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Avatrol vs Venapro - The Most Comprehensive Review Possible And Then Some

Posted on 22 October 2017 by

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Check out this Avatrol vs Venapro review! Hemorrhoid supplements are popping up everywhere and are being recommended for use along with creams, wipes and other hemorrhoid treatments.

With all of the different types of hemorrhoid supplements out there, how do know which one is best for you? One by one we examine them all, comparing their ingredients, the amount of the ingredients, their effectiveness reported on e-commerce sites like Amazon and of course their price.

So where do Avatrol and Venapro fall on that list?

Which is the better pick based on the above factors? To find out read on or take a look at a list of hemorrhoid supplements we have previously reviewed, and discover our TOP PICK (click here). We will begin our comparison by taking a look at Venapro’s and Avatrol’s ingredients, because as they say “The proof is in the pudding” or bottle in the instance.

Whose Ingredients are Better?  Venapro’s Ingredients Or Avatrol Monthly’s Ingredients

Venaopro has a number of ingredients:

Cayenne - Is commonly used to improve circulation and is also considered to have analgesic properties or pain reducing properties.

Oat Straw - Simply adds fiber to help improve stool regularity and consistency.

Plantain - May help the digestive system, in particular the stomach in the prevention of peptic ulcers.

Horse Chestnut - Is used to improve circulation and improve the health of the vein walls.

Vitamin E - Is extremely common in herbal supplements due to the fact that it contains flavonoids which decrease the presence of free radicals which damage cells. Zinc - Is normally used topically to provide a barrier over the skin to protect it from irritation.

L-Arginine - Is an amino acid which naturally occurs in the body and is normally taken in large amounts by body builders and sports performance seekers to aid in muscle growth.

Cascara Sagrada - Is believed to have the effect of a stool softener. Bilberry - Is one of the more common ingredients in hemorrhoid and varicose vein herbal supplements due to its  positive effect on the circulatory system of the body.

Red Sage - Also known as Danshen has been used for high cholesterol and type II diabetes. According to This should not be taken during Pregnancy.

Bilberry - This is another common ingredient in hemorrhoid treatment supplements that is believed to improve circulation and help heal hemorrhoids.

Arnica - This flowering plant is believed to work as pain reliever analgesic and improve blood circulation, and is most commonly used for acute injuries and bruises/hematomas.

Avatrol has a number of ingredients as well.

But guess what? I do not have to list them here. Because I just listed them for Venapro. Wait a minute, how could that be? These two supplements have nearly the exact same ingredients.

I’m smelling a copy cat…In fact, the only ingredients in Venapro not found in Avatrol Monthly is Vitamin E, Arnica and Red Sage.

That’s right, out of the 13 ingredients listed on Venapro’s label, a measly little three of them are not found on Avatrol’s label. Instead of Red Sage, Avatrol has Red Root. Instead of Vitamin E, Avatrol has Citrus Bioflavonoids (both fight free radicals) and instead of Arnica, Avatrol has Oat Fiber. As you can see the ingredient list is not too different now is it? Here is a list of the additional or substituted ingredients and what the are believed to do for you:

Citrus Bioflavonoids (100 mg). Bioflavonoids are thought to decrease the amount of harmful free radicals in the blood and support cellular health.

Red Root (12 mg).Red root Is believed to increase lymph fluid circulation and ultimately have an anti-inflammatory effect

Oat Fiber (62 mg) Oat fiber is just that, more fiber.

Seeing that the ingredient lists are quite similar, that should indicate that users are reporting similar satisfaction rates right? Let's see about that, shall we?

Venapro Reviews v Avatrol Reviews: Satisfaction Rates Amongst Amazon Reviewers

So, let's see what the worlds largest e-commerce store, Amazon, has to say about it. As far as overall star rating is concerned the winner is….too early to tell. While Avatrol has 106 total reviews and a 3.9-star rating, Venapro has just 4 reviews and 4.5-star rating.

Unfortunately, Venapro just does not have enough reviews yet on Amazon to be comparable at this point. However, we know that both of these supplements have been around for years and are manufactured by reputable companies in conformance with current manufacturing standards. So which one costs more?

How Much Does Venapro Cost And How Much Does Avatrol Monthly Cost?

Venapro costs $39.95 per bottle with a $6.95 charge for standard shipping, bringing your total for one bottle to $46.90. Avatrol Monthly is currently sold on Amazon for $45.95 which includes shipping. That's only a one dollar difference between the two right? NO! Avatrol’s bottle has only (30) thirty servings per bottle whereas Venapro has (60) sixty. For less than one dollar more if you purchase Venapro you will receive twice as many servings as would if you purchased Avatrol Monthly.

Avatrol v Venapro Who is the Champion, Which is Better?

We cannot really say here. First, the ingredient lists are quite similar. Second, there are simply not enough reviews on Amazon yet for Venapro for us to determine if it works. Five reviews is simply not a large enough sample.

We can say, however, that Avatrol users appear to experience a positive result from use based on the 3.9 star rating on Amazon taking into account the one hundred and six (106) Avatrol reviews that exist.

The bottom line is you definitely want to pair your hemorrhoid creams and/or wipes with a hemorrhoid supplement. To See More Reviews of Herbal Hemorrhoid Supplements and Our Top Pick (click here)

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