hemotreat Better Than Preparation H?

Hemotreat vs Preparation H, which is better? Preparation H is our clear choice. First, it is probably the most trusted hemorrhoid cream brand. But the ingredients is really where we feel Preparation H is superior, with the inclusion of Phenylephrine HCL, which again is a vasoconstrictor, known to shrink the vessel. While no one product works for everyone, Preparation H is a proven product with a great track record. You can purchase Preparation H or Hemotreat below from Amazon.

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