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Squatty Potty Reviews and Testimonials - Does Squatty Potty Work Or is it a Scam?

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Does Squatty Potty Work? Is it a scam you should avoid? In this Squatty Potty review, you'll get everything you need to know about this product to see if you should order or avoid at all costs.

Introduction to Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty is a recent invention that promises to improve the way we defecate, was created by Robert Edwards and his family to resolve challenging colon problems. 

More specifically, it was invented to aid in the relief of Robert Edward’s mother, a sufferer of hemorrhoid pain

The Squatty Potty is a plastic stool in which the user props his or her feet on the top, creating a squatting position while on the toilet.

The advertised claim of the Squatty Potty is to ensure quick, easy defecation all while promoting a healthier method of elimination for your bowels.

What Makes it New or Unique?

Squatting is not a new invention when it comes to bathroom habits.  Certain countries like Japan and Italy have long utilized squatting toilets. 

With the design of the Squatty Potty comes a new fad of preferring to squat as opposed to defecating in a sitting position.

squatty potty or hemrid for relief

The thought behind squatting while going to the bathroom stems from it being the most natural way to eliminate our bowels, going back to the days before the modern toilet, before outhouses, and when it was just a caveman and some bushes.

Is Squatty Potty Safe to Use?

The idea behind Squatty Potty challenges the “civilized” modern toilet that chooses decency over healthy bowels, promising to end common issues like hemorrhoids and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 

While the official site for the Squatty Potty advertises healthier bowel movements, and a safer design so users can avoid stubbing their toes in the dark, the question is: is squatting a safe method?

The safety of the product is not so much discussed as much as its promised effectiveness.

Yes, the Squatty Potty is safe to use, as the design of squatting offers an angle that opens up the rectum to make bowel movements pass quicker. 

Many other cultures have long used squatting toilets over ones that put the user in an upright, sitting position, and there hasn't been enough research to suggest that any gastrointestinal health concerns have arisen because of this preference.

Should I Use a Squatty Potty or Stool?

The answer to this question is: it depends

Do you feel like spending $25.00 on the original Squatty Potty or do you have an extra stool around the house that could be used to do the same thing?

Mostly, the Squatty Potty is specially designed to take up less space in the bathroom but has the same functionality as a regular old stool.

The answer also depends on your preference, which one would you rather deal with in the bathroom? 

Yes, the Squatty Potty is made of plastic, so if you stub your toe at night against it, it won’t hurt as much as a wooden or metal stool. 

But the question begs, are you going to leave it out day and night or are you storing your poop stool in the cupboard or under the sink?

One advantage is that there is less bulk and heft to a Squatty Potty as opposed to a traditional stool.

The Squatty Potty is meant to be lightweight and fit around the toilet, which can be attractive features when you are looking to save space in smaller bathrooms. 

Squatty Potty Reviews and Customer Testimonials

There is a heated debate for both sides of the to-squat and not-to-squat argument. 

When weeding through reviews, it is essential to turn to the scientific evidence that can back any claims. 

There is little research to suggest that squatting is a healthier position to be in during a bowel movement as opposed to sitting. 

The answer lies somewhere in between, as even doctors argue that while sitting isn’t necessarily unhealthy, just that it is for some people. 

For hemorrhoids, even if you are straining in the sitting position, some physicians suggest still going in the sitting position to monitor for prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Amazon reviews favorably rank the Squatty Potty at nearly 4.5 stars out of 5, accumulating an overall total of 4,092 reviews. 

Some reviewers swear that with their recent purchase, their new Squatty Potty is life changing. 

While this sentiment overwhelms the review section, some purchasers of the Squatty Potty rank this product at 5 stars, but say they are not sure if the Squatty Potty makes going to the bathroom more comfortable, but they'd like to think it does.

The bottom line is that Squatty Potty appears to be a worthwhile purchase on Amazon, with some users swearing by this squatting method, and others, though unsure; seem to be happy with their purchase.

Does Squatty Potty Work for Kids? 

According to the Squatty Potty official site, there are specific products available for children of certain ages. 

It is recommended that younger children should use the 9” Squatty Potty, and there is a stool available named SquattyPottymus, a kid-friendly Squatty Potty in the shape of a hippo.

Where Can I Buy Squatty Potty?

Squatty Potty can be purchased online and in stores.  Brick and mortar storefronts like Walmart, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Target all carry the Squatty Potty for $24.99. 

Online stores like Amazon and the official Squatty Potty website sell the Squatty Potty for the same price. 

relief for hemorrhoids squatty potty

For alternatives to the original Squatty Potty, the official Squatty Potty website offers adjustable and portable versions, as well as the Squatty Potty in different materials, like wood, bamboo, or clear plastic.

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