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Goodbye Hemorrhoids Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Posted on 23 August 2018 by

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The Goodbye Company produces a hemorrhoid treatment they dub as Goodbye Hemorrhoids.  This product is advertised as an all natural, organic, and holistic way to treat hemorrhoids. 

It is available as a liquid formula that is designed with an applicator to apply a coat of the product directly on the hemorrhoids for fast relief.

Goodbye Hemorrhoids is not a well-known product when it comes to hemorrhoid care, and because of this, there is little information to go off of aside from The Goodbye Company’s official website.

However, there is still much to decipher about this product, primarily based on its interesting utilization of essential oils as a hemorrhoid treatment. 

Does Goodbye Hemorrhoids Really Work? 

To determine if Goodbye Hemorrhoids works in treating hemorrhoids it is essential that the ingredients be examined to measure this product's effectiveness.

The formula in this product relies on cypress oil and helichrysum.  Firstly, helichrysum is from the flowering plants in the sunflower family branded colloquially as Everlasting Flowers.

It can be distilled down to produce helichrysum italicum, the essential oil that is used in Goodbye Hemorrhoids.

In vitro studies classified helichrysum’s essential oil compound as having antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

As an agent that is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, helichrysum should have positive results on swollen external hemorrhoids.

Cypress and its chemical components have been used to treat stomach cramps, diabetes, inflammation, and even toothache.  Now, Goodbye Hemorrhoids has used this plant’s oil extract in its formula for hemorrhoid treatment. 

In a 2014 study focusing on the chemical composition and potential usage of cypress, the findings illuminated that cypress contains antimicrobial and antibiofilm properties. 

For hemorrhoids, this could mean that cypress may be useful in ensuring that the area to which it is applied is clean.  Antibiofilm indicates that cypress can be used as a means to preserve food or pharmaceuticals.

Cypress oil is supposedly useful in treating issues of circulation.  If this is, in fact, accurate, then cypress oil should be able to treat hemorrhoids successfully, as this condition is the swelling and inflammation of a collection of veins, arteries, and vessels that reside in the anal cushion, creating sharp protrusions due to reduced blood flow.

Taking in this scientific data and evidence brings you one step closer in determining if this is the right product for you and your treatment of hemorrhoids.  There is not enough data to decide if Goodbye Hemorrhoids is useful. 

Consumer reviews are not exactly scientific evidence or research, but it is still an excellent way to see the reality of these hemorrhoid products.  Navigating products and their successfulness in what they claim and advertise to relieve is much more difficult when there is a lack of feedback from consumers who have tried them.

Goodbye Hemorrhoids Ingredients

Here is the full list of Goodbye Hemorrhoids ingredients:

  • Cypress oil
  • Helichrysum
  • Omega 6 oils
  • Omega 3 oils

According to the official site of The Goodbye Company, the manufacturer responsible for Goodbye Hemorrhoids, their product is classified as a homeopathic treatment with all natural ingredients.

Is Goodbye Hemorrhoids Safe?

A review from 2014 published by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health based its findings on several studies concerning the essential oil of helichrysum italicum, determining that the plant-derived oil exhibited low levels of toxicity.   

Unless you are allergic to this particular genus of plant, then it is highly unlikely that you should experience adverse effects of the rectal skin when using this extract on your hemorrhoids.

Keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated doses of a plant, extracted and distilled to its natural, raw chemicals.  For example, it takes about 220 pounds of lavender flowers to create just 1 pound of essential oil. 

Even if you are slightly allergic to these ingredients, you can expect to worsen the skin around this already aching and throbbing area.

Goodbye Hemorrhoids also uses cypress oil, another plant extract.  In the past, cypress oil has been used as a means to aid the body in purging excess water or salt that can cause fluid retention as well as helping to stimulate circulation. 

There is a low risk of applying this mixture to your hemorrhoids, but again, for this particular combination of extracts and oils, there is not enough evidence to support its complete and total safeness.

The Goodbye Company claims that this product can be safely administered to hemorrhoids while pregnant.  As with any other medication, homeopathic treatment, or over the counter drug, you should still ask your doctor if this is okay to use.

Where Can I Buy Goodbye Hemorrhoids?

Goodbye Hemorrhoids can be found on Amazon for around $17.  This product can also be bought online at The Good Company’s official website.  As of now, these are seemingly the only two stores that carry this product.

Is Goodbye Hemorrhoids a Scam?

The jury is still out on whether or not Goodbye Hemorrhoids is a scam.  Science and essential oils aren’t always in exact agreement with one another, but the scientific community does recognize the factual basis of plant properties in concentrations of essential oils.

It won’t be until more consumers have reviewed the product honestly before it is decided on whether Goodbye Hemorrhoids is a scam or not, although something can be said in choosing an essential oil to heal painful anal protrusions over a fiber supplement or oral medication that proven to work.

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