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The Best Scar Creams For Surgical Scars 2018: Reviews & Guides

Posted on 16 November 2017 by

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Surgeries can often leave behind some ugly scars. The use of scar cream after surgery can make all the difference. With so many scar creams out there, how do you which is the best for surgical scars. Scar creams are generally designed for old scars or to prevent and minimize new ones. Today we will look at the Best Scar Creams of 2018 for Surgical Scars.

What is a Scar?

A scar is a formation of scar tissue which grows to repair a tear, rip, or cut in the skin. Once the skin is injured, wether it be by a scalpel or otherwise, tissue grows to fill in and connect the area. In addition to the use of a scar cream, caring for the wound appropriately can go a long way in preventing a larger uglier scar.

Being careful with the surgical site and preventing the wound from opening up can help minimize the scarring. Do not pick scabs! All too often when a scab forms on a surgical site we pick it and pull it off. This will likely increase the size and appearance of your scar.

What Exactly Are Surgical Scars?

Surgical Scars are scars that form as a result of trauma to the skin that occurs as a result of a surgical operation.

What Type Of Scar Do I Have? Keloid? Contracture? Hypertrophic?

Do you have Hypertrophic scars, Contracture Scars and Keloid Scars? These types of scars can result from surgery. Hypertrophic scars are typically raised and red, however they do not go beyond the injury itself. Contracture scars frequently result from burns, but can result from surgery. The scars tighten the skin limiting movement. Next we have Keloid scars. Keloid scars are caused by the wound healing too rapid and aggressively. Keloid scars can be a real problem and in some cases can effect mobility. They are also quite unsightly in appearance due to their raised and often large size.

What Can I Do To a Prevent Scar?

In addition to the use of a good scar cream, caring for the wound appropriately can go a long way in preventing a larger uglier scar. Being careful with the surgical site and preventing the wound from opening up can also help minimize the scarring. Do not pick scabs! 

How Long Should I Use The Scar Cream?

Do not expect the scar to vanish in a couple weeks. The scar cream should be used for a period of at least three to six months. You may not notice a difference in the appearance of the scar for months.

When Can I Expose My Scar To Sun?

It is not recommended to expose your scar to the sun for at least 90 days after the surgical scar appears. If you do, wear sunscreen on the scar. Sun can actually bring out or increase the appearance of the scar.

What Are The Best Scar Creams For Surgery Scars 2018?

#1 Selevax


This cream was made for surgical scars. With proven ingredients like glycerin, rose hip seed oil, and aloe this is an amazing formula designed for those tough surgical scars. Enhanced with Shea butter it doubles as a moisturizer for prevention. Currenly, 65% of Selevax reviewers on Amazon have rated it a 4-5 Stars out of 5 stars. With Selevax you are one your way to seriously reducing the appearance of scars. For just a little over $20 it simply can’t be beat. Right now there is a discount for purchasing 3 or more jars.

What We Love About Selevax:

-Reduces Appearance of Scars

-Great Moisturizer to Prevent Scars

-High Customer Satisfaction Rate

#2 Kelo-Cote

kelo cote

Kelo-Cote, like Selevax is designed for surgical scars. Kelo-Cote is a silicone based product with a proven track. Silicone is a great ingredient backed by research indicating its effectiveness on improving the appearance of stretch marks. Kelo-Cote is a winning surgical scar treatment.

What We Love About Kelo-Cote:

-Top Quality Silicone

-Reduces Appearance of Scars

-High Customer Satisfaction Rate

#3 Mederma


Mederma is another great choice for surgical scars. It’s ingredients are specifically designed to reduce the appearance of scars. You may need to add a separate moisturizer for prevention, but Mederma works for both older and newer scars.

What We Love About Mederma:

-Well known scar brand

-Reduces Appearance of Scars

#4 Scar Away


Scar Away is another leading scar care brand with a silicone treatment similar to Kelo-Cote. In fact, the main ingredient of each is the same, Silicone.  Scar Away is one of the top silicone scar care product with a great track record for helping those with unsightly scars.

What We Love About Scar Away:

-Reduces Appearance of Scars

-Top Grade Silicone

#5 Bio Oil

bio oil

Bio Oil is another trusted scar care product with great customer satisfaction. It is essentially baby oil with other common skin care ingredients. It is effective at reducing the appearance of scars, but is quite greasy. Bio Oil is a great moisturizer and can be used for scar prevention as well. Just be sure not to get any on your clothing as it may be difficult to remove.

What We Love About Bio Oil:

-Great Moisturizer to Prevent Scars

-Baby Oil

#6 InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream


InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream is another great reducer of the appearance of scars. We would, however recommend the use of an additional moisturizer with this product. It does contain green tea. The idea is that the green tea, which contains antioxidants, may help with scars. The innovative formula of this scar treatment is why it makes our Best Scar Cream List of 2018.

What We Love About InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream:
-Innovative Ingredients (green tea)

-Great Moisturizer to Prevent Scars

#7 Fox Brim Renewal Scar Cream


FoxBrim Renewal Scar Cream is another innovative scar treatment. It includes ingredients like plant stem cell and peptides to aid in reducing the appearance of scars. It also contains Vitamin E and other oils to double as a skin moisturizer for prevention.

What We Love About FoxBrim Renewal Scar Cream:

-Innovative Ingredients (plant stem cell and peptides)

-Great Moisturizer to Prevent Scars


For a post surgical cream you want one with ingredients to reduce the appearance of the scar and to moisturize the skin to prevent scar development. These products are the Best Scar Creams for Surgical Scars for 2018. In addition to using a good scar cream, make sure to stay hydrated and avoid sun on the scar.


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