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Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips Review

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Do you want to discover if ScarAway C-Section Strips Work? Check out our full review below.

When our skin is injured, a variety of mechanisms snap to attention in an effort to heal the injury.

Blood vessels narrow to slow the release of blood, while the blood that is flowing out of the wound sends platelets to the area so the wound begins to clot and close.

New skin cells form to create a web-like protective barrier over the wound, effectively sealing it against bacteria that can cause infection. The barrier also helps retain the moisture necessary to help cells go to work healing the damaged areas. Moisture is vital, because cells cannot repair damaged skin in a dry environment.

That’s why silicone is such an important part of preventing or reducing the look of new or existing scars.

According to an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times, “30 years of research suggest that silicone gel sheeting can speed healing and lead to thinner, softer, less red and less painful scars.”

If moisture levels drop, the skin begins to produce excess collagen, which can lead to increased scarring.

Silicone seals moisture in, so collagen production remains normal, and scars are less likely to form.

Scar-Away is a Familiar Scar Treatment

Among products on the market formulated to reduce the look of scars, Scar-Away is one of the most familiar.

Experts recommend silicone as the most important ingredient in scar treatment formulas, because in addition to keeping skin hydrated, it also prevents toxins from reaching the wound to trigger free radical activity at the scar site, while still allowing healing oxygen to penetrate.

Scar-Away comes in a variety of forms, including Scar-Away Silicone Scar Sheets, Scar-Away Professional Grade Silicone Scar Sheets, Scar-Away Scar Repair Gel, Scar-Away Scar Diminishing Serum, Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips and Scar-Away Silicone Discs.

Each product is made of silicone, which is designed to mimic skin’s natural barrier layer, keeping moisture in so scar tissue remains hydrated, an important step toward healing. The serum and gel also combine massage, which is recommended to keep skin more pliable.

Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips ReviewScar-Away is available at a variety of different locations, including CVS and Walgreen’s pharmacies, at Wal-Mart and Target, through and through the Scar-Away website, which offers coupons for $5 off any Scar-Away product. Scar-Away products use the same technology used in hospitals and burn centers, as is marketed to reduce the look of existing scars and help prevent the formation of new scars while reducing the itching associated with healing.

But do Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips Work?

Scar-Away Reviews

According to the reviews of those who purchased the product on – one of several places where Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips are available – 70 percent of users gave the product a 4- to 5-star rating.

Among those who gave the product 5-star ratings and included before and after photographs, the Scar-Away strips appeared to lighten C-section scars while smoothing skin, so scars looked less visible.

The remaining 30 percent of reviewers gave Scar-Away C-Section Scar Treatment Strips a 3-star rating or below, and said they either saw no improvement of their scars or they experienced rashes due to the adhesive used to hold the strips in place.

ScarAway strips are made of silicone, which dermatologists say is the most effective ingredient to treat scars because it allows wounds to stay moist.

But silicone-only products are missing the opportunity to bring skin-healing nutrients to scarred skin to help promote healing. Most studies suggest that silicone is most effective when paired with ingredients that boost collagen levels while adding skin-friendly moisturizers to ensure that the scar is properly hydrated.

The best scar treatment products will include silicone along with ingredients that boost the production of collagen, lighten the color of a scar, slough off dead surface cells and smooth the texture of the existing scar.

Selevax Offers Silicone and More

If you’re looking for a superior scar cream, Senvie’s Selevax, which has earned 4- or 5-star ratings from 88 percent of consumers, not only includes silicone in the form of dimethicone, it also features a nutrient-dense ingredient list that goes beneath the skin’s surface to the dermis layer, where healing begins.

In addition to burn scars, acne scars, keloid scars, traumatic injury scars, Selevax is also suitable to work on surgical scars including those that are the result of a C-section. Selevax includes silicone to lock in moisture, along with a wide range of powerhouse ingredients that address scar tissue in myriad ways. It has shea butter, which not only hydrates skin to keep scar tissue soft, it also offers vitamin A to rejuvenate skin cells while speeding cell turnover at the skin’s surface.

Selevax is also packed with antioxidants including vitamin C, which encourages collagen production and works to lighten the color of scars to help them fade, vitamin E to fight free radicals and vitamin D to help skin heal, as well as both rose hip and arnica oils, both of which have been clinically proven to improve the color and texture of scar tissue. Selevax is about twice the price of Scar-Away for a two month supply, but its all-natural formula is packed with active ingredients that work in conjunction with silicone to give you far better results. (The product has earned 4- or 5-star ratings from 88 percent of consumers, surpassing Scar-Away’s reviews significantly.) And because it is made from all-natural ingredients, it is safe to use, even for nursing mothers. Selevax like ScarAway is available on and here on the website.

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