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Teddie Organics Rose Water Reviews - Is it Scam or legit?

Posted on 20 August 2018 by

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Does Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner really WORK? In this detailed blog post, we go over everything there is to know about Teddy Organics Rose Water, including cost, reviews, comparison, ingredients, and feedback.

For people with rosacea, it doesn't seem as if a product that merely contains the distilled oil and water of a rose would do much good for their condition.  However, this popularly reviewed product has stepped into the spotlight with receiving favorable attention on the widely frequented shopping site, Amazon. 

Rose water has its roots in a traditional ceremonial use but has recently made its way into mainstream skincare. 

With so many positive reviews praising Teddie Organics Rose Water of alleviating rosacea and normalizing skin tone, it almost seems like a miracle product.

For such a low cost on a product that seemingly works wonders on rosacea and redness issues, is Teddie Organics Rose Water worth what everyone is saying about it?

Teddie Organics Rose Water Reviews

Teddie Organics Rose Water has received an astonishing number of reviews, 4,078 to date. 

One would think that with so many accumulated reviews, the product is bound to have a middle-range overall star rating, considering that there are bound to be consumers who did not like the product. 

Outstandingly, Teddie Organics Rose Water Facial Toner still ranks 4.5 stars out of 5, which is most definitely nearing 100% customer satisfaction.  A massive 86% of these 4,078 reviews were positive, five stars, in fact.  Only 6% of these reviews were spread out amongst three stars or less.

Many consumers state that they have been on a never-ending search to discover a product that effectively treats their rosacea, and after using Teddie Organics Rose Water, they claim that they have finally found it.

Even for those not using this product for rosacea purposes remarked how well Teddie Organics Rose Water aided in relieving acne breakouts, skin irritations, and even oily skin. 

A rare negative review commented that this product dried out the user’s skin. 

Another said that they were disappointed after having read all of the positive reviews, only to find that Teddie Organics Rose Water caused breakouts to occur on the forehead area, but remarked that regardless of the adverse effect, the product had a pleasant scent. 

As a precaution to basing your purchase on reviews, this overwhelming amount of positive reviews could be a marketing ploy on behalf of the company. 

Take Amazon reviews with a grain of salt and know that there is no true “cure” to rosacea, but plenty of products to manage it that may work best for one person, but not for another.

Teddie Organics Rose Water Ingredients

Teddie Organics Rose Water utilizes no other ingredients in its formula other than the distillation of roses, made into an essential oil.  According to the product’s labeling, Teddie Organics Rose Water only uses organically grown rose petals for its formula.

The official ingredient list states that Teddie Organics Rose Water contains explicitly 100% pure organic Rose Otto Flower Water (Rose Damascena).

It does not contain:




-Artificial Additives


Does Teddie Organics Rose Water Work for Rosacea?

To examine the effectiveness of this product with treating rosacea, it is necessary to investigate the formula Teddie Organics Rose Water employs and what science says about its main ingredient.

The core, single ingredient employed in Teddie Organics Rose Water product is Rosa damascena.  More commonly, this species of plant is called the Damask rose, one of the most important species of the Rosaceae plant family. 

Rose water contains 10-15% rose oil, a potent oil derived by a problematic distillation process of fresh Rosa damascena, where around 3000 parts of flowers yield merely one part oil.

Perhaps one of the most unexpected things about the Damask rose is that while it masquerades as a beautifully scented ingredient typically used in perfumes, it actually can do much more for the human condition.

  1. damascena has been thoroughly examined under the scientific lens for as long as it has been praised for its beauty. Concerning its properties, this species of rose is anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, anti-HIV, and antioxidant. The Damask rose also produces analgesic effects and has a potential of benefitting the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. 

These properties attribute to what consumers are saying about its wondrous effects on their rosacea.  All in all, it makes sense—with being analgesic, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory, the rose water targets all of the issues caused by rosacea, evening out the skin.

Studies as recent as 2017 acknowledge the properties of essential oils and their potential in aiding dermatological treatments but suggest more clinical trials need to be completed to contribute to the global knowledge of these compounds.

Researchers have compiled evidence of rose oil and rose water's effectiveness on animals, but of course, have to acknowledge that human skin is much more irritable than that of a rabbit.

With the popularity of essential oils growing in today’s market for skincare, beauty products, and natural fragrances, the scientific evidence is still behind in testing the effectiveness of these products. 

The formal answer: sufficient evidence needs to be compiled to determine if rose water is effective in treating rosacea. 

However, by looking at all of the reviews from rosacea sufferers who have struggled their entire lives with this skin condition until using Teddie Organics Rose Water, it seems that yes, this product does effectively work for this skin irritation.

Is Teddie Organics Rose Water Safe? 

Yes, Teddie Organics Rose Water is safe to use.  If you have an allergy to the Damask rose, then do not use this product.  As with any product that you are applying for the first time, test it out in a small area of your skin first, to be sure that it does not irritate your skin.  Some users reported irritation after using this product. 

Where Can I Buy Teddie Organics Rose Water?

Teddie Organics Rose Water is priced just shy of $11 at Amazon, and available for Prime shipping.

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