Best Scar Removal Cream for Acne - 2017-2018 Buyer Guide and Reviews

Posted on 13 November 2017

Do you have acne scars? Acne scars are a very common occurrence and can be very damaging to confidence and self-esteem. There are several types of acne scars, including ice pick scars, rolling scars, boxcar scars, atrophic scars, and hypertrophic or keloid scars.

What are Acne Scars?

Acne scars are produced when the body responds with too little collagen when damaged. The most common causes of acne scars are cysts, pustules, papule and lesions. When your pores or follicles are filled with extra oil, bacteria, and dead cells, they can swell and break. Most often these lesions happen at the surface of the skin and heal relatively quickly and without scarring. However, when the follicle or pore breaks deeper within the skin, the infected area prevents healthy tissue from coming back. Instead of the pore and follicle regrowing and rebuilding the tissue normally, collagen fibers attempt to build it back up but are unable to do so because of the extra oil, bacteria and dead cells. When the skin finally heals, it just doesn’t look how it once did. 

When the skin is inflamed due to excess waste (bacteria, dead cells, etc), it is unable to repair itself in the same manner it normally would. The healing of the skin ends up being acne scars. Also, when the breakouts are extremely deep, it is very hard for the skin to heal naturally.

What Causes Acne Scars?

There are a few frequent causes of acne scars. Do your best to address the problem to prevent further scarring in the future.

Delaying Treatment  - The quicker you treat your acne scars the better. If you are using an OTC product or an acne scar cream and not getting results, get to your doctor as soon as possible. The longer you wait the bigger the chance you have of developing acne scars. If you can stop future pimples and acne then you may be able to stop future acne scars.

Picking, Squeezing or Popping Excessively - Do your absolute best to refrain from picking your acne scars. The more you pick at your scars, the worse they can get. All you are doing is causing the damage to run deeper and heal poorly. Also, squeezing is a very bad idea as it damages the skin and pushes the tissue deeper and deeper into the dermis. Remember, the deeper your breakouts go the worse it is for acne scarring. Finally, the last thing you will want to do is to pop your pimples. Doing this can cause damage to the skin and promote the spread of bacteria and oil.

Using Harsh Skin Care Products - Stop using harsh skincare products! Harsh skincare products can damage the skin even further and make things worse. If your skin is damaged and oily, you will want to use a skincare regimen that is healthy for your skin. We have a wonderful organic line that is great for acne scars. Check out our organic skin care line here

Using the Wrong Product For Deep Breakouts or Acne Cysts - Deep breakouts and acne cysts are a very common cause of acne scars. Many OTC acne scars  products do not help with these very deep cysts or breakouts. OTC scar products do not help with these types of breakouts, so go see a doctor or dermatologist.


Does an Acne Scar Cream Really Work?

Acne scar creams work to help get rid of the bacteria, excess oil, and dead cells that clog poor and damage follicles. In addition, acne scar creams with the right ingredients provide your skin the nutrients it needs to heal properly. Using the right acne scar cream every day can make your skin look and feel much better.

When your skin has the proper nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals it will heal better and look and feel better. The right acne scar cream can help you reduce the appearance of your acne scars naturally and safely.

Benefits of Acne Scar Creams

  • Removes dead tissue and cells from the skin
  • Helps fight and kill bad bacteria
  • Helps prevent the clogging of pores
  • Help prevents the cracking of follicle walls
  • Keeps skin moisturized and soft
  • Stops excessive oil buildup
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scars

We have reviewed the top 5 acne scar creams so that you can start looking and feeling better today!

Top 5 Acne Scar Creams

1. Selevax Scar Cream

Buy Selevax Acne Scar Cream

Selevax is an acne scar cream that comes with a whole host of healthy, natural skin boosting and enhancing ingredients. Selevax’s ingredients include rose hip seed oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, dimethicone, aloe vera, vitamin e, vitamin c and more. As you can see, Selevax is an outstanding acne scar cream that works to get rid of the appearance of acne scars fast.

There are many OTC scar products that are very irritating to your skin more. Selevax Acne Scar Cream is the opposite, it contains natural oils and butter that work to moisturize and soften damaged skin.

2. Amaira Acne Scar Cream

amaira acne scar cream

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Amaira is an acne scar cream that uses B-glutan to fight and reduce the appearance of acne scars. B-Glutan is thought to limit inflammation and potentially increase the body’s production of collagen. The product also contains a plethora of plant based ingredients that work together to fight acne scarring. Amaira also contains bentonite clay, shea butter, and avocado seed extract. These ingredients have been shown to improve the appearance of the skin with prolonged usage.

3. Vie Naturelle Acne Treatment Cream

vie naturelle acne scar cream

Buy Vie Naturelle on Amazon

This acne scar cream by Vie Naturelle has a very strong ingredient list. In addition, it has garnered excellent feedback in the market. Vie Naturelle currently has an amazon star rating of 4.5 stars, with over 300 reviews on Amazon.

Vie Naturelle combines science with nature in its formula. Benzoyl peroxide medication is supplemented with essential oils and shea butter to provide moisturizing while also attacking the bacteria. In addition, the cream works to slough off dead skin cells so that the skin can heal naturally.

4.  Keeva Organics Tea Tree Cream/Oil

keeva organics acne scar cream

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Kiev organics is another great potion for acne scars. Kiev organics contains tea tree oil, rose hip seed oil, olive oil (like Selevax) and some other great ingredients. The biggest and most important ingredient in the formula is the tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, swelling, and also serve as an antioxidant and antibacterial compound. Kieva puts together a great formula that does wonders for acne scars. Keiva also has a great amazon review score and almost 890 reviews on Amazon! Kieva Tea Tree Cream is a great product for acne scars and one will want to try.

5. Avarelle Acne Cover Patch

Avarelle Acne Cover Patch

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This isn’t exactly an acne scar cream, but it makes our list because of the quality and buzz that its generating. Avarelle is a patch that you put over your skin that contains tea tree oil and calendula oil. These oils fight acne scars and begin reducing the appearance of acne scars shortly. This product also helps with wound recovery and is hypoallergenic for safety and to prevent irritation. If you so have any skin irritations make sure you stop using and call your doctor. The avarelle cover patch currently has an amazon star rating of 4.8, but only has 12 reviews. We will keep you posted and let you know if it continues to generate buzz in the market.

The Best Acne Scar Tips

Stay out of the sun! If you are in the sun for a prolonged period of time you may develop darker and more pronounced acne scars.

Stop picking your acne scars. Picking, squeezing and pinching acne scars will generally make them worse. Be very careful with excessive picking so that you do not get more acne scars or make your current ones worse.

Don’t irritate your skin even more! Make sure you are not using harsh soaps, cleansers, toners or other moisturizes that will make your skin inflamed. Whenever you are testing a new product for your facial acne scar, just use a little at first to make sure it doesn’t cause a bad reaction on your face.

Use organic products to cleanse and moisturize. Our list of organic products are made right here in the USA and do wonders for damaged and inflamed skin. Try our organic line today if you have acne scars.

Go to the doctor or dermatologist. While we recommend the products above, going to the doctor for your acne scars can be the best thing you do. An experienced dermatologist may be able to help you greatly with your acne scars. If you do not like their advice or get little results, just move on and try something else!

selevax scar cream

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