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Biodermis vs. Scaraway Reviews - The Results Are Surprising (2018)

Posted on 25 April 2018 by

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Biodermis and Scaraway are two major competitors when it comes to silicone scar sheets.

While both are similar, there are certain differences which makes one clearly better than the other.

If you are worried about scarring and are looking for a product to minimize your scars then you are on the right track.

Research has shown that silicone dressings are more effective at minimizing scar formation than non-silicone dressings.  

So which of the two silicone scar sheets, Biodermis or Scaraway is the better option for your scars?

In this head to head matchup we reviewed each products ingredients, quality, price and effectiveness.

Can Silicone Sheeting Be Bad For Your Scar?

Unfortunately, silicone sheeting like Scaraway and Biodermis can actually prevent healing and have the opposite effect on your scar.

Research has shown that the adhesive silicone sheeting like Scaraway and Biodermis can remove very important layers of skin when the sheeting is removed.

The repeated tape stripping has been shown to cause keratinocytes to become active within hours. 

This can result in an increase in collagen cells which you don’t want.

So while silicone is a great ingredient for scars, you will want to stay away from adhesive silicone sheets, due to their adhesive nature.

Is There Something Better For Scars Than Silicone Sheeting?

First, it is important to understand that there are many effective options for reducing the appearance of scars other than silicone scar sheets. For a full list of the Best Scar Products of 2018 click here.

In fact, simple petroleum jelly has been shown to be effective in locking in the moisture and aiding in rapid wound healing.  In fact, one study found no difference in healing when compared to antibiotic ointment.

There are also newer hybrid solutions like Selevax which contain silicone but have a cream base and incorporate other helpful ingredients like jojoba oil which has been shown to improve hydration.   

It is believed that this cream base may offer greater skin absorption and be a better option for scars.

Scaraway Ingredients vs Biodermis Ingredients, Which Is Better?

Biodermis and Scaraway both contain 100% Silicone. However, Biodermis claims that their silicone is of a ”medical grade quality.” 

Biodermis does not back up that claim with any solid evidence that their silicone is, in fact, of greater quality and they expect us to just take their word for it.

The fact of the matter is they both contain 100% silicone, which is why we believe that in the ingredient quality category Biodermis and Scaraway are tied.

This leads us to product effectiveness. 

What Works Better, Scaraway or Biodermis?

Scaraway seems to have a flaw which prevents it from being as effective as Biodermis, the adhesive sheeting will not stay in place.

This complaint is found over and over again in Amazon reviews and it does not appear Scaraway has provided a fix for this other than recommending you go out and also buy tape to hold it in place.

This is the problem though with adhesive silicone scar sheeting.

You want an adhesive that will hold the sheeting in place but will not pull off the top layer of skin when removing it to shower etc. It is a slippery slope.

Biodermis, on the other hand, does not appear to have this same problem.

It is for this reason, its adhesive properties which allow for the silicone to stay on the affected area that we believe Biodermis will be more effective at minimizing your scar. Is it our overall winner though? Let’s compare cost.

Scaraway vs. Biodermis – Which Costs More?

Regarding cost, both Biodermis and Scaraway are around $20 for a box of sheets. Scaraway prices tend to be about a dollar or two more overall. 

Our winner of the Scaraway and Biodermis matchup is Biodermis. Not only does it appear to stick better, but it also a bit cheaper.

However, because of silicone adhesive sheeting having a tendency to remove the top layer of cells when peeling off for a shower or otherwise, we have chosen a cream which contains silicone as the best option for reducing the appearance of scars.

To learn more about our Top Scar Creams of 2018 for surgical scars click here.

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