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Scar Fade Reviews - Discover The Truth About Scar Fade Scar Treatment Gel

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Does Scar Fade Scar Gel Really Work? In this Scar Fade review we will discuss if scar fade is a good scar product or if there are better options out there. About to mark its 20th year on the market,

ScarFade is a silicone gel that works by sealing in moisture and keeping toxins out to help skin heal. Its formula includes several different dimethicones as the sole ingredient, and it was created by one of the scientists involved in the creation of the first spreadable scar treatment product.

So Tell Me, Does Scar Fade Work?

According to a 1991 study from researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine, silicone gel was an effective treatment to help increase skin elasticity and prevent hypertrophic scarring for both burns and surgical incisions.

Those research results were echoed by Dr. R. James Koch of Stanford University Medical Center’s Wound Healing and Tissue Engineering Laboratory, who said that “topical silicone gel has shown promise in the treatment of hypertrophic and keloid scars,” adding that the use of silicone gel helps boost fibroblast activity. Fibroblasts are cells that produce collagen and other constructive fibers.

The Scar Fade website includes before and after photographs and testimonials from users who have benefited from using the product. “I began using ScarFade on the scar I received from a cesarean section in June 2010,” said one user posting a ScarFade Gel review. “Part of my scar was puckered from a section of bad stapling in which my skin had been folded. I saw results within weeks! I continued to use the gel for 6 months, and after comparing with a friend that also had a C-section, I believe without a doubt that ScarFade made a huge, positive difference in the appearance of my scar. The scar is so fine now that I have to point it out to others for them to notice it and you can’t see any difference between the area my skin was stapled badly and the area it wasn’t.

ScarFade’s Amazon reviews include 79 percent offering four or five stars, while just 21 percent give the product three stars or less. “After having a breast augmentation ... a friend who also had the same procedure recommended I get ScarFade,” wrote one reviewer. “I was a little unsure since the product is a little expensive in my opinion. After reading a few reviews I was willing to try it myself. I received my ScarFade on May 31st and that evening started using the product. I have used the product everyday faithfully, once in the morning and again in the evening. The product dries well which doesn't stain your clothes or make you wait to get dressed. I love the results I've seen so far and cannot wait to see the changes as I continue to use the product. I definitely recommend this product.” The product may not be as effective on older scars, however. “I’ve been using it for 1.5 months now and I don't really see my scars fading yet, maybe just a little less bumpy. Maybe because they are year-old scars not fresh ones. Also, I'm not a big fan of how sticky the gel is. I'll finish the tube I have but most likely won't buy another one,” wrote another Amazon reviewer. Some ScarFade Amazon reviews include before and after photographs, which makes it easier to judge the product’s effectiveness.

For those who don’t see improvement, the company offers a 100-percent money-back guarantee.

Is Scar Fade Safe?

ScarFade gel is made of a mix of silicones, which the medical community recommends as an effective treatment for scars. Because silicone rarely cause skin reactions, it is approved for wound management by medical bodies around the world.

scar fade gel sizeAccording to researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health, silicone gel is a safe and effective method for treating a variety of different scars, especially so acne scars on the face or other scars on locations where silicone sheeting – which also offers pressure to prevent collagen overproduction – would be difficult to apply.

Researchers in Italy called self-drying silicone “the first choice for preventing hypertrophy of recent scars,” following a 2007 study.

How to Use Scar Fade Scar Treatment

Scar Fade scientists recommend massaging the gel unto the scar when applying it to not only give the scar benefits from the protection offered by silicone, which traps in moisture while locking out toxins and still allowing oxygen in, with the benefits of massage, which helps break down scar tissue.

Because scar tissue is traditionally less pliable and denser than the surrounding skin, experts say that the earlier and more often scar tissue is massaged, which exercises the skin and boosts essential blood flow to the region, speeding the production of new skin cells, the less likely skin is to become tight and less pliable, which leads to scarring.

Where can I Buy Scar Fade Online?

In addition to Scar Fade gel, Hanson Medical Inc. offers ScarFade Silicone Sheeting, ScarFade enriched with vitamin C and a Scar Therapy Kit that includes both the sheeting and the ScarFade Gel. Products are available through a variety of different online marketers, including Amazon and eBay. It is also available on the product’s website. The 30g package of ScarFade Gel is priced at just under $50, with smaller and larger sizes also available. The silicone sheeting is priced at $30 for a 3” by 4” sheet and the Scar Therapy Kit is just under $45 for a 15g tube of ScarFade Gel and one silicone sheet.

Alternative Scar Treatment Options To Scar Fade Gel

Like ScarFade, Senvie’s Selevax includes dimethicone, one of the most important ingredients in helping to lift away unsightly scars because it locks in moisture and prevents the abnormal production of collagen, which can worsen scarring.

selevax vs scar fade gel

It also includes an all-natural blend of scar-fighting ingredients that are suitable to treat a wide variety of scars, including acne scars on the face and surgical scars on the body. Selevax features vitamin E and shea butter to keep skin moist, antioxidants including vitamin C, which helps fight free radical damage that make collagen and elastin proteins particularly vulnerable.

It also includes rose hip and arnica oils – both of which have been shown to help improve the color, texture and appearance of scars with regular use. Because it offers additional scar-fighting ingredients in addition to dimethicone, Selevax – which is available at a similar price point – is a more effective option for helping scars including burn scars, acne scars, keloid scars and surgical scars, heal over time. Selevax is hypoallergenic and suitable on all skin types.

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