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Do I Have Pinworms or Hemorrhoids? Discover the Truth About Hemorrhoids and Pinworms

Posted on 18 July 2018 by

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In this post we'll share the difference between pinworms and hemorrhoids. Anal itching intensity can increase over time, and with this symptom, often times you aren't sure whether you have hemorrhoids or something else—something like pinworms. 

You have probably heard of both pinworms and hemorrhoids being common gastrointestinal disorders that can cause itching, burning, and discomfort in the anorectal area.

Pinworms are small parasites that can set up camp in your colon or rectum.  The prevalence of pinworms is more likely in children, or in those who are institutionalized, so much so that the statistics indicate a jump to 50-100%. 

This phenomenon remarks on the conditions and hygiene of institutions, where overcrowding and lack of care can put this group of persons at higher risk of diseases such as pinworms. 

Children have a 20% risk for contracting pinworms, and this is perhaps they are not as attuned to proper hygiene following their bathroom habits or could be attributed to the exposure in school settings.

Alternatively, children are not as likely to develop hemorrhoids at a young age. However, if chronic constipation is a factor, which in childhood, it indeed can be, young children can potentially experience painful external hemorrhoids.  Likelihood of hemorrhoids increases after the age of 30, and peaks in adults aged 50 and older.

Pinworms are ingested either directly or indirectly, and then the adult females proceed to lay eggs in the colon in preparation to infect others through unwashed hands, soiled clothing, and contaminated surfaces.

In contrast, hemorrhoids are not an infectious disease or a parasite, they are simply inflamed rectal veins located internally—inside the rectum—or externally, around or on the anus.  Unlike pinworms, hemorrhoids cannot be contracted from physically touching other people or contaminated surfaces and objects. 

If you have hemorrhoids, you should consider trying a hemorrhoid supplement like HemRid Max. It is an all natural, hemorrhoid relieving supplement that targets painful hemorrhoids.

Whether or not you have pinworms or hemorrhoids should be a question best left to your doctor.  When speaking with your doctor, be sure to tell him or her about all of your symptoms.  Regarding statistics, hemorrhoids are far more common, but depending on specific risk factors, it could be either disease.

Symptoms of Pinworms

In reality, there is just one shared symptom between these two diseases, and that is anal itching.  For someone infected with pinworms, the anal itching can become so intense that it becomes incredibly disruptive to sleeping and during your daily routine or activities.

In most cases, if you have pinworms, there is a good chance you are asymptomatic.  You may even be unaware of a pinworm infection at all.  If anal itching does occur, however, secondary symptoms of irritation from scratching the anal area can arise, as well as a bacterial infection in the anal area or genital region. 

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are often a reflection of our diet, especially those that lack a proper intake of fiber.  Constipation, chronic diarrhea, and straining during a bowel movement can lead to the development of hemorrhoids in the anorectal area.

A few common symptoms of external and internal hemorrhoids include:

  • Itching around the anal area
  • Anal discharge
  • Hard lumps that form around the anus and are tender or sore
  • A burning feeling in the rectal area
  • Feeling uncomfortable in sitting or standing positions
  • Bright red blood on the stools or following a bowel movement
  • Blood clots that form outside the anus
  • Prolapse of an internal hemorrhoid through the rectum

As you can see, many symptoms can arise surrounding this common gastrointestinal disease.  With pinworms, there is only one real symptom of anal itching.  For someone with hemorrhoids, many more symptoms can appear. 

How to Get Relief from Pinworms 

To ensure that you don’t become re-infected by pinworms, you should see your doctor about medication to kill this parasitical disease. 

There are over the counter medications that advertise the ability to eliminate pinworms from the colon, but be wary with these, as there is a high chance that it will not be as effective with just one dose.  For this reason, consulting with your doctor is essential to prevent another infection from occurring,

Medications that can treat pinworms and kill the disease are:

  • Mebendazole
  • Pyrantel Pamoate
  • Albendazole

Over the counter, topical creams can help with relieving anal itching.  However, after applying topical treatments to the anal area, it is crucial to wash your hands. 

By practicing proper hand washing, you can prevent a re-infection from occurring and stop the infection from spreading to someone else.

To stop pinworms from reoccurring, it is of the utmost importance to practice good hygiene.  By changing your underwear frequently, washing your hands with soap and warm water, cleaning your anorectal area after waking up in the morning, and cleaning and cutting your fingernails, you can stop pinworms from spreading and re-infecting. 

How to Get Relief from Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids have plagued humankind for centuries, and for as many years as this anorectal disease has been around, there are plenty of remedies to combat it.  The good news is that despite the discomfort of hemorrhoids, flare-ups can subside within a few days, even without treatment. 

A few tried and true methods to achieve relief of hemorrhoids and their painful symptoms are:

  1. Witch hazel wipes
  2. Topical ointments, creams, and gels
  3. Fiber supplements to prevent hemorrhoids
  4. Hemorrhoid cushion rings to avoid discomfort while sitting
  5. Over the counter pain relievers
  6. Sitz bath with warm water
  7. Soft Hemorrhoid pillows
  8. Herbal hemorrhoid pills

Inflammation of these sensitive rectal veins can cause painful symptoms that hinder daily activities and even what used to be comfortable positions. 

The first step in hemorrhoid relief is prevention, and with more fiber added to your diet, you can lower the risk of experiencing flare-ups.

Best Product for Pinworms

Following the rules of proper hygiene concerning an infectious disease is crucial in keeping the infection at bay and from the recontamination of people, clothing, objects, and surfaces.

These over the counter medications are designed to halt the lifecycle of the pinworms, forcing them to be passed through the intestine via a bowel movement before the eggs are laid. 

These are the top products listed on Amazon that received multiple star rating with at least a few dozens or so customer reviews. 

  • Reese’s Pinworm Medicine
  • Zahler ParaGuard Advanced Intestinal Support for Humans
  • Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension Columbia Laboratories
  • IntestinePro Intestine Support for Humans
  • HealthForce SuperFoods SCRAM Internal Parasite Formula
  • CARA Pin-Away Pinworm Medicine

Reese’s Pinworm Medication was the most prominent product on Amazon with a substantial number of customer reviews paired with a high star rating.  Customers indicated its quick relief formula that was safe for use on younger children as well as adults.

Your healthcare physician can also prescribe pinworm medication.  Some over the counter products, despite their high ratings and reviews by customers, may require multiple doses in order to kill the pinworms effectively.

Best Product for Hemorrhoids 

There are hundreds of different methods of treating hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid symptoms available online for purchase or in retail stores. 

From wipes to creams, and to dietary supplements, these methods can help force hemorrhoids to shrink more quickly and aid in subsiding symptoms of itching, discomfort, burning, and soreness. 

Hemorrhoids can be treated in many different ways depending on your symptoms and their severity. Creams, ointments, gels, lotions, and medicated wipes target anal itching and rectal pain commonly caused by external hemorrhoids. 

Lubricating external hemorrhoids with these treatments can allow for easier mobility and help subside pain and discomfort. 

Did your hemorrhoid burst and bleed? It should only bleed for about 10 seconds or less. If you have persistent hemorrhoid bleeding see a doctor immediately.

Medicated wipes can cause less disruption to be sore and tender external hemorrhoids, especially following a bowel movement. 

Wipes with witch hazel can target inflammation while giving the skin a cooling sensation for relief.

relief from hemorrhoids not pinworms

Fiber supplements and stool softeners act as a preventative treatment while also making current symptoms more manageable.  Stools that are softened and bulked with moisture prevent straining and constipation, translating to relieving inflammation and pressure on hemorrhoidal veins. 

Drinking plenty of water and exercising throughout the week are also essential factors in hemorrhoid prevention.

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