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Hemorrhoid Abdominal Pain - Can Hemorrhoids Cause Abdominal Pain?

Posted on 01 December 2018 by

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Constipation is often to blame for the formation of hemorrhoids, and when you are feeling backed up, you might also feel bloated.

Constipation leads to straining on the toilet, and your difficulty passing stools can mean excessively trying to push through a bowel movement.  Hemorrhoids form because of the stress placed upon the rectal veins, and with painful symptoms, you might avoid trying to go to the bathroom.

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Bloating?

Indirectly, hemorrhoids may cause bloating. 

Bloating and constipation are side effects of a diet that lacks fiber, and this unbalanced diet undoubtedly leads to hemorrhoids.  However, if you start by eating too much fiber in an attempt to curb your hemorrhoids, bloating can undoubtedly occur.

So, if you are using fiber as a way to prevent and treat hemorrhoids, begin including it into your diet gradually.  By doing so, you can avoid that bloated feeling.

Can Hemorrhoids Cause Gas Pain?

Hemorrhoids can cause some gas pain, but this isn't a common symptom.  More typical symptoms of hemorrhoids include a burning feeling, itching, anal lumps, anal discharge, and difficulty sitting or going to the bathroom.

Gas pain can be felt if external hemorrhoids are present because of the hard, painful anal lumps that form just outside the anal opening.  These lumps are tender and sensitive, so even passing gas can be painful.

Can Hemorrhoid Pain Cause Nausea?

Nausea is not commonly reported with hemorrhoids, although hemorrhoid pain can be extraordinarily uncomfortable and even life hindering.

Hemorrhoid pain does not usually cause nausea.  If your symptoms are severe enough to make you feel sick and nauseous, then it is time to get a hold of your doctor.

If you experience nausea and hemorrhoids, there could be something else going on that would require the trained advice of a medical professional. Your family doctor can help you sort out your symptoms and adequately diagnose you.

Can Hemorrhoids Make Me Vomit?

Not usually.  If you find yourself vomiting with hemorrhoids, it could be that the pain is so severe that your body is sick to the stomach.  However, the research and studies published on hemorrhoids rarely indicate that vomiting is if at all, a symptom of hemorrhoids.

If you are vomiting and have hemorrhoids, the two could be unrelated, but regardless, you need to see your primary doctor for treatment.


Sometimes, sufferers of hemorrhoids overindulge in taking fiber as a means to prevent hemorrhoids.  Too much fiber at once, or eating and taking more fiber than what the body is used to can lead to abdominal pain, excessive gas or gas pain, and even an upset stomach.

Even doctors will advise taking a fiber supplement, or having patients get more daily fiber out of whole foods during meals.  Hemorrhoid patients need to read the supplement’s packaging and follow the recommended servings to avoid feeling bloated or experiencing abdominal pain.

Hemorrhoids themselves rarely cause abdominal pain, gas pain, or vomiting.  Itchiness, burning, anal masses, and rectal bleeding are far more typical when hemorrhoids are concerned

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