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Mederma vs. ScarAway Gel - The Review You Need To Hear

Posted on 13 December 2016 by

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If you’re in the market for a scar treatment, finding the right one can be a challenge. With countless scar treatment products on the market, where do even begin? No worries, today we're looking at 2 of the most popular scar treatments on the market and we're comparing them feature vs feature. Ready to see the results?

Mederma is a very popular product that many people swear by. ScarAway also has a good customer base. Both products are effective, but which one is truly better? 

The aisles are packed with products that offer to erase scars in a snap, so what to choose?

Mederma or Scaraway?

Mederma scar cream is one of the most well-known scar treatment products on the market, it contains allium cepa, an onion extract that has an impact on collagen production and helps reducing inflammation (1).

Onion was among the products included in French courtesan Ninon de L'Enclos’s beauty arsenal, and was said to help her retain her youth into her 90s.

Does Mederma Have Silicone In It?

mederma reviewsNo, Mederma does not contain silicone in it's formula. ScarAway, however, does contain silicone.

ScarAway scar cream is also one of the most common scar removal products on the market, and it mimics the silicone sheets used by medical professionals to treat scars.

It not only protects the scarred area with silicone, but also applies pressure to help reduce raised scars. You may describe Scaraway 100% as a medical grade silicone scar gel.

Scaraway Gel vs Mederma's Onion Extract the Key

ScarAway comes in a variety of different sizes to treat scars on different parts of the body, and it has been shown to be successful, if the sheets stay securely in place during the duration of wearing them.

Silicone is most likely to protect skin from raised scars, which are the result of collagen fibers that grow back tangled and uneven (2).

With moisture to prevent excess collagen growth, scars are likely to be minimized, according to a 2011 study appearing in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (3).

Scaraway Results vs Mederma Results

Mederma works differently than ScarAway, because ScarAway is a silicone gel sheet, and Mederma uses onion extract as its most active ingredient. Mederma reviews are positive on the scar treatment, Scaraway reviews are positive also. Both have customers that swear by their products.

Numerous studies, including one from 1999 and two from 2006, suggest that onion extract has no better effect on scar tissue than petroleum jelly, despite what Ninon de L’Enclos believed.

ScarAway Ingredients vs Mederma Ingredients

scaraway or medermaWe believe that the silicone found within the ScarAway ingredients is more effective than the onion extract located within Mederma ingredients. Due to this, Scaraway gets our vote.

If we had to choose, we would choose ScarAway's formula. 

Most plastic surgeons would make that choice, too.

Both ScarAway and Mederma are available in most superstores, department stores like Walgreens and CVS and drug stores as well as through, and both have similar price points, despite the vast difference between the two products. 

Where Should You Buy Mederma And ScarAway?

With Amazon's prime shipping we recommend you purchase through Amazon.

The only other place that Mederma scar gel and cream is offered online is, but Amazon's shipping is quicker and cheaper.

Mederma is offered at Walgreens, CVS, Target Jewel-Osco and many other retailers. You can visit the official website to see if there is a local chain or retailer near you that carries it.

Just enter your zip code to see what stores near you carry Mederma. 

ScarAway is offered at a few other places online, including factory otc, ebay, fishpond, cvs and walmart.

Scar Away is also offered in stores in the USA and Canada where otc products are sold.

Scar Away Before and After Photos vs Mederma Before and After Photos

The before and after photos for any cosmetic or skincare product really show how good a product works. Here are some before and after photos for Scaraway and Mederma. 

One thing to note, we were unable to locate any before and after photos from the official myscaraway website. 

scaraway before and after photos

As you can see here, the Scaraway before and after photos are consistent with the results you will commonly see when using silicone for scars.

Mederma's results are also very good and show the power of the onion extract.

Here are the Mederma before and after photos.

mederma before and after photos

Also, here is a Youtube video review for Mederma:

Is Selevax by Senvie a Better Option For Scars?

Selevax is gaining more and more popularity due to its combination of dimethicone (silicone) and powerful natural ingredients. This scar cream has become a big hit due to the natural ingredients.

With cutting edge natural ingredients including Rose Hip Seed Oil, Arnica Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Shea Butter, Selevax is leading the way with its innovative scar formula.

Check out some of the before and after photos below. You'll see why Selevax is a great choice for scars.

acne scar before and after

Which is Better ScarAway or Mederma?

If we were to choose between one or the other, we think ScarAway would be the better choice, because it is made of silicone, which has been proven effective at treating scars.

Can I Use Mederma and Scar Away?

We do not recommend you use both products at the same time. You can contact the manufacturers for more information.

Silicone Is Key to Scar Treatment

Scars are the normal results of tissue repair.

Most experts say the most important ingredient a scar treatment product is silicone, which traps in moisture, which is essential to healing. 

The Scaraway gel does have silicone in it.

Silicone sheeting not only locks in moisture, but also provides pressure, to help prevent keloid, or raised scars.

Overall, the success rate for the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars is high” (when using silicone sheeting, experts say.

Silicone sheets are used in doctors’ offices, often to help treat the scars of burn victims.

So, while both Mederma and ScarAway get all the hype, you would likely see better success using a product containing silicone.

And while ScarAway is a well-regarded product, products from nature that offer ingredients to rebuild skin cells from the dermis layer us, are worth a look.

Are There Any Mederma or ScarAway Discounts?

Yes, on the official ScarAway website you can get a $5 off coupon for the silicone scar sheets, the silicone daily disks or the scar diminishing gel.

The coupon is available until 12/31/2018. That was the best coupon we were able to find online for Scar Away.

If you purchased the ScarAway Silicone Scar Treatment Sheets on Amazon you could get the price down from $25.19 to $19.19.

There are also some coupons available for Mederma. If you go to the official Mederma website you can get a coupon that will save you $3.

You will need to download the coupon and print it out. Mederma costs $10.79 on Amazon, so if you were able to save $3 that would take the total price of the 7oz Mederma Advanced Scar Gel to just $7.79.

If you are on a budget and are looking to save money, Mederma would be a better bet than ScarAway as you can get it for half the price.

A Superior Scar Treatment Product Senvie’s Selevax contains the all-important silicone, which creates a protective seal that locks in moisture, helping to prevent the production of excess collagen at the site of the scar.

It is also packed with nutrients that work to help your skin, including collagen-building nutrients, ingredients to help slow the production of melanin so darker scars fade and moisturizers that amplify the body’s own ability to keep skin moist.

This includes shea butter, which has a melting point that matches the human body. 

It also includes vitamin A, which encourages an increase in the production of collagen, which ensures that the skin beneath the scar is healthier.

This also helps speed the turnover of surface cells, so the healthy new cells beneath are revealed faster.

It also offers antioxidants including C, D and E to fight off free radicals and protect healthy, new skin cells and both rose hip and arnica oils, both of which have been clinically proven to improve the color and texture of scar tissue (4).

Arnica oil is especially effective at not only treating scars, but also helping to prevent scarring after surgery.

According to Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a holistic physician at the Herban Alchemist in New York City, arnica oil is an amazing treatment for surgical scars, and is one she recommends to clients to use both before and after surgical procedures, first to prepare skin, secondly, to repair it.

We’ll start three days before the surgery and for two weeks after,” Francis said. “People’s surgeons always tell them, ‘We’ve never had anybody heal as fast as you.’”

Selevax is slightly higher in price than Bio-Oil or Mederma, but only by a few dollars.

Given the wealth of other active ingredients it contains, the extra dollars will be well worth it, especially as you watch your scar fade away.

An Alternative & Natural Option For Scars

Are you looking for an alternative and natural option for scars?

Selevax by Senvie is a high-quality scar cream infused with several natural ingredients like Rose Hip Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Arnica Oil.

These natural ingredients work fast to fade the appearance of scars.


With this cream, you can totally erase acne scars and hypertrophic scars. Similarly, applying Selevax on open wounds will close it up faster and better, although we must mention that individual results will vary.

Anyway, regardless of your personal care choice, it's vital to always keep your cream out of the reach of children. 


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