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Alleviate Review - The Natural Menthol Hemorrhoid Treatment By Alleviate

Posted on 12 August 2018 by

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Alleviate Natural Menthol Hemorrhoid Treatment REVIEW- You have hemorrhoids, but you aren’t sure how to treat them and with what product.  Maybe you have tried your hand at a few and to no avail, or perhaps you are just starting out in finding the best one. 

There is an overwhelming mass of products claiming to relieve hemorrhoids and seemingly no beginning or end to them.  Alleviate Natural Menthol Hemorrhoid Treatment is among this sea of hemorrhoid treatments but does it work or is it a waste of time and money? 

Alleviate is a pain-relieving cream that utilizes the cooling sensation of menthol as a critical ingredient in its formula.  Alleviate Natural Menthol Hemorrhoid Treatment is designed to be used on external hemorrhoids—hard anal lumps that become inflamed on the anal skin.

alleviate vs hemrid max

Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment Reviews

Looking for reviews to base your purchase off of can be frustrating, especially if there is not enough information to make a valid decision.  Fortunately, for Alleviate, there are plenty of reviews to use a starting point to measure its effectiveness.

On Amazon, Alleviate has gathered a total of 218 customer reviews, a good-sized number in comparison to other hemorrhoid products.  This product received an overall score of 4.5 stars out of 5, which for the sheer number of reviews to support it, is outstanding.

Alleviate uses an all-herbal formula for the natural relief of hemorrhoids.  According to the customer reviews, which are a majority of 5-star comments, customers reported feeling better immediately following application of the product.

Reviewers used this product for their external hemorrhoids, thrombosed hemorrhoids, and anal fissures, and all reported quick relief and significant effects.  Some were even advised by their doctors to try Alleviate for their rectal pain.

There are hardly any negative reviews regarding Alleviate.  In total, there were 41 critical reviews in comparison to the 177 positive ones.  Clearly, the good outweighs the bad—immensely.

Does Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment Work?

Alleviate utilizes menthol as its active ingredient, which as you may be aware from using other skincare products or cleansers, menthol provides the skin an unbeatable cooling sensation. 

Menthol is also an anesthetic.  It works by numbing and deadening the ends of pain-sensing nerves on the skin.  For someone with hemorrhoids that cause tremendous amounts of pain during every little movement, menthol can numb the area to which it is applied, distracting the brain from pain by cooling and soothing the skin. 

Menthol is also an antipruritic, a reference to pruritus ani, or otherwise known as anal itch.  Anal itch is extremely common with hemorrhoids, especially external ones.  By applying a menthol ointment to the external hemorrhoid mass and to the anus itself, it can numb the area and eliminate anal itch.

By eliminating the typical symptoms of hemorrhoids—itchiness, pain, discomfort, and swelling, it is no wonder why consumers rate this product as exceedingly useful.  Alleviate can also be applied throughout the day, as needed.

Is Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment Safe for Hemorrhoids?

Yes, Alleviate is in fact designed for use in the rectal area and advertised as a way to treat hemorrhoids.  Alleviate can be used on the anus and around the anorectal area safely.  In fact, the packaging label states that this product is for rectal use only. 

alleviate hemorrhoid ingredient panel

Alleviate Natural Menthol Hemorrhoid Treatment uses an all-natural formula for safe use.  There are no toxic chemicals used in this product to prevent a risk of adverse effects for consumers.  Because of its use of natural ingredients, Alleviate can be applied as thoroughly as desired and as often as required. 

Alleviate is an entirely safe product that can be applied to the rectal area with little to no risk of adverse effects.  Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a derivative of the government that provides oversight, approvals, and regulations to drugs, medications, and foods.

This product is also deemed safe for pregnant women because it contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever.  Free from toxins, parabens, and artificial ingredients, Alleviate relies on the natural power of menthol as its only active ingredient. 

Is Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment a Scam?

No, Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment is not a scam, although according to the numerous positive customer reviews, one could conclude that it seems almost too good to be true. 

Menthol is utilized by hundreds of products that strive to relieve pain and provide the skin with an intense but pleasant cooling sensation.  Menthol is proven to be an effective way to numb areas that ache, throb, or cause pain. 

Even if the consumer reviews are overstated, there is still a factual basis in a hemorrhoid treatment using menthol as its main ingredient to treat common symptoms.  Many pain-relieving creams do so, and this is not far from the realm of an effective means of treatment.

Consumers are genuine in their praise when it comes to the pain-relief that this product quickly provides.  Many customers were directed to use this cream by their doctors, for mild to severe external hemorrhoids, or external hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy.

Where Can I Buy Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment?

Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment can be purchased in multiple places, one of them being the widely frequented online conglomerate, Amazon.  This menthol cream can also be bought at Kosher Vitamins, an online store, or eBay. 

alleviate vs hemrid max

Other various online retailers also sell Alleviate Hemorrhoid Treatment and can be discovered by using the Google Shopping app.  Alleviate can be purchased on Amazon for around $28.

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