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Biodermis Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Stick

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Pro-Sil, a scar treatment from Biodermis, has a 75 percent approval rating, which comes as little surprise given the product is made entirely of silicone – the one treatment experts say has the potential to help relieve the look of scars.

Used by hospitals to treat burn and trauma victims, in studies, silicone has a 95 percent success rating when it comes to alleviating the appearance of scars.

Silicone works because it creates a protective shield over the scarred area, and allows it to retain moisture. Once moisture is lost, the skin reacts by triggering the production of excess collagen. Too much collagen can result in both scabbing and scarring.

There are many different silicone-based scar treatments on the market, many of them 100 percent silicone.

A Look at the Silicone Products

ScarAway is one of the most common scar removal products on the market, and it mimics the silicone sheets used by medical professionals to treat scars. It not only protects the scarred area with silicone, but also applies pressure to help reduce raised scars. ScarAway comes in a variety of different sizes to treat scars of different sizes, and it has been shown to be successful, if the sheets stay in place. (This is tricky at night, when movement can cause the sheeting to roll up and fall off the scarred area, reducing the product’s effectiveness.)

Biodermis Pro Sil Scar Therapy

Biodermis works differently than ScarAway, because ScarAway is a silicone gel sheet, and Biodermis Pro-Sil is a roll-on silicone, making it easier to apply and stay in place. It does not offer pressure as a scar-healing technique, but it does lock in moisture, so less collagen is formed.

Kelo-Cote Advanced Therapy Scar Gel is also a 100 percent silicone product, although it is brushed on as an application.

What these three silicone formulas don’t do, however, is offer any ingredients that help encourage the healing of skin cells beneath the epidermis layer, which strengthens the dermis and leads to improved skin as surface cells slough away.

Biodermis Prosil Customer Review Video From Youtube

Reviews for Pro-Sil

Of most of the scar products available, Pro-Sil - which focuses exclusively on the benefits of silicone because it allows oxygen to help heal wounds while allowing moisture to be retained - has the most positive reviews, although 25 percent of users found the product to be lackluster at best.

This really works,” said one satisfied customer. “I’ve been using it consistently and I have noticed discoloration and decrease in my keloid scars. I highly recommend it. It does work but don't expect it to work if you aren't consistent. The older or more severe the scars are, the longer you will need to use it.”

Another user, however, said, “Didn't work for me. What a waste.

Other versions of the product, such as the sport stick, received low reviews, because the product did not stay in place through sweaty or water-related sports.

prosil scar userPro-Sil does include before and after photographs on its sales page, and its website includes coupons, although currently those available are for products other than Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Stick.

Alternative Scar Treatment Options

While Pro-Sil contains silicone – the ingredient with the most scientific backing behind it in terms of effective treatment of scars – it could offer more to help the skin.

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