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Can Stress Cause Hemorrhoids? Find Out About Hemorrhoids and Stress

Posted on 24 April 2018 by

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Can Stress Cause Your Hemorrhoids? What does stress do to the body?  Research has shown that experiencing the emotional and physical toll of stress can negatively impact the day-to-day functions of your body and brain. 

Too much stress can overwhelm the brain, turning a once happy and stable mindset into one of depression and anxiety. 

Your emotional health will dictate how well you treat your body. 

Long term and short term stress can prolong the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but there are ways to treat both types of stress and hemorrhoids, fortunately, at the same time.

Many people suffering from mental health issues like depression and anxiety onset by stress stray from their once healthy eating habits to processed and sugary food. 

This can be considered a subconscious move to induce endorphins within the brain. 

However good these processed foods may feel in the moment, the toll they take on the body can have an adverse impact. 

While being under an immense and unhealthy amount of short-term or long-term stress, you might find yourself lounging around, not wanting to go out places, or get up to engage in your once favored activities.

This, along with a declining diet, can harm your body.

If stress is causing your hemorrhoids, you might want to consider trying an herbal, natural remedy for hemorrhoids. HemRid is an all-natural supplement specifically designed to target hemorrhoids from within.

It attacks hemorrhoids from the inside-out to provide lasting relief.

use if stressed for hemorrhoids 

Hemorrhoids do not respond well to sitting for long periods of time, and this could induce an unwanted flare-up.

If stress correlates to poor, yet sometimes unavoidable, health related decisions, then you can imagine what the affect will be for hemorrhoids. 

Issues like constipation, bowel irregularity, straining, sitting for long periods of time, can all stem from stress and are all factors for hemorrhoid inflammation.

Can Stress Cause Hemorrhoids to Flare Up?

We all have hemorrhoids in our bodies, as they are simply the veins that lie beneath the surface of the mucous membranes in the lower rectal region. 

Hemorrhoids, or rather, these veins, help circulate our blood vessels to this part of our bodies. 

When someone is suffering from hemorrhoids, they are referring to these veins becoming swollen and inflamed. 

These periods are also called flare-ups.

Flare-ups can occur from a number of different factors, and stress is certainly one of them. 

If you are under stress, you could also be seeing how your body may be struggling to cope with stress physically. 

This could mean constipation, lack of exercise, not enough sleep, or perhaps under stress you don’t eat the right foods, or drink enough water. 

With stress, you may find yourself on the couch or staying in bed for long periods of time, and as previously discussed, this could further incite a hemorrhoid flare-up. 

Your stools could become harder than normal due to an avoidance of foods with high fiber, or perhaps stress, you turn to alcohol, causing dehydration in your body, which can also harden stools.

All of these factors can increase the risk of inflammation for hemorrhoids. 

The goal is to keep your colon regular, happy, and healthy, and stress can greatly hinder this. 

All in all, the answer to this long posed question is that yes, stress can be a driving element in hemorrhoid flare-ups

Can Stress Make Hemorrhoids Worse? 

This is a trickier question to address.  If stress leads to constipation, then yes, stress can make hemorrhoids worse and definitely more painful. 

A bowel movement that is difficult to pass will further induce inflammation, possibly scraping against the inner lining of the lower rectum, resulting in blood in the stools. 

Straining on the toilet can also ignite symptoms of discomfort, pain, bleeding, and itchiness. 

Stress may not make hemorrhoids necessarily worse than they already are, but they could extend the duration in which they are swollen and inflamed. 

Prolonging symptoms of hemorrhoids can cause even more stress, and turning to a temporary solution to relieve hemorrhoid pain can be helpful for the long term.

How to Deal with Stress and Hemorrhoids

Although stress doesn’t disappear overnight, you can rest easy knowing that hemorrhoid relief can be achieved in a matter of minutes with the aid of wipes, prescription or over the counter creams, warm baths, and other at-home methods of treatment. 

And while these hemorrhoid treatments work excellent as a temporary fix, know that the real solution goes into the effort of preventing hemorrhoids from becoming inflamed in the first place.

Treat your hemorrhoids and stress together. 

Exercising, drinking lots of fluids, getting plenty of rest, and striving for a better diet (one preferably high in fiber), are all ways that can dually tackle stress and hemorrhoid prevention. 

And while neither of these two issues can go away within 24 hours, your hemorrhoids will subside on their own within a couple days to a few weeks. 

Use this time to face stress and hemorrhoids head on with temporary, relieving treatment methods, and soon enough, you may find yourself feeling better and better each day. 

In order to treat your stress levels, surround yourself with friends and family who can offer council and empathy, ultimately helping you deal with stress and gain emotional support. 

Working out has also been shown to reduce stress and promote overall health, as aerobic exercise releases endorphins in the brain. 

Treating stress is not only important in avoiding and preventing inflammation of your hemorrhoids, but also for your overall health and wellbeing. 

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health, and it is essential to maintain both. 

Once again, using a holistic approach to your hemorrhoids may work wonders for you. HemRid is an herbal method that helps get rid of hemorrhoid symptoms. 

use for stress related hemorrhoids

Take steps in your everyday routine to promote a healthier lifestyle, because in the end, your hemorrhoids will thank you for it.

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