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Scarguard MD Reviews - Discover the Shocking Truth About ScarGuard MD

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Scarguard MD Scarguard MD – created by a plastic surgeon - contains just three ingredients, including the most recommended ingredient to help scars heal – silicone.

Silicone works because it locks in moisture, which is essential to helping skin heal. "Moisture prevents the formation of a hard scab, which acts as a barrier to the development of new tissue," said Dr. Bruce Katz in an interview with Fitness Magazine.

Katz is a dermatologist and an associate clinical professor at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and director of Juva Skin and Laser Center in New York City.

ScarGuard MD Ingredients

When skin is not allowed to create a scab, new skin cells – collagen and elastin especially – are allowed to develop at a normal pace, regenerating damaged skin.

In addition to silicone, Scarguard MD contains cortisone, which helps reduce inflammation, and vitamin 
E, a moisturizer that help skin retain its softness as it heals.

Scarguard MD is waterproof and comes in a bottle with a brush-on applicator.

Scarguard Reviews and Before and After Photos

Although 69 percent of users gave this product a four- or five-star review – saying the brush-on product was more effective at staying in place than silicone sheeting - they complained about the smell, comparing it to nail polish, and said the product flakes off the skin after it dries.

And while many said the product did give them the results they were seeking – “It seems to be softening the sharp edges of my scars, and some of my shallow scars are completely gone,” said one – others were not as pleased with the chemical smell or the flaking.

Does not work at all,” said one user. “The smell is so strong. It smells like nail polish and chemical. I used more than half the bottle and my scars look the same. Waste of money and my time.”

Another said that the product initially seemed to work, but eventually the keloid scar being treated returned to its previous state, even after a second bottle of product was applied.

I have a small scar on my face and thought this would be better than a silicon sheet,” said another. “This stuff does not even stay on. it flakes off immediately. I tried contacting the seller, but no response.” Doctors Recommend Scarguard MD

Because the product was created by a plastic surgeon, Scarguard earns high reviews from others in the field, especially because the before and after photographs reflect such significant results.

Scarguard is proven to us to be the finest product to help hypertrophic and keloid scars. We love its application and effectiveness. It is our #1 product in addressing this issue,” said Dr. Donald Richey, a dermatologist at North Valley Dermatology Center, Chico, California.

One dermatologist, Dr. Michael D. Bogdan, said Scarguard MD is an excellent alternative to those who don’t tolerate Mederma for scars. (Mederma’s main active ingredient is Allium cepa, which is derived from onions.)

Bodgan recommends pairing Scarguard MD with Scarlight, which includes active ingredients that slow the production of melanin, reducing the darkness of scar tissue.

Does Scarguard Really Work Or Is It a Scam?

scarguard md before and after photosScarguard likely offers results because it contains silicone, which helps trap in moisture. The only moisturizer the product contains, however, is vitamin E, and while vitamin E also offers antioxidants, pairing it with another moisturizer would likely reveal better results.

Where Can I Buy Scarguard MD?

Scarguard MD is available through, on the company’s website and at select pharmacies, including CVS and select Wal-Mart stores. It is priced at just under $25 for .5 fluid ounce, and just under $48 for a full ounce of product.

Alternative Scar Treatment Options

scarguard md ingredientsIf you’re looking for a product that is derived from nature and treats scars for almost half the price as Scarguard MD, the American-made Selevax is an excellent, nutrient-dense option.

Made by Senvie, Selevax, is a powerful – and natural - scar removal cream that is suitable on a wide variety of scars, including acne and surgical scars.

Selevax harnesses the power of some of the most effective natural ingredients used in the treatment of scars, including tophophal (also known as vitamin E), moisture-rich shea butter, sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a topical form of vitamin C) and cholecalciferol (a form of vitamin D).

scarguard md reviews and before and after photos

Other key ingredients include dimethicone, a form of silicone that locks in moisture, rose hip seed oil, which has been shown in studies to help improve the color and texture of scar tissue with regular use; sunflower oil, a natural oil that contains vitamin E and has been shown to help minimize the look of scars; retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A that accelerates cell turnover, so new skin cells will be more likely to replace scar tissue; and arnica oil, which has been shown to reduce the discoloration of scar tissue, particularly in acne scars.

By combining so many powerful ingredients from nature, each of which work together in synergy to create a more powerful effect than when used alone, Selevax helps boost collagen production, smooth raised skin and reduce the color of scars. It is hypoallergenic and suitable on all skin types.

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