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Pink Madison Anti-Aging Skin Lightening Cream Review

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The key ingredient in Pink Madison’s Anti-Aging Skin Lightening Cream is hyaluronic acid, which is found in skin naturally, and works to keep skin youthful and radiant by maintaining hydration levels.

In addition to offering significant moisturizing benefits, hyaluronic acid also helps strengthen collagen and elastin cells, which helps maintain skin’s youthful structure and create a stronger barrier layer that is better able to fight off environmental toxins, protecting delicate skin cells from damage due to free radicals.

Where Can I Buy Pink Madison?

Pink Madison Anti-Aging Skin Whitening Cream is available on and on the company’s website.

Over time, however, hyaluronic acid levels drop, due to a variety of factors including exposure to pollutants and poor diet, which is why older skin is more prone to looking dull, lifeless and sallow.

As a skin care treatment additive, hyaluronic acid helps significantly boost skin’s moisture levels, so it looks plumper, more radiant and youthful with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid, most often derived from wheat, is lightweight so it is able to penetrate cells beneath the skin’s surface, working within the dermis layer where new skins cells are formed and the most skin repair takes place. It is often paired with Vitamin C to help the nutrient better penetrate and protect skin cells.

pink madison lightening cream ingredientsOne of the main ingredients in Pink Madison Anti-Aging Whitening Cream, hyaluronic acid is paired here with kojic acid. Kojic acid – derived from fungus - works to lift away age spots in the same way as hydroquinone, by blocking the process that produces melanin, which gives skin its pigment, Kojic acid, however, is significantly more gently than hydroquinone, so it is less likely to trigger side effects.

In addition to its Anti-Aging Whitening Cream, Pink Madison also offers a Whitening Cream and a Lightening Whiting Cream Mask, to use in conjunction with either of the Pink Madison whitening cream formulas.

Is Pink Madison Anti-Aging Whitening Cream Safe?

Because its formula is made up of 70 percent organic ingredients, Pink Madison Anti-Aging Whitening Cream would seem safe for skin at first glance.

But in addition to the moisturizing hyaluronic acid, Pink Madison’s formula also includes a trio of acids designed to lift away dead surface cells, including glycolic acid, kojic acid and willow bark, a natural source of salicylic acid that also helps exfoliate and lift away dead surface cells.

Used together – which dermatologists discourage because together the ingredients are too harsh - this trio of acids is likely to leave skin dry, parched and flaky, despite moisturizers to counteract the effects including shea butter, aloe and jojoba oil.

Pink Madison Anti-Aging Skin Whitening Cream Reviews

While the majority of the reviews for Pink Madison Anti-Aging Whitening Cream were positive – 89 percent gave it a 4- or 5-star review, although one positive reviewer did say the product’s scent wasn’t particularly pleasant – some users found that it either wasn’t effective or that it dried out their skin, which comes as no surprise given the trio of acids that are part of the cream’s formula.

It dries out my skin,” said one reviewer, while another said, “I have been using rigorously for two weeks now and have not seen any improvement.” Another reviewer said that after three weeks of use, there was also no change in the pigment levels of her acne scars, although they hadn’t gotten darker.

Does Pink Madison Anti-Aging Whitening Cream Work?

While Pink Madison’s formula contains some nice ingredients – hyaluronic acid to moisturize, along with Vitamin C to boost the effects of the hydrating powerhouse, kojic acid and licorice root to help erase dark spots, green tea to work as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and jojoba oil for added moisture – it is only 70 percent organic, so those seeking an organic product with all-natural ingredients won’t be purchasing the best possible product to meet their needs.

For example, Senvie’s Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Serum, designed to offer similar skin-lightening benefits, is 100 percent organic, and contains the natural botanicals aloe, vitamin C and licorice, all of which work hard to help erase dark spots and slow the signs of aging, along with white willow extract, which contains a natural form of salicylic acid that gently lifts away the skin’s surface cells, revealing healthier, younger-looking skin beneath.

It does not, however, contain other exfoliating acids, so the mixture does not dry skin the way Pink Madison’s Anti-Aging Whitening Cream has the potential to do. Instead, Senvie’s Lux Intensive contains retinyl palmitate, a mix of the anti-aging powerhouse antioxidant retinol (vitamin A) and a fatty acid from palm oil that takes a more gentle approach to lifting away dead surface cells while also working to promote cell regeneration beneath your skin’s surface.

lux intensive skin lightening

This ingredient in particular helps Senvie’s Lux Intensive Skin Lightening Serum (also available through Amazon or at work to lift away existing dark spots as well as future discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles, helping turn back the clock and fight signs of aging.

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