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Best Heating Pad Hemorrhoids Review & Guide - Do heating Pads Work for Hemorrhoids?

Posted on 13 August 2018 by

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The best Heating Pad for Hemorrhoids review. 

You have hemorrhoids, but you don't want to use harsh chemicals and painkillers to treat them, so what do you do?  It seems as if every site recommends some unpronounceable topical cream to treat hemorrhoids, but you are looking for more of a natural treatment method, and it would be even better if you did not have to slather on ointments that stain clothing or make you feel unclean.

What about a heating pad for hemorrhoids? Can it work?

Will A Heating Pad Work For Hemorrhoids?

Perhaps to some level of surprise, some people have claimed that heating pads have helped their hemorrhoids. 

Most of us have an old heating pad lying around the house that can be used to treat painful hemorrhoids.  Applying heat to your external hemorrhoids can help you manage the pain and discomfort that these hard, rubbery bumps on the rectum cause.

Sometimes, hemorrhoids are unavoidable, and this depends on specific factors that you cannot change, like your age or family history concerning hemorrhoid occurrences. While it is frustrating to be predisposed to getting bothersome hemorrhoids, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for avoiding flare-ups.

Hemorrhoids are more likely to occur if you have poor bathroom habits, for example, if you find that you are straining more, spending a lot of time on the toilet, or if you have a poor diet.

By working on your diet and toilet habits, you can do yourself a favor in avoiding these sharp exterior protrusions down the road.  Hemorrhoids and blood flow are interconnected, meaning if the blood flow is obstructed to the rectum, hemorrhoids are more likely to form.

Simple self-care practices can encourage hemorrhoids to go away.  This is where your heating pad can play an essential role in healing.  By sitting on a heating pad with thin clothes, you can ease the symptoms of external hemorrhoids, even temporarily—at the very least.

How Does A Heating Pad Help Hemorrhoids?

Heating pads and hemorrhoids are a question of reducing inflammation, which is the key to getting external hemorrhoids to subside faster.  Hemorrhoids are comprised of irritated tissues in the rectum that include veins and essential blood vessels responsible for transporting blood supply.

When the flow of blood is comprised, the sensitive parts that are located in the rectum, internally and externally, pay the price.   Extra pressure is a common problem that causes the blood supply to be hindered. 

Factors that cause this can be attributed to sitting and standing for abnormally long periods of time.  For those that are on their feet for their job like manual workers, this can be an issue, and for sitting, truck drivers remaining a seated position for hours on end can also be more prone to hemorrhoids.

A heat pad for hemorrhoids can work because when it's applied to the rectal area, the dry heat can encourage the blood to flow again. Essentially, the heating pad on hemorrhoids helps the blood flow, which can give some relief from the pain. 

Heating pads are also used to alleviate cramping, especially for women with painful periods, and because of this, the heat can work similarly when applied against hemorrhoid protrusions. 

The beauty of using a heating pad for hemorrhoids is that it can be done anytime throughout the day and is a low-risk approach to treating them.  Muscles respond well to heat, and this is why athletes use heating pads for sore muscles after intense training and workouts.

You can use a heating pad against inflamed external hemorrhoids while you are sleeping throughout the night or if you are lounging on the couch during the day.  A heating pad can temporarily relieve common hemorrhoid symptoms, with the increased blood supply reducing the feeling of itchiness, irritation, and dull, throbbing pain that is associated with external hemorrhoids.

Should I Use an Ice Pack or Heating Pad for Hemorrhoids?

For painful external hemorrhoids, where hard lumps form around the anus, causing soreness, tenderness, and immense discomfort, doctors will typically advise an application of an ice pack.

An ice pack and a heating pad are both lucrative means of treating hemorrhoids, and either method is low-risk enough that it is a matter of personal preference.  The difference between the two is the concern of inflammation.

Ice packs reduce inflammation, and this is why prizefighters are seen using a slab of cold meat or a pack of frozen peas against purpling bruises and cuts on their faces.  The idea behind this is to target the swelling immediately and reduce it with an ice-cold application. 

To use an ice pack for external hemorrhoids, take a zipped baggie of ice and wrap a towel around it for cushioning and also for lessening the cold to make it more manageable.  Like a heating pad, you can use an ice pack throughout the day, as needed.

Heating Pad for Thrombosed Hemorrhoids?

Complications can arise for hemorrhoids, and it is at this point, you should talk to your doctor before the difficulties worsen and become unmanageable.  Complications are the reason why you should always keep an eye on the condition of your external or internal hemorrhoids, and look for any visible changes that could indicate the hemorrhoids have moved to a more severe stage.

When blood collects inside of an external hemorrhoid, doctors refer to it as a thrombosed hemorrhoid.  A thrombosed hemorrhoid is considered a complication of an external hemorrhoid and should be addressed immediately.  A thrombosed hemorrhoid will look dark purple or even reddened.  The blood clot can engorge the size of the external hemorrhoid and make sitting and standing even more painful than previous.

A heating pad may not be the best solution on its own for a blood clot that has formed inside of an external hemorrhoid.  Using more than one method of relief would be more helpful in alleviating pain.

In combination with an ice pack, you can use alternate hot and cold to help manage pain.  A blood clot is incredibly painful, and you should have your doctor examine it, then lance and drain it in a medical setting.  Having your doctor do this procedure will prevent the thrombosed hemorrhoid from worsening, bursting on its own, and accumulating an infection.

An ice pack on a thrombosed hemorrhoid can help with the swelling, and a heating pad can assist in normalizing blood flow.  For acute thrombosed hemorrhoids, patients may not need to have the hemorrhoid removed entirely, but instead wait a few days and continue to apply this conservative treatment.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid that has resolved itself has the potential of leaving behind a skin tag.  A heating pad application will not prevent this, instead, try an anti-scarring cream and apply throughout the day, reapplying after bowel movements.

Skin tags can cause more irritation in the rectal area and may even produce bleeding from the friction of movement or from wiping after elimination.  Keeping a visual determination on thrombosed hemorrhoids and their healing process can allow you to care for the rectal area in a way that prevents skin tags from forming.

The Best Heating Pads for Hemorrhoids

A suitable heating pad is designed to put safety first by not running too hot and having a trusted manufacturer ensure that the system is fire-safe.  In purchasing a heating pad, keep in mind that it can be used for multiple ailments and not just hemorrhoids.

Amazon has numerous top-rated heating pad products from $15-$35, and many have thousands of customer reviews to support their popularity.

  • PureRelief XL King Size Heating Pad
  • Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad
  • DONECO King Size Xpress Heat Heating Pad
  • TechLove Extra Large Electric Heating Pad

Heating pads are an inexpensive method to treat hemorrhoids and can be used for any muscle soreness felt on the body.  A heating pad is a safe and effective way to relieve hemorrhoid pain and can be used by children, adults, and older adults without risk of injury.

Many heating pads nowadays have self-shut-offs for optimal safety measures.  Leaving a heating pad unattended is inadvisable because a fuse could blow, and there is a small potential of causing a fire.  Fortunately, many modern designs and manufacturers have perfected heating pads to prevent this from occurring.

You can buy heating pads at online retailers like Google Shopping, Amazon, or any manufacturers’ online store.  Heating pads are also found in large superstore like Walmart and Target.

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