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Can Hemorrhoids Cause Sores? Hemorrhoid Open Sores Explained

Posted on 04 December 2018 by

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There are two types of hemorrhoids—internal and external.  As far as the question as to whether hemorrhoids are open sores, the answer would mainly pertain to external hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids are responsible for the visible, more painful symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. 

Are Hemorrhoids Open Sores?

Much of the pain can be attributed to the anal masses that develop close to the anus.  These anal lumps can become thrombosed, and the presence of a blood clot can make the lump burst open. 

A ruptured thrombosed hemorrhoid can be an open sore, which is why many doctors strongly advise that patients do not lance or drain a thrombosed hemorrhoid by themselves.  Any open sore can usher in an infection.

What is a Perianal Sore?

A perianal sore is a broad term used to describe a painful condition down in the anorectal area.  A perianal sore can be an anal fistula, abscess, fissure, or even a reference to hemorrhoid pain

If you feel discomfort and pain in your anal area, you will want to get it checked out right away. 

Sores and any open wound in this sensitive area could easily attract an infection, but with a quick round of antibiotics, you should be feeling better in a matter of days.

What Else Could Be Down There?

We talked about what a perianal sore could mean, but what are the other conditions that can be described as a perianal pain or sore?

An anal fistula and an anal abscess occur when there is an infection near the anus.  An anal fistula is a small pocket that develops at the end of the bowel and the anal skin, forming an abscess, which is typically filled with pus.

Fistulas and abscesses can explain why you might be feeling a throbbing pain that becomes worse when you sit down, irritation, swelling, and rectal bleeding.  With these anal conditions, you might even run a fever.

Anal fissures, on the other hand, are tears in the delicate anal skin.  Fissures are caused when passing larger stools, or stools that are hard and lack moisture. 

Fissures feel like paper cuts, but because of their location on the sensitive anal skin, they can be incredibly painful.  Luckily, they’ll go away in a few days or weeks, but in the meantime, increasing your fiber or taking a laxative can help speed up the recovery process.

There are more severe that can lead to perianal soreness. Some are as serious as anal cancer, Crohn’s disease, or various types of inflammatory bowel diseases.  However, before you send yourself into a panic, you should make an appointment to see your doctor and receive a correct diagnosis.


Anal sores, whether from hemorrhoids or something else, should be addressed right away.  Infections can become dangerous, and even life-threatening in some cases.  Fevers can arise, and if untreated, infections can wreak serious havoc in the body. 

Hemorrhoids are easily treated, but you should always begin the conversation of treatment and prevention with your doctor.  Covering all of your bases when a hemorrhoid ruptures and becomes an open sore is the first step toward healing.

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