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Mederma vs Vaseline Review – You Must Read Before Using Either Mederma or Vaseline

Posted on 07 September 2023 by

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Mederma vs Vaseline: The Comprehensive Guide to Scar Treatment

Mederma vs Vaseline – In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss price, effectiveness, and results.

Should I Use Mederma or Vaseline for Scars?

Are you concerned about scarring? Whether you've recently suffered a wound and are unsure if it will lead to a scar, or you already have scars and are looking to minimize their appearance, you're probably confused about which product to choose.

Research suggests that both Vaseline and Mederma can be helpful for treating scars, but one may offer advantages over the other. Our analysis considers scientific research, user results, ingredients, and of course, cost. Continue reading to discover the better option for you.

Effectiveness: Which Will Work Better for Scars, Mederma or Vaseline?

The answer depends on the maturity of your scars. If your scars are fully developed, both products offer similar benefits. However, if your wound is still healing, the choice between Mederma and Vaseline becomes crucial.

For those with mature scars, you might want to consider specialized treatments like Selevax. For a full list of the Top Scar Creams of 2023, click here.

Ingredients: What Do Mederma and Vaseline Contain?

Mederma Ingredients - Mederma boasts a blend of ingredients that it claims can reduce the appearance of scars. These include: Water (purified), PEG-4, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Allium cepa (onion) bulb extract, xanthan gum, allantoin, methylparaben, sorbic acid, and fragrance. While it features potentially beneficial elements like Allium cepa, it also includes non-essential ingredients like fragrance and xanthan gum.

Vaseline Ingredients – Vaseline is simpler, containing 100% pure petroleum jelly. Originally discovered on oil rigs, petroleum jelly has been clinically proven to help with various skin ailments.

Is It Safe to Use Vaseline or Mederma On a Fresh Wound?

Applying Vaseline on a fresh wound can be risky. Though Vaseline locks in moisture, it also traps bacteria, possibly leading to an infection. That's why healthcare professionals do not recommend it for fresh wounds, advising the use of antibiotic ointments like Neosporin instead.

Similarly, Mederma lacks antibiotic properties and is not advisable for open wounds. Using it on an unhealed wound could result in infection and more severe scarring.

After the First Week of Antibiotic Treatment, Should I Use Mederma or Vaseline?

Our research indicates that Vaseline is the winner here. While Mederma claims its onion extract can reduce scarring, scientific studies have not substantiated this claim. On the other hand, Vaseline reliably maintains wound moisture, which is known to minimize scarring.

Cost-Effectiveness: Why Vaseline May Be the Better Option

Given the lack of clinical evidence proving Mederma's superiority in scar reduction, Vaseline emerges as the more cost-effective option. Mederma can cost you anywhere between $12 to $30 at retailers like CVS, Walmart, or Amazon. In contrast, Vaseline is available for just a few dollars at the same outlets.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly yet effective treatment for your matured scars, then Vaseline is the clear winner. For more specialized treatments, check out our Top Scar Creams.

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