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Discover the Best Scar Removal Cream for Old Scars

Posted on 14 March 2018 by

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What is the best scar removal cream for old scars? We will review the top creams for old scars so you can save money and get amazing results!

Scars are sensitive things.  Sometimes, we wish that are skin would be rid of the painful moment when our bodies accumulated the scar so we wouldn’t have to constantly be reminded. 

Other times, we just want to have smooth skin and not have to face that silly mistake that earned the scar in the first place. 

How Do Scar Creams Work for Older Scars?

Fortunately in this day and age, technology in beauty and skincare have provided us options in the removal of the appearance of blemishes and scars so we can move on from our pasts. 

The market for these products is so diverse that it can be troubling to navigate.  How do you know which product is safe to use?  Which one is has the most successful results? 

These are important questions, as consumers don’t want to shell out money investing in products that are full of promises and not results.

Selevax Scar Cream: An Overview

As far as creams for healing and assisting in the disappearance of scars goes, our very own Selevax is one of the front-runners. 

Selevax provides these benefits for old scars:

-Proven results in 1-2 months

-Contains natural ingredients

-Results in the disappearance of the toughest scars

As far as consumer reviews are concerned, Selevax is has shown great promise.  Selevax has received almost 200 reviews and have about 100 5 star feedbacks.  Plus, Selevax has several before and after photos that show how great the products is and what it can do.  

old scar from arm

Keep in mind that when a scar removal product promises the overwhelming vanquishing of scars within 1-2 months, you actually have to use the cream on a consistent basis for 1-2 months. 

Everyone’s skin reacts differently, and the most important thing you can do is to use Selevax consistently so that you get amazing results for your scars. 

Selevax has a high success rate for many— and the cream can do wonders for your skin as long as you use it consistently. 

Mederma Scar Gel: An Overview

Mederma is a huge company that is currently cornering the market of skin care products.  Known for their scar creams, Mederma seems to rake in the good reviews from their customers.  As a whole, Mederma ranks at 65% of positive 5 star reviews on high traffic sites like Amazon.  The negative feedback notes very few side effects, just the fact that either product does nothing for the consumer’s removal of a scar.

Mederma advertises:

-Once a day usage

-Doctor and pharmacists recommended

-Cost effectiveness due to once a day application

As with any other body creams or gels, test Mederma on a small patch of skin during your first application of the product. 

Some reviews have indicated that consumers have experienced itchiness or some skin irritation. 

Everyone’s skin is different and will have varying reactions to skin care products.

What is the best scar removal cream for old body scars?

This is the question that anyone with an old body scar is constantly attempting to answer.  Reviews on products can help point consumers in the right direction when it comes to investing in a scar removal product, but it all comes down to which one is right for your skin. 

Trial and error is the best bet, but positive ranking reviews can help weed out the products that are ineffective.

We believe you will be happy with Selevax Scar Cream. Here is another before and after photo showing the results you can get for your old scar with Selevax.

selevax scar cream tattoo scars

 What other Scar Creams are there for old Scars?

  • Mederma seems to be at the forefront time and time again when it comes to aiding in the removal of scars. For the treatment of older scars, the only difference between old and new scars is the length of treatment. Older scars will require more application in order to regain hydration because the tissue has become denser with time.
  • Scaraway ranks as a decent contender to Mederma as a silicone sheet option.  Some people try to stay away from silicone as a beauty treatment method due to a higher risk of allergic reactions.
  • Pureauty Scar Removal Gel may be the underdog of scar removal creams on the market but deserves a mention due to sheer amount of positive reviews.  About 77% of consumers rank this product at 5 stars on Amazon.  This product has advertised effectiveness on both older and newer scars.

The Removal of Old Boil Scars - What's Your Best Bet?

If your scar falls into the specific category of a leftover boil scar, or otherwise known as pustules that occur on the surface of the skin due to an ingrown hair, then you may want to try any of these methods for blemish removal:

  • Taking a Vitamin C supplement: Vitamin C encourages cell regeneration, which in turn, will help with healing scars and blemishes on the skin. This vitamin is often used to promote immune system health and healing of wounds.
  • Change your diet: Your diet is one of the most important things that can improve your body’s health.  A diet rich in zinc can help with the growth of new skin cells, aiding in the disappearance of scars, and assist in your skin’s production of collagen.
  • When in doubt, exfoliate: This method has produce proven results in the lightening of dark spots on the skin.  For boils, just apply lemon juice or other natural exfoliates in order to encourage the boil scar to fade

Fortunately, most boils are not known to leave scars.  Once a boil has been lanced and drained, use a warm compress to help with the healing right away.  This will help in the prevention of any possible scar.

Scar Removal Creams and Gels: Tips to Remember

When removing a scar is concerned, use products where all the ingredients and instructions are clearly listed. 

Understand your skin’s allergies and potential irritants. 

As always, consult your doctor or dermatologist before use of any product. 

The key for scar removal is patience, a scar does not disappear overnight, no matter what a product may advertise.

Are interested in trying our top scar removal cream for older scars?

Click here to try Selevax by Senvie

All new orders come with a full 90 day money back guarantee. This will give you plenty of time to try the cream and see if its right for you. 

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